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Hello my friends, how are you ?I hope you are alright.

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What is American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)?

American Consumer Opinion is an online platform owned by Decision Analyst Inc, a firm which does global marketing research and analytical consulting .

ACOP is a survey platform where member and consumers in the society have the opportunity to make their voice heard ,influence the future by voting and giving their input on services and products .

This site offers hundreds of paid surveys to its members in a year and the survey data are used to improve products ,services and brands in the society for all consumers.

History time !

ACOP(American Consumer Opinion ) was founded in the early 1986 as a small mail survey panel.

In 1996 the panel started operating online,when the internet connection was getting more and more reliable .

The platform started growing fast and as today, ACOP  has over 7 million members from around the world .

Who can become a member of ACOP and what are the requirements?

Members have to be at least 14 years old,no other requiremements and no prior experience needed .

Members on this platform earn money online,by completing online surveys and by doing researches on the web .

How much is it to become a member ?

Its is absolutely free to join ACOP and the platform has a fast and easy process for signing up. It even has an option for new members to join through their Facebook,Google or Apple accounts .

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The site has paid out to its members over 30 million dollars, it has had over 20 million surveys taken by members and as I write this post,the site has over 7 Million active members .

American Consumer Opinion Money-An image of ACOP

What are the surveys in ACOP about?

Surveys that members complete for money,are related to things people do in the everyday life.It is so easy to answer them and the only thing the platform need is honesty.

Here are some examples topics in the surveys :

  • Rate the customer service from local power providers
  • Taste and review new recipe from a food manufacturer company
  • Review new fuel additive products for an automotive company
  • Review new tanning products
  • Give thoughts about the economy
  • etc.

Can I join ACOP if i don’t speak English?

The site is open for people from around the world, everyone is welcome to join.

In fact,the platform accommodates people who speak other languages other than English :German,Spanish ,French,Italian ,Japanese,Chinese and more .

All members have to do, is set their language of choice:

American Consumer Opinion Money -an image of ACOP

What about the money?

ACOP pays between $1 to $50 per survey and it all depends on the length and difficulty level of the survey.The platform has a survey called “screener”,which is offered once a month and completed in less than 5 minutes.

The good thing about a screener is that it allows members to enter in a draw for online gift cards ,instantly.

Other than that,regular surveys take at least 5 minutes to complete and members collect redeemable points in their ACOP account for each survey they complete.

Here is a conversion of  ACOP redeemable points into USD as an example :

-5 points equal USD 5 Cents

-1000 Points equal $10 USD

Make money by referring your friends to this platform

Surveys are not the only way to earn money on this platform.Acop also has an affiliate program. You can become an affiliate to ACOP and earn a commission, when a friend(Referral) becomes a member and startscompleting surveys :

-The site pays $1.00 USD when a new member(Referral) joins and starts completing surveys .

-The site also has contests where affiliates earn cash as bonus

-ACOP has an affiliate marketing manager who focuses on customer service and assisting affiliates to insure their success.

-The platform encourages affiliates with many referrals by giving them more bonuses and a higher pay rate .

Does ACOP protect the privacy of its members ?

American Consumer Opinion money-An image of ACOP

On of the things I like about ACOP, is the way it protects the privacy of its members . For that,the platform has adhered to these well respected standards  :

Children’s online privacy protection act

-Insights association standards

-ESOMAR guidelines and standards


The owner of ACOP also complies with Europe, US shield framework and Swiss shield framework as well.

In case of member complaints regarding privacy,ACOP also makes sure everything is resolved because it is obliged to comply according to the standards it  has to follow.

Honestly,it is rare to have complaint regarding privacy on this platform.

What are the most common complaints from ACOP members?

Since we live in an imperfect world ,I am sure you know by now that there is nothing perfect in this world.

Therefore,although this site is one of the best for making money through online surveys,it happened that members complained because they were not having the best experience on the site .

The most common complaints from members are regarding :

-Members who were not receiving enough invitation to participate in surveys .

The platform encourages members who are more active than the others .

For example,if I sign in every day and complete surveys ,I am probably going to receive more and more invitations to complete more and more surveys .

In fact ,it shows that I am interested in this more than a member who sign in 2 or 3 times in a whole year.

Being disconnected in the middle of completing a survey

This is another common complaint made by members.This happens because ,survey sites can know when a member is completing surveys, while distracted .

As a matter of fact,when a member complete surveys being distracted,it is a waste of time for both the member and the survey host.

How is a member going to give an honest opinion about brands products and services when they are distracted ?

American Consumer Opinion Money-An image of a person talking to kids

In addition to that,the survey platform can know when the one  answering or completing a survey is not a match for the particular survey .

In such cases,the member can also be disconnected and be redirected to another survey which is a match .

Tips to avoid being disconnected while completing a survey

To avoid losing a survey in the middle of completion ,just be focused as much as possible.Survey sites can sometimes ask the same question twice to see if the member is not distracted .

If a survey taker answers two different answers to the same question,it is a sign they are not paying attention and that’s when they can lose the survey .

Avoid this by being focused while completing a survey and answering the questions being honest as much as possible.

Should you join ACOP ?

Honestly ,I recommend this platform.

One of the signs which can show a business is legit,is how long it has been around .The other good sign about the platform is the fact that it has a lot of members from many countries  around the globe .

In addition to that ,It is free and the sign up process is very easy.

The site is very easy to use and the surveys are available in many languages .

Moreover, it is really a good quality for a platform to care that much about the privacy of its members, it shows that it is safe to earn from this platform,no need to worry about privacy protection.

Start earning today from the comfort of your home with ACOP,click the image below to join today !

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Other ways to make money online

There are many ways to make money online,completing surveys is one of the easiest way,no requirements and  no prior experience ,just the sign up process and start earning .

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