Are Online Paid Surveys Legit?

Are online paid surveys legit ?-An image of a laptop

Are online paid surveys legit ?That is a popular question these days , mostly from people who want to try paid surveys online.In fact,it makes sense when people ask this kind of questions because there is a lot of fraud out there .

For that reason, it is always a good idea to be vigilant, do some research, read reviews,before joining any program online .

The reason why some people don’t trust survey websites is because they don’t know the tricks.If you sign up to an online paid survey and choose which ever survey comes your way,you are surely not gonna like paid surveys .Why?

Because you are gonna work so hard and be paid less or not be paid in some cases .

For that reason,I decided to share with you a couple of strategies which can help you maximize your earnings with paid surveys .

Here is what we are going to see in this post :

-What are paid surveys

-How to choose your surveys

-How to avoid being disqualified from surveys

-My final thoughts

-Alternatives to paid surveys

I am confident that going through these point will educate anyone about paid surveys and help anyone decide whether this is for them or not .

Therefore,let’s get started with the first point ,

What are paid surveys ?

In order to understand what paid surveys are,we need to start with knowing what surveys are.Simply put,a survey can be considered as a study or a research.Surveys are usually used to examine behaviors ,opinions and feelings about all kind of topics .

Besides ,surveys are usually used to gather information needed to achieve a certain goal,by interviewing specific groups of people who have the answers to the achievement of the goal .

Likewise,paid surveys are usually the ones who pay people or reward them in exchange of their participation in a given study. Participants are usually paid cash through PayPal or paid through gift cards from popular retailers .

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How to choose your surveys

This is a very important point, for those who have already joined a platform for paid surveys.As a matter of fact,ignoring these simple tips may result in someone misjudging survey platforms .

With that being said,if you have not joined a survey platform yet,the first thing you need to do is join a survey platform first .

In fact,there are a couple of Legit survey websites which I have recommended and reviewed already,here on my website.As an example,I recently reviewed Poll Pay,one of the Legit sites for paid surveys .

In case you are interested into paid surveys and want to know which site is Legit or not, make sure you see the reviews on the web or here on my website ,before joining .

The reason for doing this is that you don’t fall for scam survey website,as they are many out there.In fact,falling for a scam could leave you frustrated after being taken advantage of.

Are online paid surveys legit ?-An image of a person using a laptop

Anyway,once you have joined a survey platform,here are a few tips :

-Long surveys usually pay more

-Consider the duration of a survey versus the reward and choose wisely.

In other words, you need to earn as much as you can,using as less time as possible .

Therefore,if you have a choice and depending on how much time you have,don’t jump on all the surveys you receive,without considering the points I just shared with you .

Equally important ,survey websites like active members .Therefore ,if you don’t sign up for months ,you may not get as many surveys to complete, as another guy who signs in everyday .

How To Avoid Being Disqualified From Surveys ?

This is another common issue on many survey platforms. As result, some people among those who have encountered this issue of being disqualified from surveys,have jumped to the wrong conclusion about survey platforms.

The reality is,this issue really happens on many survey websites.However ,sometimes it is due to ignorance and many people who encounter this issue may not know how to avoid being disqualified from surveys .

Here are a few tips for you :

Are online paid surveys legit ?-An image of a person using a laptop

-Make sure you fill your profile with as much information as possible

-Avoid being distracted while completing surveys

-When answering surveys,be honest as much as possible

-Don’t rush through surveys.take your time and give the best response

My Final Thoughts

In brief ,there are a many websites for paid surveys on the web.Some are real and some are just scams.Therefore ,I can’t speak for all of them, I just can testify about the ones which I use myself to make some cash on the side,during my spare time .

However,you need to know in advance that the pay is sometimes little and that it is not something you could live by.Usually ,surveys website which pay decent are about more specific groups (Example :Group of people with an illness )

In general,paid surveys scams can be recognized.Here are some red flags which can be indicators :

Are online paid surveys legit ?-An image of a warning sign

-Survey websites with unknown owner

-Unreachable support team

-A bunch of unrelated Ads on the survey website

-Survey sites which ask for payment to join and credit card information

If you happen to see the points above on a survey website you want to join,be extra careful as you may be walking straight into a trap.Usually all sites for paid surveys are Free to join. Therefore ,if you see a survey site which asks you for money to join or credit card information,don’t even try,that is a big red flag right there .

Having said that ,paid surveys are just a way of earning online and I understand that this may not be for you.However ,there are many ways of earning money online,which you can start today for free and which are even more rewarding .

Alternatives to Paid Surveys

Again,paid surveys are not the only way of earning money online.There are other things which you can also start today online for free ,which can pay you a lot more and even change your life  .In fact,you can build a website for free right now and start your affiliate marketing business online,all for free .

Would you like to know how ?

Click the button below,to see my review of the best platform for learning how to become an affiliate marketer for free .

With all that being said,that is it for today’s post.Thank you for reading this post,I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you found what you were looking for.If there is anything,please leave me a comment in the designated box below .

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Thanks again and take care,until next time ,


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  1. Glad I came across this post. I always like to find new ways to make money. Especially over the internet. I usually like to give reviews and complete surveys for companies as I feel they must know the truth about their products, stores, staff or anything about their business they want to know. Definitely going to check out the site you mentioned for paid surveys as I am doing affiliate marketing and want to do something extra as well. Thank you for informative article.

  2. I have personally been one of those people who always gets a notification saying that I’m not qualified for a survey or a survey platform as a whole. This issue didn’t involve me taking less time answering the documents, or failure to fill out my information details, but rather it is because of my location. Not every survey site is supported world wide, most of them are not. So, it’s rather hard finding one that works and not finding whichever one, doing the work and at the end getting that message that your location is not supported. 

    1. Hi Stephanie ,it is always a good idea to contact the support team when you join ,so that you can make sure your location is supported .Additionally ,the survey platforms which support all countries ,will say it in advance .Therefore , make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before you join any paid survey platform .

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