Are survey sites a scam?

Should you trust paid survey websites?

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Many people are in search of means to earn extra money to cater to their daily needs. We must all agree that, earning extra cash  online ,may be at the same time very hard to achieve and somehow  also easy in today’s world. It is hard because scammers are all over the internet platforms, ready to steal from you. It is easy because numerous platforms help you earn extra money in the comfort of your home. Making money through the internet could be very easy for you if only you are patient and passionate about it. With the various means of online earning, the question that most people ask all the time is,are survey sites a scam?

Actually,the problem with most people be that they are not patient with the survey site. This is due to the simple reason that, survey sites take a long time for a person to make enough money that can be withdrawn.

As a result, this makes some people skeptical about surveys sites and the same people are sometimes the ones who label survey sites as scams.

Therefore,here are the points I am going to use in order to answer today’s question :

-What is a paid survey website ?

-How to identify a genuine survey website ?

-How survey scam sites work

-Final Thought

After going through these points above,I am sure you are going to have a general idea regarding survey websites  .Without waiting any longer,let’s get straight to it .

What is a paid survey website?

For those who are not familiar with paid survey site, worry no more ,as I am going to tell you more about them, how to know whether they are honest or not and how to earn with them.

In fact, paid survey sites are basically online sites whereby you make money through completing a survey. Surveys are carried out depending on your areas of interest and your passion for a particular topic. The good thing with carrying out surveys, is that they are straightforward, and in addition to that, it is free to get started .

However, most people worldwide are very cautious when joining online platforms, especially when they are about earning money . They always think that they are being tricked so that they can lose their money to scammers and fraudsters.

One of the cool things about market research sites,is that they give you a platform to earn extra money in your free time and at any location of your choice. As a matter of fact,you only need to have your computer or a smartphone and a good internet connection to start earning.

Honestly speaking, regarding whether survey sites are legit or not,let me tell you this right now ,just bear with me. The reality is ,some are Legit and others are not. In other words,it all depends on which survey site you decide to join.

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Well, I wouldn’t deny the fact that some people have already been scammed by fake online survey sites . However , I know that most of the survey sites are genuine and pay for real. Indeed,the bigger challenge is mostly choosing the right survey site to join by identifying and avoid fake survey sites .

How to identify a genuine survey site

Online survey scam sites are real and common in today’s world. The scammers primarily target beginners,people who are just starting out in the survey world.This is because they know that the majority of new or potential new members on market research sites, may be naïve or inexperienced about online survey sites.

Having said that, if you want to earn money through online  paid  surveys, you should do a personal research about the survey site you wish to join and search for the site reviews on the internet .

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Besides,genuine paid online surveys are appropriately designed with rules and regulations which are used to guide customers,in transparency, so that they can make the right choices .

Before joining a survey website,It would be best to look at people’s feedback about the survey site to determine whether it is accurate or fake.

Additionally, there are proven ways to determine whether a paid survey is real or fake. Let’s see them !

Are Survey sites a scam –

Characteristics of real Online survey site

⦁ Real online surveys are operated by genuine and legit companies that carry out marketing research with a real owner and sometimes an office address or headquarter .

Ex : –Survey Junkie site which has its main office in California

Lifepoints is owned by Lightspeed Research Limited which has its headquarter in London, United Kingdom

⦁ Real online survey sites do not require you to submit information regarding your credit or bank card.

⦁ The information provided by members in real survey sites are only used for research purposes.

⦁ Real and legit survey sites keep the privacy of their users and they can not share any personal detail to third party companies without the consent of a member .

⦁ Finally, real survey sites offer realistic compensation and real rewards to their customers

Are survey sites a scam-

Characteristics of a fake survey site

⦁ These are sites that are run mainly by lead generation or marketing companies. Lead generation company’s purpose is usually to provide the way forward to a particular business and may or may not  care about paid survey seekers .

⦁ Fake online survey sites require the user to provide personal and confidential details that may even include  credit card details.

  • Fake survey have sometimes have a bunch of ads which ask you to join other sites .

⦁ These sites also pretend to offer an unrealistic reward to their customers .

⦁ When you register with your email, fake survey site may start sending you spam emails .

⦁ Fake survey sites are highly characterized by unprofessional website layout .

⦁ Finally,  fake survey sites rarely give information about their contact or how you can reach them in case of any problem.

Will the promise come to pass?

Fake survey sites are generally created to steal money from you. For that reason, to join these kinds of survey sites, you may be told to pay a registration fee upfront ,so that you can access the surveys they are offering.

However,this should never be the case because joining a survey site should be free of charge.As a matter of fact , you are the one who is supposed to be paid for providing them with information and helping them with their market research project.Therefore ,avoid joining a survey site which require you to pay a membership fee.

Furthermore,to attrack even more fish, fake online survey sites may  promise to members regular and consistent surveys that will help members earn more money.They may even tell you that you are about to become the richest person in the world ,by completing surveys .They would promise you anything as long as you pay the fees to join .

Unfortunately , some promises may never come to pass .Most of the time ,with fake sites ,they  just want to take your money .

A quick tip

As a beginner in earning online or as a new member on a survey site,please be careful and identify the red flags when you see them .There are also fake online survey sites which are just online to acquire your personal detail, which they may share with  third party companies .Before you know ,your personal data  could be used to perform malicious acts.

Final thought

Overall,online survey sites are real but they are also surrounded by scammers who might scare you away.

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In case you are really looking for a genuine online survey site to make extra money, make sure you are not giving out your personal details on sites with the descriptions above and avoid a survey site that requires you to pay the registration fee.

Having said that,to determine if a site  is legit or not,you also have to be patient and look for proof that the survey company you intend to join is real or not.

The good news is that ,my website here talks about survey website a lot and also review them.Make sure you visit this site to check out reviews and other interesting articles about how to earn some extra money online, for real .

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  1. Greetings! I agree with you a hundred percent that the problem with most people is that they are not patient with the survey sites because they take a long time for a person to make enough money that can be withdrawn. The information and tip you provided are very important for anyone not to fall for scams. This is helpful, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi there

    I like your article as I have had no experience with survey sites.

    You start by summarizing what will be in the article which piqued my interest! Then great information regarding the items to be addressed.

    I like the idea of survey sites to earn extra money but I must admit I would be cautious of handing out my email address in fear of spam mail. 

    You give great advice not to hand out bank details or pay a registration fee.

    Best wishes 


  3. I have seen the name LifePoints pop up quite frequently these last days when I scroll down YouTube. I have been trying to find legit sites to join and your post has helped me get this general idea about what to expect concerning survey sites. It a small side income but it can help at the end of each month.

    1. You are right ,Ann .It can be slow sometimes ,especially for members who are just starting out with wrong expectations.Other than that ,It is always good to earn some extra money .

  4. I’ve joined a few survey sites over the years, and while none of them asked for money, I once ended up getting so much spam (between them and all the other sites I was joining to try to make some side cash at the time) that I had to just give up on my e-mail address and create a whole new email account. I’ve found that a lot of them have a tendency of making you spend a lot of time filling out a pre-survey (which is unpaid, and all require the same information) and then saying you don’t qualify, so you spend a lot of time doing that for little to no pay-off. So I agree with you, that we need to be cautious about which sites we join if we want to start making money, and I would consider it a way to kill time instead of a serious venture, as it does take a long time to get any payment.

    1. Hi Jessi ,

      just to make things clear ,all the survey sites are not the same .There are some which pay better than others and treat members better .It is always a good idea to do some research before you join a site .In addition to that ,having a secondary email for joining survey sites is always a goo precaution to take .Thanks for your comment

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