Qmee Website Review

Can you make money from QMEE ?-An image of the QMEE logo

Can you make money from Qmee?It is one of the questions which keeps coming back,it is everywhere on the web.

People who are interested into earning money online, through online surveys,want to know more about the site before they decide to join .

The purpose of this review,is to give anyone, a general idea of what Qmee is about.Here are the main steps I am going to follow to review the Qmee site :

  • An overview of the Qmee site
  • How does Qmee work ?
  • Qmee support team
  • Who can join Qmee?
  • What I like about Qmee
  • What I don’t like about Qmee
  • My final opinion about Qmee

With that said,I am confident that anyone who will read this review, will know what the site is about and therefore decide whether to join or not .

In addition,for those who may be interested into earning online, through other ways which are not online surveys, I have a Bonus for you.I will share with you at the end,my number one recommendation for earning online . If you want to see the Bonus right away ,

So,let’s get started with today’s review

An overview of the Qmee site

-Website Name : Qmee

-Website URL : www.qmee.com

-Website Type: Online Surveys for money

-Available on mobile as an App or desktop

-Free Membership

-Website operated by Qmee Ltd

-Founded in 2012 by Jonathan Knight & Nick Sutton

How does Qmee work?

Like the majority of survey sites for money,Qmee needs to know who they are dealing with.Therefore ,

1. Sign Up to become a member of Qmee

The sign up process is very easy,the site asks for an email and a password and that is it

Can you make money from QMEE?-An image of QMEE

The site has terms and conditions as well as privacy policy rules which must be read before clicking on the sign up button.Honestly ,I went through them myself and there is nothing alarming about them. They include regular things,the site present itself, it talks about the services it offers, how to contact the site and so on .

My recommendation to anyone who wants to join is to go through them and read them before signing up.Once the sign up button is clicked on,the new member is taken right away into the site where they can start earning money.

2. Earning money on Qmee

There are many ways to earn money on this site :

– Earn by completing surveys

The site has surveys of all kind.A member just have to choose which one they want.New surveys are usually sent to members and they can be found under the surveys tab,they also can be seen right away from the home page .

Can you make money from QMEE?-AN image of the survey page

Sometimes,surveys are not available.When this happens,it means Qmee has to wait for the survey providers.Otherwise ,it could be due to the fact that a new member has not completed their profile fully .

Can you make money form QMEE ?-Animage of the welcome page

To unlock more surveys,a new member could be asked to give more details about themselves,so that they can get more surveys which are a fit for them .

How much can I earn completing surveys on Qmee ?

The amount of money which can be earned completing surveys,is different from one member to another.It really depends on how much time spent on a survey, the fare of a particular survey and the level of difficulty .

Other than that,there is no limit to how much money a person can earn on the site .

-Earn while shopping online

Can you make money from Qmee?-Earn when you shop image

Beside earning through completing surveys ,members also get to save money while shopping online.Qmee gives to its members access to thousands of automatic coupons,offers and also find better deals for members .

Can you make money from Qmee ?-Qmee Deals image

-Earn cashback while shopping or gaming

Members on Qmee have access cashback opportunities while they are shopping or gaming online.However ,each cashback opportunity comes with its conditions .

Make sure to read the conditions. Otherwise ,if a member doesn’t follow to rules,they are not going to earn the cashback.

The conditions usually include things like no cashback if a member cancels an order or a part of an order,some brands offer cashback to new customers only,etc.

Can you make money from Qmee ?-Qmee cashback image

-Earn by doing searches on the internet

Qmee has a browser application which members can use when they are searching for things on the web .Qmee can therefore know about the search activities of the user and reward them for that .

Can you make money from Qmee?-Earn by searching image

-Earn by referring friends to Qmee

The site also pays members when they refer their friends to become member on Qmee.According to the Qmee website,some users are earning a lot of money just by inviting their friends .

Can you make money on Qmee?-An image of two persons in front of a laptop

3. Cashing out the money

There are 3 ways to cashout the money earned on the Qmee site,it is up to a member to choose which method is suitable for them :

– Cash through PayPal

Can you make money from Qmee ?-A PayPal Image

– Get paid through Gift Cards

In case a member doesn’t want cash through PayPal,they can choose the Gift card option.Qmee sends to members a code for redeeming their gift card ( Amazon,iTunes ,Starbucks and more) . The minimum threshold is $5 or in some case $3 .

With that said,it is a must have a PayPal account linked to the Qmee account,before you can cashout through gift cards.

To do that ,a member has to cashout through PayPal ,any amount since there is no threshold ,so that the site can verify the identity

Qmee does this to make sure no one steals someones’s gift cards .

Can you make money from Qmee ?-Gift cards image

– Or Donate your earnings to charities

The site has a list of charities who are up to receiving donations from Qmee.However ,if a member wants to donate to a different charity which is not on the Qmee list,they just have to get in touch with the Qmee support team to find a solution .

See the video below to see how Qmee works :

Qmee support team

The site has a support team which can be joined through email.In addition to that,the site also have a section of FQA where new members can find responses to most commonly asked questions .

Can you make money from Qmee?-Support team image

Who can join Qmee?

Anybody is welcome to join the site,the site is free to join,as long as they have some spare free time to work on the site.Anyone who is interested into earning online from home or just anyone interested into earning online .

The two main requirements to join the site are ,first to be at least 16 years ,second, to be living in United Kingdom,USA ,Canada or Australia .

In addition to that, Qmee users are only allowed to have one account . Qmee can disable a user account when it suspects that terms and conditions are not being followed .

What I like about Qmee

The site has many good qualities and here are a few :

-The website is well organized and easy to use

-The site offers many ways for earning

-Qmee works fine for desktop and for mobiles phones or tablets as an application

– Qmee sometimes offers IT and customer support jobs for UK residents

-Quick pay out system (It sometimes takes minutes )

-Great support team (Replies within 24 hours max)

-The site has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 (Excellent) on Trustpilot.com

What I don’t like about Qmee

Although the site has many good qualities,there are also a few things I don’t like about the site :

-Low pay rate when compared to other research site where a user can earn $10 /hour

(Example : The Neevo website which I recently reviewed )

-The site is supposed to be used during spare time only, you can’t get rich by working on the site

-Surveys are not always available

-Getting screened out at the end of a survey

The getting declined issue is a common issue on many survey websites.However ,according to Qmee,there are ways to avoid getting declined .

(A user must be focused ,honest,follow the terms and conditions,I mean follow all the guidelines when working on the site )

My final opinion about Qmee

+ The bonus

If I go back to the initial question which was can someone earn money from Qmee,the response is Yes.The Qmee website is legit .

With that said,we all agree that the site is not perfect.It has some pros and cons like any other website online.

However,I am also confident that Qmee will keep evolving with the time .

Feel free to visit the Qmee website to see for yourself,here is their URL again :


Bonus : My # 1 recommendation for earning online

This recommendation is for those are willing to work hard.Are you that person ?

Answer Yes or No to the following questions :

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-Do you want to become financially free ?

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-Are you willing to invest time and money to learn the secrets to earning money online?

If your answer to the questions above is Yes,I introduce to you ,

Wealthy Affiliate

Can you make money from Qmee ?-An image of the Bonus

The Wealthy affiliate platform is absolutely awesome.It welcomes anyone and teaches members from scratch about how to build a successful business online.The platform has all the necessary tools for someone to succeed .

In fact,a new member just have to bring great ideas they have and the coaches on the site will help shape the ideas ,into a successful business online .

Can you make money from Qmee?- An image of the bonus

I have a full review of Wealthy Affiliate, here on my website.My wealthy affiliate review gives more details about the platform as well as the pros and cons,feel free to see it anytime.

Regarding the pricing and all the requirements to get started with Wealthy affiliate,the site has a free membership which can be used as trial .Beside that, wealthy affiiate has two other membership plans where members have to pay to have access with more tools

As I said,more details can be found in my wealthy affiliate review .

Otherwise, visit the Wealthy Affiliate website right away to see all the details for yourself.

Click the image below to be directed to the wealthy affiliate home page :

Can you make money from Qmee ?-An image of the bonus

Thank you for reading my post,I hope you enjoyed it and found what you were looking for. Don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends .

In addition,for any question,feel free to contact me through my contact me button or leave me a comment below.

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  1. I absolutely enjoyed reading your post. I felt you were very thorough, comprehensive, and helpful. It got my wheels turning on the different sites I could use to make more money to become financially free. I love how you pointed out that even though Qmee was awarded an excellent rating (4.4 out of 5), there are still bigger and better opportunities right around the corner.

    One of which is Wealthy Affiliate. That’s always such a relief when I am reading product reviews.

    Above all, thank you for this post

  2. Thank you for your review on Qmee Jim! I came across this the other day and just have to see what is it all about. I guess if you just want to earn a little side income Qmee is for you. But it is not a platform that you can make a lot of money from. Since it is free I am going to check it out from your link. 

    1. Alright ,go ahead and try it out .If possible when you have joined ,share with me your personal review of the site .Let me know if you need anything ,i will do my best to help

  3. I like that with Qmee only has ads that are deemed relevant to our search . In addition , the amount we earn per click is displayed to the right of the advertisement,I like this . It is low pay but we don’t have to do anything different than what we normally would .I will give this site a try .Thank you

  4. Hi Jim, thank you for sharing this review with us. I have been reading through your article, to be honest, I haven’t any idea about making online money with Qmee. Actually I never heard about them.

    Sincerely, I have been trying all my life to make money through surveys. Nothing, after all, is so so small the commission I can’t believe I waste my time with it. Shopping and earning, another thing I do not believe in and I haven’t encountered. I really love how you implement the WA, how you explaining to your audience the good and the bad. Thank you for this.

    My question is, have you sign up with them, have you earned anything through them?

    1. Hi Angel ,Yes i have joined a couple of survey sites and some of them really reward you for participating .Some even pay you a bonus when you just sign up .Which survey website did you join ?Thanks for your comment.

  5. Thanks for your review about Qmee. Another bucket of information for me to store. 

    I am from the Philippines, so I am not qualified to join. And I cannot recommend it to my cousin in Australia because of the low paying rate you said it has.

    I had hearsays about survey platforms as a waste of time to spent with due to the voluminous amount of work at a low pay amount. 

    I guess I will just stick to your number 1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Rose ,

      Surveys are not too bad as some people say .In fact ,anyone has to find the right platfor, for them .Once a person has found the platform ,it is also important to be an active member .The more a member is active on the site ,the more they get tasks which are more rewarding .

      Regarding ,wealthy affiliate ,like I said in this post ,it is just  among the best platforms ever .Thank you for your comment.

  6. Thanks for a detailed review of Qmee! Honestly, I’ve learned so much about the survey site for so long and have made a frantic effort to join and earn from taking surveys and through other activities, but to no avail. The first challenge I had was that it’s not meant for all locations. It’s restricted to specific locations. So, not everyone can explore it. Anyways, I’m now in a new location and will try signing up again. If I’m accepted this time, I’ll surely explore the Qmee referral program to make money. Thanks!

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