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Hello everyone,is it possible to complete surveys online for money ?

That is the question I am going to answer in this post .

As of now,while I write this post,the world is moving more and more towards remote works and towards the online world.

Who would have ever thought that one day,there was going to come a time,where people are going to answer questions online and get paid for that ?


 It is possible today !

In this post,I am going to share with you 3 free websites where you can earn money just by completing surveys or by doing other activities online.

Chances are,if you are reading this post,you must be interested into making money online in general .

That is why , beside the 3 survey websites I am about to share ,I will share with you my favorite way for earning online , and the platform I recommend to get started for free .

Before waiting any longer,let’s get straight to it .

Here are 3 free websites which offer online surveys and other activities online for money :


Complete surveys online for money-An image of e-Research Global

The first one I am going to talk is e-Research -Global. This site is international and free to join,a member just has to be at least 16 years old.

Members on this site earn money by answering questions in surveys,testing new products or by referring friends to become a member on the site .

There is no fixed pay rate

Members on this site,don’t get paid the same money when they log in.It is not like a job where employees are paid per hour. In fact,all the surveys don’t pay the same amount money.The pay rate per survey depend on the time and level of difficulty of the survey .

The threshold amount before a member can cashout on this site ,is $2. The main method of pay is cash through PayPal for new members .

However ,depending on the country where the members reside ,the site also pays its loyal members ,through Amazon gift cards and also through Gcodes .

Bring friends to earn even more

Regarding the referral system of e-Research-Global,members can  tell to friends about the site face to face .The other way members can refer friends of referring friends is to share on social media a personal link which the site gives to affiliate members. The site tracks the link and records any new referral automatically .

For more information about the site,see my full review of the site or visit the site directly.

Here is their URL :

2. Survey Junkie

Complete surveys online for money-An image of the survey junkie home page

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular site people go to for paid surveys.

The site is owned by a consumer insights platform called DISQO.

Members get involved into shaping the future of products and services by answering questions online.

In fact,DISQO’s clients get empowered more and more ,as they take the opinions from survey junkie members and use them to improve their products and services .

Complete surveys online for money-An image of survey junkie

Cash or gift card ?Your Choice

This platform is very popular and well-known ,it has millions of members.

In exchange of their participation,members are paid cash through PayPal or through gift cards from popular stores .

The minimum amount a member can cashout  on Survey Junkie ,is $5 .

Once a member is all set and have completed their profile,they then just need to know the SECRET which I am going to tell you right now .

Your involvement plays a big role

Members who participate more than others get more and more opportunities to earn more and with better rewards .

Other than that,it is free to join survey junkie and the minimum age requirement is 16. I have a full review of Survey Junkie,feel free to see the full review anytime or visite the site directly.

Here is their URL

3. American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

Complete surveys online for money-An image of ACOP

If you have some spare time and like to participate into research projects,American Consumer Opinion is another good option.It is among the most popular survey platform ,it started in 1996 and it has over 6 million members .

The site operates in United States,Canada ,Europe,Latin America and Asia .

ACOP is owned by Decision Analyst Inc,a firm which does analytical consulting and marketing research .

It is absolutely FREE, there is no catch !

Most of the time,when people see sites like ACOP,they have the tendency to think,there is a catch,they think they may have to pay somehow,they think something is hidden .

Well,let me tell you this,ACOP is definitely free and the only requirement is to be at least 14 years old .

About the tasks and the pay

Members on ACOP can earn between 5 cents to $10 or more by task .

Regarding on how much money a person can make per hour,it really depends on many things.Once again,to maximize earning from survey sites,a member must use their time wisely,choose the right tasks depending on how much spare time they have.

Most survey sites like loyal members and reward them with easy tasks which pay a lot and in a short time .Therefore ,it is a good thing to be active on the survey platform, some surveys site can even close a user account if there is not activity for a long time.

With all that being said,there are many ways of earning on ACOP : Evaluating new products,Testing New commercial and much more .

I have a full review of American Consumer Opinion,feel free to see the review anytime or visit the site directly .

Here is their URL :


My favorite way for earning online

I personaly like earning a little bit on survey sites during spare time.However ,my favorite way for making money online is not completing surveys.The reason of that is that ,you can’t earn a living just by completing surveys and the average pay rate is sometimes small .

Let me give you a piece of advice :

complete surveys online for money-An image of 2 persons


Please keep your full-time job and complete surveys just during spare time .

So is there something better ?

YES ! There is !

Have you heard about Affiliate Marketing ???

It is a process in which a person promotes products which belong to a company or to another person.When a costumer buys a product being advertised by the affiliate marketer,the affiliate marketer earn a commission on the sale from the owner of the sold product .

This is my favorite way for making money online.Why ?

Firstly , an affiliate marketer doesn’t have to own products to get started,they just need a website to get started. .

Secondly,to affiliate marketing pays very well.People like you and me are becoming millionaires every single day through  affiliate marketing . Thirdly ,you can also learn about to affiliate marketing for FREE during spare time .

All you need to know is where to learn real  affiliate marketing for free ?How and where you can build a website for free and  have someone to assist you ,like an expreienced and a successful affiliate marketer  .

Here is a platform which has all the above and  trains affiliate marketer of all levels for FREE

 The best platform to learn to affiliate marketing for free,

Wealthy Affiliate

complete surveys online for money-An image of Wealthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate,wherever you are in the world,you just bring your ideas and the coaches on the platform will help you shape your ideas into a successful business online .

Wealthy affiliate has many amazing tools .

complete surveys online for money-An image of Wealthy Affiliate

Did you know you can create a personal website in just 30 seconds?

Wealthy affiliate is unique 

Most platforms which say that they can teach a person  affiliate marketing are not what they seem.Some platform will ask you to pay even before you know what you are paying for.In addition,some platforms over charge members for using some tools .

At Wealthy affiliate,you can get started for free,create your website for free,have access to their learning to platform all for free.

With that being said ,the free membership is somehow limited,you can’t access all the tools in wealthy affiliate through the free membership .

The free membership works somehow as an appetizer .

The platform has other membership plans .In fact ,there is  one plan which gives to a member a much more better access ,it cost $19 for the first month for a new member and $49 per month after the first month . Not bad , hein ?

Why not try it out ?This has a potential to change your life forever .Why not  pay $19 for a  month and learn how to make millions of dollars?

 The choice is yours ,once again …

complete surveys online for money-An image of Wealthy affiliate

I have a full review of Wealthy affiliate,feel free to see it anytime or visit the platform directly .

Here is their URL

That is it for today, thank you for reading my post.I hope you enjoyed it and I also hope you found what you where looking for.Feel free to leave me a comment in the designated box below ,I will get back to you.Don’t forget to like this post and share it on social media.

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  1. I was looking for a good survey site, but now that I have heard about affiliate marketing, I think it’s better. I would like to try it our right away. Do we need to know a bit of coding in order to be succesful in affiliate marketing? Which programming language should we learn? I’m am exciting with my discovery today. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Ann ,thanks for your comment.Regarding affiliate marketing ,you don’t need to know about programing.You will need a place where to perate  from though ,like a website or a channel.If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I recommend Wealthy affiliate university, you can start learning for free,they.have all the tools and trainings.I hope this helps ,thanks a lot Ann

  2. Thank you so much for this article, I am definitely going to be earning a little money by completing some surveys, I will be looking into all your recommended sites that you have mentioned. I do agree that affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn money online and I have been a WA member for quite a few months enjoying some great success.

  3. comparing doing survey and affiliate marketing, the later will allow us to make more money. Furthermore, we can pick up a lot of digital marketing skills while pursuing affiliate marketing business.

    I get to know Wealthy Affiliate when I google on the internet to know about affiliate marketing. Obviously Wealthy Affiliate is one of the top companies providing full training in this industry. You wouldn’t go wrong by choosing to enrol the training program.

    Your article covers both opportunities we can consider to make money online. For those who unable to create content constantly, doing survey is an option which should not omit.

    1. Thank you for your comment .Yeah ,here are two different ways for earning online ,anyone has to choice what they can do with this information .

  4. Hi! I went through your post and I found it very interesting. I must agree with you that, today, online business is growing very rapidly maybe it’s because of technological changes and a high rate of unemployment. I personally think that this way of conducting surveys and earning money online is the easy path to success. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing this useful piece of writing with us.

  5. Hey Jim,

    Great article on making money online. As someone who is very interested in the subject and making money in general, I found this article to be very intriguing. I currently have my own website and I am setting up an online business that way but I am always open to multiple sources of income and surveys seem to be an easy and enjoyable way to make a few extra bucks. Out of the three survey sites that you ranked in the article, which one do you think would be the easiest to use for someone who has never done online surveys before?

    1. Hi Pat ,anyone of those 3 is okay if you like participating into market research type projects .However ,in case you want to try something totally different ,you can also try the other platform i talked about at the end , it is be even more rewarding

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