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Is it possible to earn money online for free ,today ?

Chances are ,if you are  reading this post,you must be interested into making money online.Now ,relax,you are at the right place.

In this post,I am going to talk about how to make money online for free .

I am going to start by sharing with you, what I think is the easiest way to make money online.After that,I will share with you, a different way , which I consider to be the best way for earning online .

Are you ready? Let’s get started with the first method .

1st Method :You Just Need Some Spare Time

Do you have some spare time and want to relax while you make money?This is what I think is the easiest way to get some cash online.In fact,this method,require only an email and a password for someone to get started,most of the time .

Have you guessed what this first method is about ?

I am talking about Online Surveys for money.If you have never heard about this,people are making money online just by doing things like completing online surveys ,doing their regular activities online,watching videos,playing games,doing searches on the internet and many other easy things .

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Let me tell you something,it is all about knowing where to find the websites which offer such services.Fortunately,I am here to help you.

Here are 4 survey websites which can pay you money :


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iRazoo is platform and research website where people are making cash every day . Members on this site ,earn points which are redeemable for real cash .

Members on iRazoo , earn money while they are doing regular things which people usually do online :

-Watching Videos

-Playing Games

-Answering surveys

-Doing tasks online


The site pays members cash via PayPal.For those who don’t want cash,the site can also pay through gift cards.

It is up to a member to choose how they want their money .

The site welcomes people from all countries expect where it is prohibited .

With that said,to join the site,a person has to be at least 13 Years old, have an email,a laptop or a phone and you are ready to get started .

For more information,feel free to see my full iRazoo review. otherwise, here is their URL :



Earn money online for free-An image of Neevo

Neevo is more into artificial intelligence research.It does surveys and members do tasks online but more for the purpose of improving tech gadgets on the market today or those which are about to be released .

This platform operates mostly in United States.However, people from other countries are also welcome to try to join, as long as the site is accessible in their country and as long as  they are complying with the law in their countries .

Members on this site have to be at least 18 Years old and for now the site pays only cash through PayPal.

For more information about this site,see my full review of Neevo or visit the site to see for yourself .

Here is their URL :



Earn money online for free -An mage of Qmee

Qmee is intended to be used for resident in United Kingdom,United States,Canada and Australia only .

It is free to join this site and members are earning real money for :

-Completing surveys

-Doing searches on the web

-Shopping online


As long as you are at least 16 years old and reside in the countries I cited above,you are welcome to join and start earning.

This platform pays member through PayPal,Gift cards,cashback and also through shopping coupons with discounts

If you want to know more about the site ,see my Qmee review or use the URL below to visit the Qmee website and see for yourself.



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YouGov is also a survey website where members earn money for free.In fact,members get to give their opinion about trending and interesting topics .

It is a platform where millions of people and many political,cultural ,commercial organizations participate into a continuous debate about beliefs,behaviors and brands .

The opinions which members give on this site ,play a big part into shaping the news and the opinions are sometimes featured in the news .

For their participation,members on YouGov,earn points which they can redeem for real money through PayPal, for eGift Cards or coupons

The only requirement to get started with this site,is to be at least 18 Years old and be in a country where the site operates .

Here are the countries where YouGov operates :

Earn money online for free-An image of Yougov

For more information about the site,see my full review of YouGov or visit the site directly .

Here is their URL:


Sign up and start earning money today !

The sites which I just cited above,are among many others where it is so easy to earn online.I have reviewed a couple of survey websites like these above already here on my website.Feel free to see my other posts .

With that said,most survey sites are only supposed to be used during spare time. I don’t recommend anyone to quit their job and focus full-time on completing surveys and earning on these research websites .


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A person can just earn a little bit by completing surveys. I agree that some survey sites pay more that others,however ,the average pay per survey is sometimes small which makes this very hard for someone to earn their living by just doing this .

Is there another way ?

YES,there is !

It is what I am going to talk about in this second method .This second method ,require more efforts and time.However ,it has a bigger potential to even turn someone into a millionaire.

This second method which I am about to share with you,starts small and grow bigger and bigger .

2nd Method :Your hard work will payout big

Have you heard about affiliate marketing ?It is a process by which affiliate earn a commission by marketing products for another company .

This method is turning people like you and me into successful online entrepreneur every day . Although it is complex,it doesn’t require much to get started .

What a new affiliate marketer needs,is to know how  and where to get started,learn the basics,the fundamentals ,have a website where they operate from,learn how it works,explore the strategies which work and those which don’t work and so on .

Where Can I get started into affiliate marketing for free?

I introduce to you ,

Wealthy Affiiliate

Earn money online for free-An image of Wealthy Affiliate

This platform is one of a kind.It has all the tools a person needs to build a successful business online .

The cool thing about this site is the fact that it offers a free membership for starter so that they can test the platform  .

The free starter membership is really awesome,I have never seen this anywhere else .

WIth that said ,the starter membership is somehow limited and doesn’t have all the interesting tools which are available at Wealthy Affiliate .

Cheapest membership on the planet

If a person wants to have access to more tools after trying the starter membership,they can upgrade to the premium membership which cost as low as $19/ Month for the first month. Isn’t this cool ?

In my opinion, a new member has all the time they need, to decide whether this is for them or not,while they are using the free membership and also when they decide to pay the $19 for the first month to find out about the premium membership .

I guarantee you won’t find a better deal elsewhere on this planet .

Why I am saying this ?

The education you get from them and all the tools a person get to use,it is amazing .

Would you rather seat on $19 in your wallet or would you invest $19 into something which has a potential to change your life forever ?That’s the question you have to ask yourself .

Earn money online for free-An image of wealthy affiliate

I have a full review of wealthy affiliate,where I share more details about the platform,feel free to see the full review anytime.

Otherwise ,if you want to visit the wealthy affiliate site right away to see for yourself, click the image below which will direct you to the welcome page of wealthy affiliate .

Earn money online for free-An image of wealthy affiliate

Thank you for reading my post,I hope you found what you were looking for.I hope this helped you realize that there are many ways of earning money online and that it is possible to get started today for free .

If you have suggestions, a question or any comment about this post,leave me a comment in the designated box below ,I will get back to you .

Take care until next time .

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  1. I enjoyed reading about the different sites available to earn some points and rewards.  I had never heard of yougov, but it sounds like an interesting survey site.  I’ve heard about wealthyaffiliates and it sounds like an exciting opportunity for generating a real passive income.  I appreciate all your hard work in sharing this information with us. 

    1. You are welcome .Regarding Yougov,  it was created in 2000 and it offers a lot of services to members .Feel free to check it out

  2. Most site where you can do online surveys, pay such a small amount of money for the surveys that it is not worth the time and effort that one has to put in. Affiliate marketing is a far more realistic way to earn money online, so I agree with your recommendation of joining Wealthy Affiliate. As long as you follow the training and put in the work, you can be successful at earning money online. 

  3. I have used survey sites before.  They are fun, interesting and easy while not requiring much time or any investment.  I haven’t used any of the ones you have listed here but YouGov seems interesting so I think I’m going to check it out!  As for long-term goals, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate 100%!  Thank you for posting!

    1. You are welcome .I am glad you like my post .Let me know if you need anything regarding YouGov ,i will do my best to help .Thank you

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