How to earn money online for beginners

How to earn money online for beginners -An image of money

The path of earning money online, can sometimes be intimidating, especially for people who are just starting out. To help people in that situation, this post is about how to earn money online for beginners .

Therefore, if you are that person who is just starting out or thinking about starting, worry no more, I got your back !

As a matter of fact, nowadays, earning money online has been made easy by numerous online platforms, which anybody can join for Free and earn extra money, during their free time.

Some ways of earning money online include completing paid online surveys, doing online paid tasks, affiliate marketing, online freelancing, and many other ways.

Did you know there are also real online platforms where people can learn how to make money online?Yes ,there are Legit ones out there and of course there are also many scams.

Let me tell you this, earning money online is a dream that can come true if only you put in the right energy, mentality, and sacrifice for it. The more or little you make online, it all depends on your effort, sacrifice, and the dedication to your online work.

In this post, I am going to share with you 3 free sites for paid surveys and beside that, I will share with you the best platform to get started into to affiliate marketing, a platform where you can start learning  affiliate marketing for FREE.

For paid survey sites, you only need to have either a smartphone or a computer, or a laptop and a strong internet connection. Another requirement with paid survey sites is that you must have attained an age required by the site you want to use as your earning platform.

Having said that, the first step towards success in earning online is making a choice about the best survey site to earn money. I have outlined some platforms where you can make extra money below by completing surveys and doing other simple tasks.

How to earn money online for beginners:

Site #1 :LifePoints

How to earn money online for beginners -An image of lifepoints home page

LifePoints is an online platform where you get paid for completing survey and doing other online tasks. Here is how it works, members earn points for doing tasks and completing surveys, points which they can later redeem for real money .

As a matter of fact, with Lifepoints, not only you can earn by completing surveys but you also earn for testing prototype product and for participating in online behavior studies .

LifePoints provides its surveys in more than 60 countries around the globe, in twenty-five different languages and has more than 5 million members.

To become a member of LifePoints, you must be at least fourteen years and be living in a country where it operates. Other than that, LifePoints membership is free.

However, members can only have one account and attempting to have multi accounts can result in the termination of an account.

How much can you earn with Lifepoints ?

How much you earn on LifePoints differs from one person to another depending on how much effort they put in, the time  spent on the site, the number of completed surveys and more.

The welcome survey at sign up itself, is worth 10 points and takes 1 minute to complete. After you have sign up, for you to earn $5 you need 550 points .

Based on their profile, LifePoints lets members know each time surveys and new projects are available per email.

Therefore, if you want to maximize your earnings with Lifepoints, make sure you check your emails regularly so that you don’t miss the surveys opportunities.

How will you be paid ?

Lifepoints provides various payment methods to its members,  it depends on how you want to receive your money. These methods of receiving your funds include:

⦁ e giftcards

How to earn money online for beginners-An image of lifepoints rewards

⦁ Cash through PayPal

There is no limit on how much you can earn with Lifepoints. The reality is, you can earn as much as you want. However,beware of your points which are also your earnings can expire if they are not withdrawn within three years and also when your account has no activity for 12 months .

For more about Lifepoints, please see my full review of Lifepoints. Otherwise ,visit the site directly, here is their URL

Site # 2 : Qmee

How to earn money online for beginners -An image of the Qmee logo

Qmee is another interesting market research site through which beginners can easily make money online .

With this site, you are paid for giving out your opinion about your favorite brands. In addition to surveys, Qmee also has other means of earning, which include getting real-time rewards for shopping .

In fact, the Qmee site has a web browser app which a member can use while browsing or buying products they like online. By using this browser, you get the best saving deals for shoppers online or sometimes some cashback on what you buy .

Referring your friends to join Qmee

One of my favorite things about Qmee, is the fact that members can also earn money by referring their friends to join Qmee. In other words, when you tell to a friend about Qmee and they decide to join, you get paid an amount on all the money they make on the Qmee site .

Can anyone join Qmee ?

Qmee is available to those living in Canada, the united states, United Kingdom and Australia and for you to join, you must be 16 years of age and over. With that being said, to start earning with Qmee, you must sign up for Free to the site first, so that Qmee can know a little bit about you .

Please see this short video below which explains how Qmee works :

There is no limit to how much you can earn from Qmee, and the more you use Qmee either for searching, shopping, and answering the surveys, the more you earn. Additionally, unlike other market research sites, with Qmee you can withdraw any amount of money earned in your account,there is not threshold.

How will you get paid ?

With Qmee, the main method of pay is cash through PayPal. However,you can also choose to receive a gift card or donate the earned money to a charity .

How to earn money online for beginners -An image of Qmee payment methods

For more about Qmee, see my full review of Qmee where I go into more details about the site. Otherwise, here is the Qmee URL :

Site #3 :iRazoo

How to earn money online for beginners -An image of irazoo logo

The last market research site I want to share with you, in this post, is iRazoo. In fact, iRazoo is well-known for being among the survey websites with tasks of all sorts, which include surveys, online tasks, referring friends to join and even entertaining tasks like earning while watching videos or playing games online and more.

How to earn money online for beginners -An image of irazoo games

How much can you earn with iRazoo ?

Again, it is very hard to estimate how much you can earn from a survey website. The reason for that is, all the tasks are not the same, some tasks pay more, others pay less. 

Therefore, if you want to maximize your earnings on market research sites,you need to have a strategy you use, so that you can maximize earning in a short time .

On iRazoo, your earning are first earned into the form of points which you redeem after for money and do whatever you want.

To give you an idea, if you earn 3000 iRazoo points, it is the same as earning $5.

Having said that, when you sign up with iRazoo, you earn a 100 points right away  after you have answered questions for completing your personal profile,50 points for verifying your email and 25 points for watching a one-minute video of how iRazoo works.

How to earn money online for beginners-An image of irazoo profile set up

Find paying surveys on iRazoo

As I said before, after you have signed up, you would need to be strategic while doing tasks on iRazoo. Not only you have to choose the right surveys but you  also have  to be careful and use your time wisely .

As a matter of fact, there are surveys which pay more on iRazoo and here is how to find them

-Log into your account

How to earn money online for beginners-An image of the irazoo surveys

-On the side menu,do the tasks in the category “Get Higher Paying Surveys”

Who can join iRazoo?

To become a member of iRazoo, you need to be at least 13 years old and there are no fees to join as a member .

iRazoo does not operate in all the countries,it works the best in the United States of America.Therefore ,you would need to find out if it works in your country before you start completing tasks.

How about payments ?

For members who want cash,they get paid through PayPal or if you don’t want cash,you can get a gift card of your choice :

How to earn money online for beginners-An image of irazoo rewards

Be aware that, all money earned from iRazoo expires after every 60 days if it is not withdrawn or used and also when your account has not been active for the last 60 days.

For more about iRazoo,please see my full review of iRazoo or visit the site directly .

Here is their URL :

How To Earn Money For Beginners :

* Other Means Of Earning

Despite the above three websites providing great platforms for you to earn extra money, one cannot earn a large amount of money that you can fully depend on.

In general,market research platforms can not fully sustain you because the money earned is in a small amount and it can sometimes take a  very long time to earn  .

Having said that ,surveys sites are still one of the easiest way to get started into earning online .

Anyway, there are other ways of earning money online,ways that you can start using today with no previous experience. Unlike survey websites,the method I am about to tell you about can be very rewarding . Have you heard about affiliate marketing ?

You Can Earn Big With Affiliate Markting

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby you, as an affiliate ,earn a commission for marketing products on behalf of a company, a retailer, or a business that requires their sales to increase. An affiliate is paid on commission, and the commission depends on the number of successful sales the affiliate makes .

For someone to become an affiliate marketer,you need to be trained and learn how it works,learn where to find companies with affiliate programs,you may need to build a website or start a YouTube channel and more .

The good news is,there is a platform where you can get started into affiliate marketing for Free,with or without any experience,build your first website,learn from the basics to the most hidden secrets of earning money online .

I introduce to you ,

Wealthy Affiliate

How to earn money online for beginners-An image of WA

How to earn money online for beginners-AN image of WA

Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best platform for learning  affiliate marketing.As a matter of fact,it stands out because of the quality of lessons it teaches,the fact that it doesn’t charge people to get started and it is designed for beginners or affiliate marketers with experience .

How to earn money online for beginners-An image of WA

By the way,I have a full review of Wealthy Affiliate which talks more about wealthy affiliate ,feel free to see it anytime by clicking the button below . 

In short,with all that I just shared with you,I hope you have seen that it is possible to start earning online even when you don’t have any experience.Anyhow ,feel free to leave me a comment, don’t forget to like this post on Facebook and share this with you friends.

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  1. Thank you for giving us these options. I am starting to earn a bit of money and it’s exciting. So I would like to go finding more sites, try them and diversify my earning. I had actually heard of LifePoints before, but I haven’t used it myself. I would also like to test this Wealthy platform you mentioned at the end. From all the options listed here, it seems to be the best.

    1. Hi Ann ,wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good choice .It has members from all over the world who learn secrets of earning money online from experts in the industry.It is definitely I platform which I highly recommend.

  2. Although survey sites are a great way to make some spare cash, I found that they have never really been worthwhile for me. The main problem is that most of them operate for US customers and I live in Africa, so I get very few offers from these types of sites. Also, the time invested in doing surveys is to me better spent building your own online business.

    I love your last recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. Now, this is a company to look at as it has all the tools to help you build your own successful business online and earn a living from that business in time. It is pretty exciting stuff when you can say that you know how to generate your own income online without having to wait for surveys to come in.

    1. You are absolutely right Michel.However ,I hope you are aware that there many survey sites for money which also operate in Africa .If you want to try other survey sites ,my recommendation is take your time to choose the right platform .They are not all the same .Some are better than others .Having said that,I completely agree with you about wealthy affiliate ,it is one of the best platformto learn affiliate marketing  . Thank you very much for the comment .

  3. Thanks for bringing us this information on how to make money online.

    I have tried survey sites and they are s total waste of time.  The surveys only come now and again and the time it takes to complete them is not worth it for what you get paid.

    Affiliate marketing is far far better.  You get to control exactly what is happening, as it is your own business.  It takes time and effort, but is much more rewarding.

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