How to get paid for watching videos-Free to join sites

Hello everyone,how are you all doing ? I hope you are alright .

Today,I am going to share with you how to get paid for watching videos .

In fact, there are many ways to make money online these days.One of the easiest way is to watch videos online and get paid .

In this post ,I am going to show you where to find those videos,how it works and I am also going to share with you something different ,i am going to give you a bonus.

As a matter of fact ,i am going to share with you another way to make money online ,which is actually my number one recommendation for earning online.

Get paid to watch videos ?…Really ?

Yes,you heard it right,people are earning money online for just watching videos.I am not talking about videos they produced themselves or something like that ,I mean literally seat and watch  videos online and get paid for that .

As a matter of fact,some people are getting paid also for playing games online.

Honestly ,I have nothing about working hard the traditional way.In fact,It is a good thing to work , earn,save and pay bills .

However,the world is changing very fast and it is moving toward the online world more and more.I personally believe,there is going to be a time where earning the traditional way is not going to work anymore .

Before we see the sites where to find the online paid videos,let me make myself clear,by traditional way of working,I mean,the philosophy where using a lot of physical strength equal making a lot of money .

With than said,the easiest place to start watching videos to get paid right away is through online paid survey sites.

Here is a list of a few survey sites which pay members for watching videos :

  • ySense
  • GrabPoints
  • SwagBucks
  • iRazoo.

The sites I just cited above are among many other sites and platforms on the web,for earning money online by watching videos or doing other tasks online .

In this post here, we are going to see each one of them in more details and after that I am going to give you a bonus ,just bear with me until the end ..

With than said,before waiting any longer, lets start with the  survey sites,let’s see each one  in more details :

1. Get paid to watch videos on ySense

What is ySense ?

ySense is an online platform (Site) made with members from the community.What members do on this site for money is very diversified .

Members earn for completing surveys ,doing tasks online ,watching videos and more .

The site is free to join and the only requirement is to be at least 13 years old .

Here is what the sign up page looks like :

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of ySense

How does this work?

Members on this site earn complete surveys online ,they are paid for giving their opinion on popular brands ,products and services .

Businesses use that global opinion from the community(Members) to improve their products and services.

The other way of earning on this site is doing tasks online like browsing on the internet, categorizing images,cash offers,etc.

In fact, the site is very easy to navigate and members find a list of all the surveys,tasks and offers they have, under each icon on the top menu .

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of ySense

Watching videos on this site, is among the high paying offers on the site.Once a members clicks on offers,they have many options to choose from,One of the choices is “ySense Watch” .

Here is what I looks like :

How to get paid for watching videos -An image of ySense

Regarding the pay

Like most survey sites,the method of payment is PayPal if the members wants to receive cash or the member can choose to be paid through eGift cards from popular stores .

There is a minimum amount of money, required for each card ,that a member has to have in their ySense account. There are Gift cards from Amazon,American Eagle, Bass Pro Shops, Nitendo,StarBucks and more.

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of ySense

I recently reviewed this site in another post ,please read my full review of ySense  or visit the ySense site today for more information .

Here is their URL:

2. GrabPoints pays members for watching TV

What is GrabPoints ?

This site is paid by brands which want to advertise their new products and services.GrabPoints recruits members like you and me among the community and pays them for giving their opinion on the advertised products and services .

How about the watching TV part ?

In fact, members on this site have plenty activities they can do to earn money.On this site,members not only to complete surveys,and do online tasks but they also get to download new applications,test them and give their opinion .

In addition,members have also the option of watching TV and videos online and earn gift cards or cash through PayPal .

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of GrabPoints

How to get paid for watching videos -An image of GrabPoints

To sign up to the site just a click!

The only terms for joining this site is to be at least 18 years old.However,the site accepts also younger members from 13 years old with their parent consent .

With than said,the site has one of the easiest sign up process.

In fact ,new members have the option of signing up with their personal email and by choosing a password .

However,if a new member is not interested in signing up using their personal information ,they can just join through their Facebook or Google account and the cool part in all this is the fact that the site is free to join .

How to get paid for watching videos -An image of GrabPoints

For more information,visit the site today !

Here is the GrabPoint URL:

3. Get your swag back with swagbucks

What is this about ?

This site pays its members for everything they do online. By everything ,I mean things someone would do online in a normal day .

In fact,members on this site earn eGiftCards or cash for shopping online,browsing on the web,completing surveys,searching for good deals online and also for watching videos .

Members earn points for all what they do online, points which they can redeem through gift Cards from popular retailers like Amazon ,Walmart and more .

How to get paid for watching videos -An image of Swagbucks

Never heard of SwagBucks !

Maybe you have never heard about this site,it is possible and I don’t blame you .

However,the site is pretty legit and it has paid to its members over 490 million in dollars ,as I write this post,  and the site gives  at least 7000 gift cards to members in a day .

How to get paid for watching videos -An image of Swagbucks

It must be costly to join …not interested !

It is absolutely free to join this site .

In fact,there is no prior experience or specific knowledge required to join as a member,the only requirement is to have a personal email and to be at least 13 years old .

In addition,the site also has an easy sign up process,where a new member can just sign up with their FaceBook account .

How to get paid for watching videos -An image of SwagBucks

For more information ,visit the site today !

Here is their URL:

4. Relax and earn on iRazoo

What is this site about?

This site pays members to complete surveys online,watch videos,do tasks online and for downloading Applications to try them .

Moreover,who would have imagined than one day,people will be paid for paying games ?Well ,this site does , members are also paid cash for playing games online .

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of iRazoo

How is this possible?

Yes,you saw it right ,the site gives cash to members for doing simple things online .

In fact, when it comes to watching videos online for money,the site has at least 50 TV channels. Members earn iRazoo points,which they can redeem for gift cards or Cash through PayPal.

The videos than members get to watch,include :

  • Application trailers
  • Short movies
  • New commercials
  • Cooking tutorials
  • Movie reviews
  • etc

All members need to do is to choose which channel they want to watch, earn redeemable points and after that ,choose how they want to get paid .

How to get paid for watching videos -An image of iRazoo

How can I join ?Do I have to pay to be a member ?

The only requirement to join this site is to be 13 Years old at least and that is  it.The other requirement is to have an email with which to sign up,choose a username and a password .

With that said,members can also use their Facebook account to join this site in case they don’t want to fill the form with a user email and a password .How to get paid for watching videos -An image of iRazoo

For more information ,visit the site .

Here is their URL

Time for the BONUS !!!

There are other ways of earning money online,other than those I cited above .

In fact, you can earn money online by doing something else which is not completing surveys or watching videos and playing games .

Are you really interested in earning big online ?Are you interested in starting an online business for free ?Are you willing to invest in your efforts to see a the change you want?

This is what this bonus is about.

As a matter of fact ,I am talking about learning  affiliate marketing,learning how to start a YouTube Channel,how to sell on amazon, and more.

The crazy part about all this, is the fact that you can learn all those things in one single place and for free .

I introduce to you my number one recommendation for earning online,


Wealthy Affiliate

Do you have an idea and you would like to turn it into a business but you don’t know how ?This platform specializes into than ,bring your ideas or your hobby or your passion and turn it into a lucrative online business .

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of WA

I don’t know how to do that ….that is not for me

This site welcomes everyone,there is no prior knowledge needed to join or experience.

In fact,whether you have some knowledge about building a business online or not,members on this site get to review all the important basics and the most fundamentals afresh.

Members start with the basics and then they are taught more and more deep secrets and technics for earning online .a member can do on the side while they do something else or other jobs .

The other thing i like about this site ,each member can do this on their own rythm ,there is no rush or tight schedules ,it can just be done during  spare time

The amazing thing is the fact that it has a big potential to grow until a member gets fulltime into this .

In fact ,this platform has helped many people around the world achieve financial freedom .


How to get paid for watching videos -An image of Wa

Wealthy Affiliate is for those who are resolved

As,I said above this site has a free membership where new members can learn and have access to a bunch of trainings. The trainings than they get in the free starter membership can help a member with a lot of things .

In fact, a member can build a successful business online just from this free membership

However,the free membership is one choice among other membership plan at wealthy Affiliate .

As a matter of fact,if you are serous about this,you are aware that ,most of the time,to build a business,someone needs to invest into it.The investment could be time,money ,or other things .

The wealthy affiliate platform has three membership plans,it is up to a new member  to choose :

  • Starter membership which is free and has very interesting trainings.Some members join and learn from this plan only and they still build their successful online business
  • Premium member which costs $19 the first month and $49/month after the first month.This plan gives more trainings to members and more assistance
  • The premium Plus membership which costs $99/Month

The site has an option for members to pay yearly and usually the yearly plan include a big discount .

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of WA

Most people sign up with the free starter membership to see what it is really about  ,to give it a try, so to speak .The majority of them end up by upgrading to Premium or Premium plus when they find out how this is interesting and how worthy this is .

Are you really serious about making money online ?

As I said, this site is not for someone who is afraid of taking some risk or invest. If you are nr willing to invest your efforts into this,this is not for you .

However ,if you are serious about this ,it has the potential of changing your life ,especially your finances .

In fact,this site is for those who are resolved,it is for those who want a change and yet are willing to work toward it .

Wealthy affiliate is been around for 16 years now,it has members in 193 countries around the world,has over 1400000 members, it builds over 10 thousand new businesses each month,has over 1800 experts coaches and helps over 23000 persons daily with their online businesses.

How to get paid for watching videos-An image of Wa

For more information about Wealthy Affiliate,visit their site today

Here is the Wealthy Affiliate

Thank you for reading my article ,I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope you found what you were looking for.

If not feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss more about this .

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  1. Hi Jim – interesting article, sounds very interesting and a fun way to earn money by watching videos… typically, how much would you expect to make doing this? How much per hour of watching…? If it’s not a lot, then it might be easy but not very financially rewarding, so it really depends how much I’d be looking at before deciding if it’s worth it.

    1. Hi Mohammad ,survey sites usually reward pretty good.However ,most of the time ,people do this  in spare time  .In addition to that ,some tasks can pay up to $30 in just a few minutes , watching videos per example.The more a member is active on the site ,the more the site gives them more rewarding opportunities .

  2. Thank you Jim for this post. I have done some video watching to be paid some time past. It’s interesting to learn about more sights that offer video watching. I have some experience with swagbucks. How do the other 3 sights you mentioned compare to swagbucks? Do they all work and compensate the same? 

    1. HI Juliet ,thank you for asking .Yes ,the other sites work fine too .The compensation is almost the same but it can differ depending on the tasks completed and the time it took for the task to be completed . 

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