Is iRazoo Legit?

Hello everyone,how are you all doing ?I hope you are doing fantastic.

In this post, I am going to review the iRazoo website ,I am going to answer the question “Is iRazoo legit or a scam?”

Is iRazoo Legit ?An image of iRazoo

The purpose of writing this review, is to share with you all the important details about the iRazoo website and help people decide,whether they want to join this site to become members or not .

With that said,here are a few points I am going to cover,in this review:

  1. An overview of the iRazoo website
  2. How does it work?
  3. Who can use the site?
  4. The Pros and Cons
  5. Is the Site legit or Not?

If you are reading this review,you must be interested into earning some money online.Aren’t you ?

If yes,I am here to tell you that,it is absolutely possible.In fact,people just need to know where to go online for that,I mean the right place to go, the right site to visit, because there are also a lot of scams online .

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So,let’s get started with today’s review,

1. An overview of the iRazoo website


Is iRazoo Legit?An image of iRazoo

Type: Website

Name: iRazoo

TrustPilot Rating:3.8 Stars out of 5

Age requirement to join :13 Years old minimum


What is the site about?

iRazoo is an online platform and a website  which pays people,cash or gift cards, for everything they do when they are connected to the internet,browsing online.

If you are like me ,my first impression when i discovered this site was ,How is that possible?

Let’s find out .

2. How does it work?

It is a 3 steps process

The whole thing works in 3 steps :

1.Become a member

This is the first step,without this step there is no money making,there is nothing.People have to sign up to become member of this platform .

In fact,the sign up process require just a few simple personal information like an email,an username and an age ,I mean nothing too personal .

For those who don’t like to fill forms,they can also join using their Facebook account

is iRazoo Legit ?-An image of iRazoo

This is used to know a little bit about the members,so that the platform can know which task to give to who . It wouldn’t be fair to give a task for a 20 years old to a 13 years old.Would it ?

2.Earn Points

Members earn redeemable points for tasks that they complete on this site.Earning 3000 points of this site equal to earning $5 and it is also the threshold minimum for a withdrawal request.

3.Redeem earned points
It is up to each member to choose how they want to be rewarded,once they have earned enough points,through tasks.Members have many choices which include eGift cards from Amazon, iTunes,and more.

Is iRazoo Legit?-An image of iRazoo

In addition,members who are not interested into eGift cards can redeem their earned points into cash through their PayPal account .

The site is open 24/7. Members can do this as long as they want,tasks keep getting added daily .

What kind of tasks are we talking about here ?

The tasks are just about things people usually go online to do, things people do online anyway without even getting paid .

Now ,can you imagine earning online,while doing what you love ?In fact,members on this site earn online by :

-Downloading Applications

Is iRazoo Legit?-An image of iRazoo

-Watching Video

Members can earn on this site by watching short documentaries ,short ads ,cooking tutorials ,short movie trailers and many other  short and entertaining videos,available on the TV channels  which are partners with the site.

-Completing Paid Surveys

Is iRazoo Legit?-An image of iRazoo


-Completing online offers

Is iRazoo Legit?-An image of iRazoo

-Playing Games

Is iRazoo Legit?-An image of iRazoo

In addition to those listed above,members on this site can also earn even faster by referring their friends to join the site .


3. Who can use the site ?

The site is open to anyone interested into making some extra money .

In fact,the site can be used by :

-Someone unemployed who is looking for a job

-Students can use the site during their spare time

-A person who has to stay home,maybe in quarantine

-Someone who is looking for a part-time job

-Stay home moms or dads


All those persons can use the site and anyone else with some free time. The only thing they need is to login and start participating into activities.

Check out this demo video of how it works

4. The Pros and the Cons

Although this site is among the most popular for earning online and liked by many,it also has some flaws. Here are a few things I like about the site and also a few things I don’t like .


-Easy sign up process

-Variety of tasks to complete

-Free membership

-Simple and enjoyable surveys

-Challenging and fun games to play


-The site is not for earning big online, it is just to be used during spare time

-The pay is low compared to other survey sites like survey Junkie which offers more points per survey

(see my Survey Junkie Review)

-The site is not fully international yet,the site works  better in USA, UK and CANADA

-The payout is sometimes slow while the site verify all the details

-Support team is also sometimes slow to answer.

5. Is the site Legit or not ?

Like any other site online ,all members don’t have the same experience when they use the site.In fact,this can be the same for anything on earth.

Regarding this site,it is Legit and it is a good way for earning some extra cash online .

However,consider the Pros and Cons and don’t forget that it is just to be done during spare time,it is not something someone can do on a Full-time basis to earn a living and pay all their bills  .

If you are interested into more details about the site,visit the site today,here is their URL :

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I have 3 questions for you :

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Thank you for reading my review,I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope you found what you were looking for. Anyway ,feel free to leave me a comment,to like this on Facebook and also share this with friends .

Take care until next time

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  1. I think it’s a great platform for people who want to earn extra income from the side. You explained very well and I got every question I thought to ask by further reading the article. What interests me is whether you need to pay a lot within the platform itself when completing tasks to get points?
    Great article and definitely intrigued me. Great job.

    1. Hi, it is free to become a member on the site and mostly all it is going to cost you is time.That is why it is better  to do this during spare time .

  2. Hi WOW! Thank you for your great article. It is a pleasure to read and it is very clear to understand. Also, you give excellent, practical advice on how to make money from online. a long time i looked for making money easy and now i know how to start and what to do step by step. You are doing a great job. Thank you for your help will love to come beck!

    1. Hi ,I am glad you found this helpful . Feel free to visit the site anytime again to see the upcoming articles and reviews .Thank you very much 

  3. Hello

    This is the first time hearing of iRazoo but I must say I have learnt lot today. My only problem with this is that it seems like you have to spend a great lot of time and energy on the internet and yet earn a little. the pay seems to be so low, looking at the time spent.

    And oh I love your number one recommendation. It is indeed number one recommendation for me too. With tihs one, you can never go wrong

    Thank you once more for opening my eyes to the many posibilities on the internet

    1. Hi ,you are right ,it is something to do during spare time .For the online activities ,people do them anyway and browse on the internet for hours without earning .So ,why not do what you love and earn at the same time ?Thank you very much for your comment

  4. I want to start earning money online. So, after all-encompassing research and based on my personal experience, I can say that iRazoo is legitimate. I love that it has a low cash-out amount of just $5 and that it offers PayPal as a payment option. Notwithstanding its numerous complaints, it’s a good overall site and better than most GPT sites, it’s my belief.

    1. Hi ,I completely agree with you .As you know , any site has   Pros and  Cons ,it is also the case for iRazoo .In general ,the site has good reviews from current and former members .Thank you for your comment

  5. I am a fan of the fact that this site expands beyond just surveys. I have signed up for quite a few survey sites, and I find that they either get repetitive or I am not qualified for a bunch of the surveys the offer. I have found YouGov to be good, but I still would rather something that has a little more available. This seems like exactly what I need! I will likely be registering soon, and can’t wait to start making a little extra cash!

  6. Thanks for your review on Irazoo. I was wondering the same thing if it is legit or not so here I am at your site. I have to say that their ad claims has raised my red flag up. I see that this Irazoo is very similar to swapbucks. You know what, I guess it is just an ok site. Like you said, you are nt going to make a full time income here but it doesn’t hurt to have it either. Will check it out. 

    1. You are right ,all it takes is to have some free time  and you can earn a little bit on the side while doing what you love .Isn’t that great ?Thanks for your comment

  7. It was interesting to read about this program.  It might not make you rich, but it sounds like a nice way to earn a little something in your free time doing things that you would normally be doing.  Maybe I will sign up and give it try in my free time.  Thanks for the great information.

    1. You are welcome .Go ahead and try it out .Let me know whenever you have a question.I will do my best to help

  8. Thanks for sharing your review of iRazoo.

    The problem I have with these types of sites is the lack of surveys to actually complete.  But with this having such a variety of things it might be different and actually always have something that I can do.

    I have joined a few but t took so much time to earn anything that it was not worth the effort.

    What is the average amount of money that can actually be made here?

    I will certainly try it out and see.

    1. It always depends on how much a person is active on the site to do the tasks .The more a person is active ,the more they get access to tasks which pay more .So it really hard to tell but for someone starting out ,if they follow the iRazoo recommended strategies,they could get at least $5 per hour or more

  9. Hi and thanks for sharing this review on the iRazoo site. It does sound a little better than some of the other similar sites offering pay for surveys. I’d say one of the better features of iRazzo would seem to be that it isn’t just surveys but you can earn by playing games as well. I think the variety of ways to earn has to be positive. Let’s face it, as you say, this is not a way to earn serious money, but just a way to use your spare time and get paid instead of passing your time other ways that cost you. Thanks again, Andy

  10. What a great Niche Jim. Absolutely a great site, as the online world is a place of its own kind. Your number one recommendation is spot on, and your advice appreciated. We are all aware of scammers in disguise online, and unless there are people like you that offer this insight, many like me are just made fools of. Awesome job, thank you!

  11. Looks like a good way to make some money on the side. I appreciate that you said it will not pay the bills, but it will give you some spare cash. If you go into the platform thinking that you will make a lot, you may be disappointed. 

    I saw that you promote Wealthy Affiliate which is a really great way to do the opposite- make a full-time living online! 

    Thanks for your very thorough article. It covers everything and helps people to avoid the online business offers that are scams, and there are so many out there!


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