Is Poll Pay Legit?

Is Poll Pay Legit ?-An image of a person counting money

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me out of nowhere, is Poll Pay Legit ?My answer to him was, what is Poll Pay ?Never heard of .

From there, my friend went on by explaining to me, that people are saying everywhere, that they have been earning money for free, on an app called Poll Pay.

After the conversation with my friend ,there was an errand I had to run, so we separated .

Surprisingly,the same day, in the evening, when I was browsing for new Applications for my phone, guess what I saw ?A Poll Pay Application. At first, my thoughts were like, what a coincidence !

At second,I thought,let me visit Poll Pay to find out what’s up with that  so famous application. From there,since my website here talks about how to make money online,I then decided to do a review of Poll Pay ,for the purpose of  educating anyone about Poll Pay.

Therefore ,here is my review of Poll Pay and I am going to follow the steps below, for the purpose of the review :

  • An overview Of Poll Pay
  • How poll Pay Works
  • Why Join Poll Pay
  • What I don’t like about Poll Pay
  • My Final Thoughts

After going through each of the steps above,I am confident you will know more about Poll Pay. As a matter of fact ,this review is  also for helping anyone decide, whether they should join Poll Pay or not. Therefore,let’s get started ,

Is Poll Pay Legit?/

An overview Of Poll Pay

Website name : Poll Pay

Website Logo:

Is Poll Pay Legit ?An image of the Poll pay Review

Type : Market Research Website


Free Membership

Operated by :BitBurst GmbH (BitBurst)

Headquarter in Germany

Main languages for the App :German,English, French , Spanish and Italian

24/7 Support/Help

Available as an App and for desktop

Is Poll Pay Legit ?-An image of the poll pay app

How Poll Pay Works

-Is Poll Pay Legit?/ Signing Up

Unlike other market research website,you can’t join poll pay by just using your email,name and password like we have seen in my previous review of TGM Panel .

As a matter of fact, with Poll Pay,you can only register through connection partners (Apple ,Facebook,Google and Twitter).In case, you don’t have an account with the platforms I just cited,the other way you can get started with Poll Pay is to download the Poll Pay application directly on App Store or Google Play .

Is Poll Pay Legit ?-An image of the sign up page

Is Poll Pay Legit ?/The requirements for signing up

Poll Pay welcomes members from all countries.Anybody who is looking for a way to make some extra money online( Example :Stay home moms,unemployed people , employed people,etc ),they are all welcome .

However,like I mentioned before,the main languages used by the Poll Pay platform are German ,English, French,Spanish and Italian . Therefore ,if you don’t speak any of those languages ,this may not be for you .

Additionally,in order to join Poll Pay,you have to be at least 16 years old and you can only use the platform from your home town.In other words,using fake GPS or VPN to sign up is prohibited .

How Do You Make Money with Poll Pay?

* Surveys

Surveys are the principal way of earning money with Poll Pay .As a matter of fact,once you have signed up,you are directed to your Poll Pay dashboard page, where you are going to find all kind of information .

On Poll Pay ,some surveys can only be completed through the App,other can be only completed on desktop. Therefore ,it is recommended to have both access (App and desktop)

In order to unlock many surveys,you will have to complete the first survey where you are asked more about yourself.In other words,Poll pay needs to know about you more, so that it matches you with the right surveys for you .

Is Poll Pay Legit ?-An image of the first survey which unlock others

As a matter of fact,in that first survey you asked simple questions like what is your gender,what province do you live in,what is your annual income,are you married or not,and so on.Again ,these questions are used by Poll Pay to know you more,so that you will be matched with the right surveys for you .

Once you have answered that first profile survey, you get access to more surveys .

Is Poll Pay Legit ?-An image of a survey

How to Choose the best surveys ?

In general, to maximize your earnings on market research website,you always need to be strategic.The reality is , choosing any survey you see,can be a waste of time and money,somehow .

Usually,on most survey website,the longer surveys pay more money and the ones which need more specific demographics (Ex: Surveys for parents only,etc )

For Poll Pay,you also need to do the same,look for the longer surveys,10 to 15 minutes is usually ideal.Besides ,look for the 5 stars rating surveys and check for how much you are going to earn per survey. Compare all those variables and choose your surveys wisely .

* Referrals

Is Poll Pay Legit ?-An image of two persons using a laptop

All you need to do is to share your personal referral code, which Poll Pay gives you, with your friends.If they decide to join Poll Pay through your referral code,they instantly earn $0.31 as a starting bonus.From there,you receive 30% of every survey your referral completes .

Is Poll Pay Legit ?/How to withdraw your money

In order to withdraw your money,you need to earn at least $10 on Poll Pay. Once you have reached the $10 threshold,you can withdraw your money as an Amazon gift card or you can receive cash through your PayPal account .

For withdrawal using PayPal ,you will be charged $0.50 for a withdrawal and all you need to do is to provide the email you use for PayPal .

Is poll pay legit ?-An image of the withdrawal page


Is Poll Pay Legit ?/

Why Join Poll Pay (Pros)

  • Poll pay works in many countries around the world
  • It operates in many languages
  • Survey websites are among the easiest way to make money online
  • Poll Pay pays you,when you get disqualified for a survey
  • PayPal withdrawals are processed instantly
  • Poll Pay is constantly working on improving the platform
  • The referral program pays a good percentage (30%), compared to other platforms in the same category.
  • The membership is Free

What I don’t like about Poll Pay (Cons)

  • The pay per survey can be very low -Don’t expect to become rich overnight,from surveys you complete on poll Pay .
  • Surveys are not always available
  • There is no variety when you want to be paid through gift card -Poll Pay only has Amazon as an option for now .
  • Many other survey websites offer different paying tasks (Ex: Playing Games,Watching Videos,etc ).However ,Poll Pay just has surveys .
  • For any suspicious activity,your account can be blocked without a warning

My final thoughts

In brief,Poll Pay has its good side and its bad side like any other platform on the web.Having said that,you can make a little bit of money during your spare time with Poll Pay.In other words,Poll Pay is Legit .

If you decide to join,make sure you take advantage of all the tips I gave you and all the information I shared in this post, so that you can maximize your earnings .

However,remember to consider also the cons of this platform,don’t get started with this platform with unrealistic expectations ,Poll Pay  is not perfect .

To learn more about Poll Pay,click the button below to visit the site

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With all that being said,that is it for this review,I hope you enjoyed reading this and found this interesting.If there is anything,please leave me a comment in the designated box below.Beside that,can you please share this with your friends who might also be interested and give a like this post on Facebook ?

Thank you for your time,Take Care,Until Next time ,


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  1. Poll Pay is a fantastic way to bring multiple advantages to make money online, and the membership is free. I value your website to benefit my viewers to use your page. It is a major asset. The advantages to present the meaning of resourceful sources could be introduced to improve our influence for anyone to visit your website. The ability to show examples of an image can say so much, equaling a thousand words. Once I heard about Poll Pay, I would like to learn more. 

    1. Good idea ,John .Just go ahead and visit the site ,you can use the link on the post or visit the site directly .Thank you very much

  2. Thank you for sharing information about Poll Pay.  This is simple and detailed, you cover how to join and what to expect.  Also the disadvantages and the advantages are mentioned.  You even give hints on which surveys to choose.  However when I tried to register, I was informed that my country is not part of this Poll Pay.  Is it available anywhere in Africa or its strictly for America and Europe?

    1. Hi Senanelo,normally ,it should work in all countries where people speak english .Which country are you in ?Thank you for your comment

  3. Poll Pay is a legit site to make money online, but the ceiling is very low when it comes to earning money. I just do not like the fact that you need to download an app on your phone to use it. You never know what type of data you are sharing just so that more telemarketers can call you. Did I forget to mention that they probably have your phone number as well?

    1. Hi Viljoen ,poll pay also has a desktop version ,you don’t need to download the app .You can use it on your laptop or if you want to use it on  your  mobile only,then you can download the application .

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