Is Prizerebel Real?

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Is prizerebel real? How does it work? Is prizerebel legit? These questions are just a few among the many questions that most people worldwide have been asking themselves. Well, many ways of making money online have been introduced to us. Some of the means are real, while others are fake and are just used to scam people.

As a matter of fact, determining if an earning site is real has also remained a mistery, and most people end up being scammed.

For that reason, I thought I would review Prizerebel,to help people decide whether they should join Prizerebel or not .

Therefore,in this review, I will inform all you need to know about prizerebel, so make sure you read this post to the end so that you don’t miss important points.

With that being said,here are the points I am going to go through in this review:

  • Prizerebel Overview
  • What is Prizerebel?
  • How does Prizerebel work?
  • How does Prizerebel earn its money?
  • Who can become a member ?
  • How can you earn with Prizerebel?
  • The Pros and Cons
  • Final Thought


Prizerebel overview

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⦁ Website name: prizerebel

⦁ Website URL: www.

⦁ Website type: Market Research

⦁ prizerebel membership is free

⦁ The website is operated by iAngelic Inc

What is Prizerebel?

Prizerebel is a free online survey site that pays you point which you can redeem for real money by completing all kind of online tasks and activities. It was founded in 2007 and since then, it has been operating, welcomed a lot of members , about 10 million people have joined .Moreover , Prizerebel has paid more than $22 million to its members.

How does prizerebel work?

One of the cool thing about Prizerebel is,the fact that it has all sort of online activities through which you can earn money. Beside that,I can say that performing tasks on this site is quite fun.

Obviously, just like any other online survey site, Prizerebel requires you to have a registered account with them. Creating an account with Prizerebel is very easy and it takes only a few seconds to have an active account.

For example,when creating an account with Prizerebel, you can sign up with either an email address or save your time by signing up with your Facebook account in one click.In case you don’t want to sign up with Facebook account and want to sign up with an email address,you have to fill a form with simple personal information .

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When sign up with your email, you are asked to fill the form with your first and last name, your email and you also need to choose a password.The sign up process is in general very easy.Once you have signed up,you then need to complete your personal profile with more details like your PayPal information,shipping information and more .

Is Prizerebel real ?/How To complete your personal profile

-Go to the tab which says your name,click on your name

-Go to account settings

-Fill all the forms in the account settings with as much information as possible

Is Prizerebel real?-AN image of buttons to update profile

The reason for completing your profile,is that Prizerebel needs as much information as possible to know more about you and so that you get matched with the right tasks for you .

Beside that,updating your profile is where you provide your PayPal information.Therefore ,If you want to get more surveys or be paid cash for example,I suggest you fill the profile forms.

How Prizerebel works in video

How does Prizerebel earns its money?

In case you are wondering what Prizerebel gets money from all this or how it makes money to pay its members,it is very simple to understand . Prizerebel is a business just like any other business with customers and employees.

Who are the customers of Prizerebel?

Prizerebel’s customers are the companies and enterprises who need feedback .

On one hand, companies are always looking for information on what the customers think about their products so that they can beat their competitor or at least keep up. These companies and other business pay sites like prizerebel in exchange of feedback .

On the other hand,prizerebel members who participate into surveys to give feedback, get paid and rewarded .

Who can become a member?

Everyone is eligible to join Prizerebel as long as they are 18 years old and above. Teenagers at the ages of 13 to 18 can also participate but under the guidance of their parents. Prizerebel works worldwide for free but it is most helpful to users living around the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Having said that,to join prizerebel, you require to have a computer.If you don’t have access to a computer ,don’t worry,you can also use your phone or tablet because you need to go online ,sign in on the platform and access all the tasks from there .

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Is Prizerebel real ?/

How can you earn with Prizerebel?

There are many ways of earning with Prizerebel and you only have to choose the way which is suitable for you in a given moment.Who would have thought that one day, people will earn money online for watching videos or signing up to websites ?Yes ,It is unbelievable!However it is one of the options with Prizerebel .

Other paying activities on Prizerebel include :

⦁ Completing surveys

This is one of the main ways which Prizerebel members use to get paid . In fact, members receive offers on their email address to participate into surveys on a daily basis. After completing surveys, members earn redeemable point which are then deposited into their Prizerebel accounts.

After that,depending on what a member wants, the points can be redeemed into real cash or into e gift cards .

Is Prizerebel Real?/How can you maximize earnings from surveys ?

You could make at least $500 per month if you do this right.Here are some important tips for you :

-Make sure you fill your profile with as much information as possible

-Be wise when you choose surveys,longer surveys usually pay more money .

-Surveys which ask more personal information, pay more.

-Don’t lie when filling your personal profile

-Don’t rush when completing surveys,take your time so that you can give the best answers .

-More surveys are available during weekdays than weekends.

-When you receive an invitation to participate into a survey, answer it as soon as possible.Otherwise ,the particular survey could be filled by other members quickly .

. Earn by winning prizes

Prizerebel has daily raffles ,Lucky numbers and all sorts of Contests where you could win a lot of points in a short time.Most of the time,the way this work is,the member who completes the most surveys during the contest period is the winner of the grand prize .

Is Prizerebel real ?-An image of the win button

. Referring your friends to join

This is one of the easiest way to start earning a passive income.Once you are a member,Prizerebel has an interesting referral program. In fact,you can earn up to 30 percent on all the point which people you invite to join Prizerebel earn.

Here is how the referral program works,the site gives you a personal link which you can share with your friends who want to join.Once you have shared the link, all the people who will join through your link are your referrals.

Put another way,you can earn money with prizerebel while you are sleeping, through their referral program .

The pros and cons

Every site has both its advantages and disadvantages that make it different from the others.It is also the case for Prizerebel

Is Prizerebel real ?/Why should you join this site?(Pros)

Is prizerebel real?-An image of a person using a laptop

Prizerebel Has a flexible reward system. It pays you money the way you want it. You can either receive your payment as a gift card, cash through PayPal, or a linked bank account.

Rich FAQs and a great support team.As a member ,in case you get stuck or have questions,you can find most of the answers to get you out of trouble in the frequently asked questions section. If you don’t find answers to your problem there,you can also contact Prizerebel support team directly .

  • The Prizerebel site has a good design. It is easy to find all the important options as well as all the other information you may need across the site.
  • The referral program is awesome.It provides you with one of the easiest method to start earning a passive income online
  • The free membership is great

What I don’t like about Prizerebel

Is prizerebel real ?-AN image of a person using a laptop

Prizerebel is only available in English.

  • Earning opportunities with Prizerebel ,are more available for only residents of Canada ,United Kingdom and AUSTRALIA than the rest of the world .
  • Signing up using the Facebook button, can sometimes be slow .
  • Surveys are sometimes slow to load .
  • You don’t qualify to participate into all surveys.This is something which happen a lot on surveys sites .However ,like how I said in my other post,there are many ways you can avoid being disqualified from a survey .See the tips how to avoid being disqualified in this post.

Final thought

The consideration that Prizerebel is a fake site,is nothing more than a rumor. Prizerebel is a real site through which you can earn real money.

In brief ,Prizerebel is Legit and I recommend anyone who want to earn money online for free and in an easy way ,to give it a try .

To learn more about prize rebel, visit

Thank you for reading my review,I hope you found this interesting and helpful.If there is anything,please leave me a comment below in the designated box .

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  1. Hi, I’ve just gone through this honest looking article review about whether the Prizerebel is real. Well, I agree with you that when it comes to making money online, one needs to always be careful because of scammers and all that. I never knew about this company by the way and from what I learned in this review, it’s one of those that one can invest his time in and start earning. Thanks for sharing this online opportunity, I’ll also be sharing this post too, to spread the word.

  2. You are right, most people do end up being scammed.  I know I have been, plenty of times.  Although this is not a scam, I have tried sites like this and never made any money.  Just ended up with a LOT of junk mail.  I am not a fan of doing time wasting surveys or entering sweepstakes for peanuts. So for me, Prizerebel would not be something I would be interested in.  Thanks for the in-depth review.

    1. Hi Leah,

      I totally agree with you that this is not something one can do on a full-time basis .It should be used just during spare time .It is for those who are interested into helping brands improve their products .In addition to that ,market research sites don’t have the same pay rate .Some have a better pay rate than the others .Therefore ,it s good to do a research before you join a market research site.Thank you

  3. There are several things I really like about pricerebel. The first one is that it’s free to join their platform. And the most important of all is that they actually pay their members. I don’t like that the earning potential is low and that we don’t get approved for all surveys, but I believe this platform is worth giving it a try.

    1. You are right ,Ann.Go ahead and give it a try .This is another good website you can use  during your free time and earn some extra cash online  easily  and for free .

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