Is YouGov A scam?

Hi there,how are you ?I hope you are doing alright .

Many people have been asking about YouGov all over the web and here is one question which keeps coming back: “Is YouGov a scam?”

In fact,that is the question I am going to answer in this post.I am going to review the YouGov site using these steps :

  1. An overview of the site
  2. What is the YouGov site about ?
  3. How does the site work?
  4. Who can use this site?
  5. The Pros and Cons
  6. My final opinion about the site

I am confident that,after reading this review,you will have a good idea regarding what the site is about and you will surely know whether you can earn money on this site or not and you will know whether you want to join the site or not .

In addition to that,in this post I will share with you my favorite way of earning online as a Bonus and I hope you are going to enjoy this .

Before waiting any longer,let’s get started with today’s review :

1. An Overview Of The YouGov site

Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov

Website Type: Online Paid Surveys,Market Research And Opinion polling

Website URL

BBB Rating : 4.59 stars out of 5

Membership Price : FREE

Owners: Stephan Shakespeare & Nadhim Zahawi

Headquarters: London,United Kingdom

2. What Is The YouGov Site about ?

YouGov is website used for market research and data analysis.The market research and data analysis is done through surveys which millions of members on this site complete.The site was founded in UK in 2000 and it operates in Europe,North America,Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

In fact,members on this site get paid for debating and giving their opinion about politics,culture ,products and services on the market and much more.The opinion given by members is so helpful in shaping the future of society and it is sometimes featured in the news .

Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov

3. How does the site work?

Here are the steps which explain how this work :

1. Sign Up to become a member

There are no other requirements to join the site other than being at least 18 years old .

With that said,the first thing a person needs before they start earning on this site, is to sign up .

The sign up process is very easy,the site just asks for an email and a password. The other way of signing up to become a member on this site is to join using a Facebook account .

Is YouGov A scam ?-An Image Of YouGov

After a person has signed up,they are taken to a page where they complete their first survey labeled “Welcome Survey”,a survey which all the new members complete,the site uses this survey to know a little bit more about the new member.

Here is are some example of the questions which are asked in the first survey, it is nothing too personal and the site uses the responses to give to the new member, matching surveys afterwards

Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov
Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov
Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov

2. Earn Points By Completing surveys Or By Referring friends

  • Completing surveys :
Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov

After a person has signed up,they are taken to their home page.From the home page, a new member can complete right away the “Welcome Survey ” which is worth 1000 redeemable points .

However,after that , a member can earn on average,around 100 redeemable points per survey .

Honestly  ,the amount of points someone can earn per survey, depends on many variables which include the length of the survey, the level of difficulty and more.

With that said,this is one way of earning redeemable points on this site.In my opinion, this way is less rewarding when it is compared with the other way of earning points on this site by  referring friends .

  • Referring Friends To Become Members Of The site

I believe this to be the most efficient way of earning points on this site .

As a matter of fact,when a member refers a friend to join the site,they earn 2000 points ,each time a new referred friend complete 4 surveys including the Welcome survey

With that said ,a member can refer as many friends as they want and keep earning .

Is the  friend referring done by spreading the word ?

Although spreading the word can work for this kind of things,the site has the whole thing organized in another way, so that they can know who has referred who .

In fact,for the site to identify who has referred their friend, they give to members a personal link which they can share on their social media with all friends.

Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov
  • Redeem the points

Earned points on this site, can be redeemed into cash or eGift Card.

For example,once a member has earned 30000 points,they can redeem it into a $25 Amazon eGift card,55000 points a $50 Amazon eGift card and so on .

Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov

For members who don’t won’t eGift Cards,they can be paid cash through their PayPal account .

With that said,in case there is any inquiry or questions, members have access to the support team. All the information for contacting YouGov can be found under the “Contact us button “

4. Who Can Use The site ?

According to the site,anyone who is interested into earning some extra cash and has some time to spare,can join the site and start earning as long as they the age requirement and have a name and an email .

Members of the site are from around the world and they all have different backgrounds .

Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov

One of the reasons why all those people meet on the site and participate in the surveys, is because of the interesting and trending topics, which they get to give their opinion about .

However,completing surveys on this site or earning through referring friends,is not something someone would do on a full time basis and be able to pay all their bills. The site is meant to be used during spare time,just to earn a few bucks,not a lot.It is something a person can do on the side,while they have another source of income.

One of the cool things about this, is the fact that it can even be done using a mobile phone when away from a computer .

Is YouGov A scam?-An Image Of YouGov

5. The Pros And The Cons

Everything on earth has good qualities and bad qualities at the same time.It is also the case for the YouGov site .

  • Pros

-The site has been around since 2000

-Current and interesting topics for survey takers

-Easy and short surveys

-No disqualification in the middle of completing a survey, like it sometimes can happens on other survey sites .

  • Cons

-The site only offers surveys .

(Other sites like iRazoo per example, pays members for watching Videos ,playing games and more ,beside  surveys )

-The website is not informative enough, especially for potential new members

-The website design could be improved or revised

-Customer service is sometimes slow

-The amount of surveys available in a day is limited

-Redeem earned points can sometimes be a long process.

-The surveys are sometimes repetitive


6. My Final opinion About The site

Is YouGov A scam ?-An image Of A gavel

Honestly ,it is hard to know whether the site is Legit or a scam.When it comes to survey sites,each member has a personal experience when they login.One person could say that the site is the best , another one could disagree .

With that said,I don’t think the site itself is a scam,it is legit .

In fact ,one of the good signs about the site is how long it has been around .The site is very popular ,and has many good reviews in general .In my opinion, the site just needs  some improvements .

For more Information ,visit the site ,here is the URL :

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  1. In my experience, YouGov is one of the most genuine sites that pay on time, qualifies you for all surveys & makes every referral count. But despite my good experience with it, I can’t make a living with it. I’m looking for better alternatives. I’ll check this Wealthy platform you suggested.

    1. YouGovis more to be used on the side ,to earn just a little bit on the side ,during spare time .For someone who wants to earn a living online ,i agree with you ,wealthy affiliate is also my recommendation

  2. I’ve tried other programs like this one before, and almost all require too much work or are harder to earn than they seemed. Your review on YouGov looks enticing if it’s all about surveys. It’s not that bad. I like the point system and the way you can redeem the points. Being that this company been around since the year 2000, makes it more trustworthy. I see that your opinion on it is about positive with the knowledge that the site need some improvement. I will sign up and experience it for myself.

  3. This is actually a website I had previously signed up for. While I haven’t really kept up with it, the rewards are real and if you were to do them consistently would certainly find a reward or two waiting. The surveys are usually not too long, and often quite interesting. If I had a little more time on my hands, I would certainly make an effort to get more of them done so I could cash in more frequently. Great post!

  4. Hi Jim. Thank you for your review. I read before a bit about YouGov site and I don’t believe it’s a scum. Yet, Im not convinces that survey sites are best way to get money online. Its time consuming, and all you earn is pennies. There are so many better programs to invest time and money which may bring higher benefits (like recommended by you wealthy affiliate) that  I wouldn’t focus personally on YouGov.

    1. Hi ,survey sites are among the easiest ways to make money online .They are mostly free to join and with no big requirements .They are meant to be used during spare time to make a little bit on the side .For those who want to earn big and become full-time earn online ,Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect choice of course

  5. Hey there! I really appreciate your article about this article. From my experience, I’ve tried to take surveys to earn itunes card and a little money but most survey websites aren’t reliable and end up wasting your time. It is good to know that this is legit but people should not use this to replace their income since users earn little compared to how much work they have to put in for 25 dollars. Like you said, this can be good for people who want to debate and I agree that people shouldn’t expect to earn fat stacks with this site. Do you know any other survey websites that are more rewarding?

    1. Hi Gabriel ,

      It depends with what you want to do .For something to do during spare time surveys website are fine .You can earn  slow by slow and get there .However, are interested into something else other than surveys,if you are willing to put in your efforts to see big results , check the platform I recommend as a Bonus ,on this post .

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