is ySense a scam?My review

Hello everyone,how are you all doing ?I hope you are doing OK .

If you have read my other posts,you are now aware that there are online surveys that pay money. One of the survey sites that pay money is ySense.

Today,I am going to answer the question: “Is ySense a scam ?”.

I am going to do  an honest review about the ySense site,show you what it is about,how it works,the good and bad things about the site,the rating of the site from TrustPilot and lastly I will tell you whether I recommend the site or not .

Before waiting any longer,lets jump right into the review

An Overview of ySense

is ySense a scam?-An image of ySense

Name of the website :ySense

Type: Paid Survey Website, Member of Prodege & LLC Family

Website URL:

Membership price: Free to join

Age requirement: Minimum 13 Years old in USA and minimum 16 Years old in other countries

What is ySense about?

It is site made for people who want to earn some extra cash online.The site has members from all over the world.

In fact,It is a platform which believes in the power of consumers, in changing the future of products and services offered by popular and local brands .

How does ySense work?

It organizes surveys and invites members(Consumers in the society) to complete them .

In fact ,ySense is not only about surveys,it also gives to members paid online tasks,online offers,pays members to watch videos online,browse the internet and it also has an affiliate program for people who want to promote the ySense site.

The site has something for anyone who want to earn some extra money online.

How does ySense pay members ?

Members have two options :

-Get paid cash through PayPal

PayPal is an online platform ,which people use to send,buy or receive money online .The service works with a personal email or phone number and it can be directly linked to a personal bank account.

People use PayPal  individually or  for business.

For more about PayPal ,the URL is

is ySense a scam?-An image of PayPal

-Get paid through eGift cards from popular store.

There is a minimum for each eGift card. Members just have to choose which eGift card they want according to how much money they have in their ySense account and how much they want to cash out as eGift card.

Here is what it looks like :

is ySense a scam?-An image of ySense

What are the good things about the ySense site ?

1.Various options for making money online

It is really a good quality for this site to have that many options,to help people earn online .

There are many other sites for paid surveys but many among them just have the surveys option only for members to earn money.

It is really a good advantage for this site to have many choices to suit everyone .

2. The site is committed to helping members earn money

It is very rare to find a platform which offers paid surveys and also gives tips on how to maximize earnings.  This site tries to help member in the process of earning as much as possible .

Here are some of tips for maximizing earnings on the ySense platform:

– Tip #1, Accept invitations to surveys and start completing them before they get taken away.

The number one  secret to this, is to know where to find the invitations to surveys on the ySense site.The other secret is the ySense Addon tool, which we are going to talk about in more details later.

Here is where to find  surveys on the site :

is ySense a scam?-An image of ySense

Tip #2,Use the settings on the site to choose surveys which suit you.

Choose surveys according to the time you have to complete the survey, the reward and more.

is ySense a scam?-An image of ySense

Tip #3, When completing the online surveys,give your most honest opinion.

The data are used to change the future of a product design, a brand or a service offered by a company.It is not something to do with negligence.

Tip #4 , Don’t quit if you find yourself disqualified while completing a particular survey.

The best way  for surveys to be helpful is when they are being completed by the right person who is a perfect match for the survey .

Furthermore ,When a survey taker is not a match for the survey ,they can sometimes be disconnected in the middle of completing a survey.

However, when this happens ,it is also an occasion for a member to try also the other ways of earning on this site .It is a really good thing to have various way of earning on this site .

With that said ,i am going to talk more about the problem of being disconnected, later below ,as this is one of the big complaints from members .

Tip #5,be active, learn all the different tricks from longtime members.

Communicate,socialize with other members through the active forum .

is ySense a scam?-An image of ySense

In addition to the active forum,smart members earn according to the Daily Checklist bonus. The checklist bonus helps members to keep track of their daily activities on the ySense site and also allow members to earn a bonus of 16% each day.

Tip #6,referring your friends to join ySense is very rewarding,up to 30% ongoing commissions on anything the referral makes .

3.ySense Affiliate Program

If you are not interested into completing surveys you can still make money with the ySense Affiliate Program.The site pays a commission when a referral signs up ( Between $0.10 and $0.30) and $2 bonus when the referral makes their first $5.

In addition to the sign up commission,there is also activity commissions .

It starts from 20% which can be increased to 30% for every approved survey that the referral completes.

is ySense a scam?-An image of ySense

4. ySense Addon

This is another tool which can be used on this site,to help members maximize their earnings.The site has a browser addon tool which helps member to keep track of their account status as quick as possible.

In fact,using this browser addon, it is very hard for a member to miss any invitation or opportunities from ySense to earn money .

Moreover,members who use this tool can sometimes access surveys and tasks faster than other members who don’t use this tool.

However ,the Addon tool  can only be used on computers or a laptops ,it is not available yet for members who login from their moble phones .

The extension can be used with Google Chrome ,Firefox and Microsoft Edge:

is ySense a scam?-An image of ySense

The other cool thing about this too, is the fact that members can also make money ,just for sharing their online activities with ySense.

What are the bad things about the ySense site ?

1. Your personal email could be in use already on the site

The site has many members from all over the world.Members use emails of all kinds to sign up .

In fact,if you need to sign up with your personal email and you find that it has been taken,don’t worry .It is something common on survey sites .

As a matter of fact ,it can be very frustrating for someone who want to use their personal email with their first and last name or their favorite email address .

The solution to this ,is mostly to sign up to a new email  .

Fortunately ,signing up for a new email is  free on,Gmail ,etc .

2. Getting disconnected while completing a survey

This is one of the most common complaints from survey sites. People can sometimes get disconnected while they are completing their survey .

In fact, the disconnected status sometimes happens at the beginning of a survey or right in the middle of completing the survey .

It can be a waste of time, especially for someone trying to maximize their earning according to the time they have to be online in a particular day .

However,as I said in my other post,this is nothing personal with any member.The disconnection can happen when the survey taker is not a match for the survey they are completing .

The survey provider can know,after a few answers from the survey taker .

Fortunately ,what is done in most cases like this,the member is directed to completing another survey ,which is a perfect match.

Otherwise ,a member can also take a small break from surveys and do other things on the ySense site like watching paid videos ,do tasks online ,etc .

3. ySense TrustPilot Rating

Honestly ,I wish the site had more than 3.9 out of 5  stars rating on the TrustPilot site.

In fact,3.9 out of 5 stars in itself ,is not a bad rating, it is still considered “Great” on the TrustPilot site .

Here are the different ratings and what they mean on the TrsutPilot site :

Is ySense a scam ?-An image of TrustPilot
is ySense a scam?An image of ySense

The reason i said this ,is because there are other sites in the industry of making money online who have better ratings .

Not long ago,I reviewed one of them ,Wealthy Affiliate which is actually among my top recommendations for making money online , has a rating of 4.3+ and an A+ as  BBB rating.

Do I recommend ySense?

Online surveys are among the easiest ways to make money online.There are not big requirements to join,there are no prior experience needed,just an email and a password and you are ready to start earning .

Yes,recommend the ySense site.

Join today and start earning. Click the button below to visit to the ySense home page/Sign up page.

However,if you are not interested in earning online through ySense and want to earn by doing something else,check out my review of my number one recommendation for making money online .

Thank you, for reading my review.I hope you enjoyed it and I also hope you found what you were looking for.If not,please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to discuss more about this .

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  1. This is great ! It looks like an easy way for some extra cash. Although I am more curious to see your number one recommendation . I like this review of ySense ,however ,it will probably be something that I use for kind of a side thing. Thank you for sharing this information

    1. Hi ,I agree with you ,the site is for making some extra bucks on the side,while you have other sources of income

  2. Very interesting article. To be fair Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. I read about ySense platform before, and to be fair opinions were quite mixed. But looking on your review it seems as a great starting point for beginners, with no need of investing large amount of money.

    1. You are right ,it can be used by someone just starting out working online .However ,the site also has many longtime members who do this on the side ,while they have other sources of income

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