Neevo Review

Hello everyone,how are you doing ?I hope you are alright,wherever you are in the world .

In this post ,i am doing a Neevo review because there has been a lot of questions about the research website, Neevo.I mean ,questions like ,can i earn on the Neevo site ,what is the Neevo site about ?and more. For that purpose,here is an honest Neevo review, which should help anyone know about the site and help anyone decide whether they want to join the site or not .

In fact,to review the site,I am going to follow these steps :

  • An overview of the Neevo site
  • What is the Neevo site about ?
  • How does it work?
  • Who can join the site ?
  • Is the site for laptop users only ?
  • How about support on the site ?
  • The Pros and Cons
  • My Final opinion

In addition to the review,I am going to share with you,as a Bonus,my number one recommendation for earning online .

So,before waiting any longer,let’s get started with today’s review :

An overview of the site

neevo review-An image of the neevo logo

*Name: Neevo

*Website URL:

*Owned by DefinedCrowd Corporation

*Type : Market Research

*Free membership

*Age requirement : 18 years old or older

What is the Neevo site about ?

Neevo is a survey site which focuses on research about technology and artificial intelligence.

There are many survey sites online,whose purpose is to know the opinions about products and services.This site is little bit different,it hosts surveys for researches  to know the opinions about things like voice assistance on devices, for example .

In fact,the site helps tech companies when they are launching new products,to make sure the product’s features work fine as planned .

The site hosts online surveys to find out the opinion from consummers,regarding upcoming tech products or popular ones which are being used already .

How does it work?

The site operates in 3 simple steps :

1. Signing up to become a member

The sign up process is easy ,it is almost similar to other survey sites,they ask for just some simple information,not too much .

In fact, personal information for sign up on most survey sites ,include a first name ,a last name ,an email and a password,most of the time .

In addition , to save time ,a new member can also sign up in one click,by sign up through their Facebook account or Apple account .

Neevo Review-An image of Neevo sign up

2.Complete Tasks on the site

As I said,this site is a little bit different.The site does the research for just for tech companies,it is more about improving artificial intelligence .

In fact ,to make sure new tech devices work fine ,tech companies also consider and use  the opinions which comes from members on a site like Neevo, to correct errors in things like voice assitance fonctionality,or just for improving their devices . 

Here is an example of the tasks which members on the site do:

-Drawing bounding boxes or circle objects in a given image .

Neevo Review-An image of a  task

-Identifying people or places in images based on instructions

Neevo Review-An image of a task

-changing an audio file into a text

Neevo Review-An image of a task

In fact,the site has different types of tasks,some are into audio format, some are into text,images and even video format .

3. Getting Paid

Regarding the pay,all the tasks are different.Some tasks could be easier than others and some may take less time to complete than others .

In fact,before taking a given task,members are asked to review an agreement for independent contractor which explains everything and tells them how much they will be paid after completing the task .

With that said,according to the site,the average pay for completing tasks on the site is between $10 to $15 per hour . The pay per task is also based on a member’s level of skills and badges they have earned on the site .

* What is the method of payment ?

For now,the site pays members cash, through PayPal only. However,the site has also been working on adding new methods of payment .

See this Video below ,it explains how it all works :

Who can join the site ?

Neevo Review -An image of Neevo requirements

According to the site,the requirements to join the site is to be 18 years old or older and that is it.In fact,the site welcomes anyone who has some time to spare and is interested into making some extra money .

Is the site for laptop users only ?

Unlike the majority of sites in the same category,Neevo also has an application for mobile phones and tablets.This is definitely a good quality for sites like this one,because the mobile phone application allows people to maximize their earnings on the site .

Although laptops are amazing ,I believe a mobile phone is sometimes more handy in certain situations like where a laptop can’t be used.

With that said,Neevo has a free application on Google PlayStore and also on App Store .

Neevo Review-An image of the Neevo phone application

How about support on the site ?

The site has a support team which can be contacted by email,for any inquiry. The support team usually responds fast,usually within an hour or less.However ,sometimes,it can take much longer to respond to inquiries depending on how busy the support team is on a given day.The email to contact the support team is “

In addition to this,the website itself has a Q&A button, where people can find most asked questions and the responses from the support team .

The button for Q&A can be found at the top left on the home page and also at the bottom of the home page beside the terms of use and privacy policy

Neevo review-An image which shows the Q&A button
Neevo Review-An image of the Neevo Q&A button at the bottom of home page

The Pros and Cons

In general ,I find the site to be normal, for a site in its category.Definitely ,the site has some good qualities that worth to be mentioned. However , there are also a couple of things that I find not so good about the site .

Here are a few Pros and Cons about the site:

  • Pros

-The site is very informative and clear for potential new members .

-Neevo offers a variety of tasks to complete online .

-The site accepts members who speak different languages (currently up to 50 languages ) .

-Competitive pay rate, for a research website .

  • Cons

-The site has PayPal as method of payment only.

-Their pay procedure require a lot of patience sometimes.

-A job can only be submitted when it meets the preset rules and the standard the site wants. Otherwise,no pay for the job.

-Jobs are not always available and when they are available , it is first-come-first-serve

-Jobs are not always available for all the different languages that members on the site speak.

My final opinion about Neevo

One of the common problem which members on the site have experienced,is receiving a message which says they are not qualified for a job .

Neevo review-An image of a person using a laptop

As a matter of fact, receiving such a message can be very frustrating,especially when a member has already spent minutes or hours, working on the site ,doing the job offers .

However,all the members don’t agree about this.Some members on the site say that those who get disqualified,are disqualified because they didn’t take enough time to read the rules of a given job, carefully .

With that said , I find the site to be Legit although it has some details here and there, which could be improved .

Neevo review-An image of Neevo

Bonus :How to become a full time earner ,online 

There are many ways of earning money online.Really ,the opportunities are endless ,online .Neevo is among many other sites where people can earn some extra income during their spare time .

As a matter of fact ,I have also reviewed other sites like YouGov,Survey Junkie,e-Research Global and more where people can earn some extra cash ,during theri spare time .Feel free to read the reviews anytime .

Can I become a millionaire by doing jobs on Neevo ?

Honestly ,joining the Neevo site , is not something which is going to help someone achieve financial freedom .
It is more a thing to do during spare time,to earn a little bit extra on the side, while a person has another source of income .

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Neevo review-An image of The Bonus

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Thank you for reading this post ,I hope you enjoyed it from start to finish and I hope you found what you were looking for.If not,leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.Other than that,don’t forget to like this post on Facebook and share it with friends .

Take care until next time

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  1. This is a very interesting idea. I think that it is important to bring normal people into the fold in relation to advancements in technology. Especially with the way the modern world is headed, with many digital assistant, and a smartphone capable of just about anything wherever you go, it is important to make products that suit the user. I think that this is a great opportunity to get your voice heard, and have your input and insight make an impact on the world moving forward, even if its in a very small way. Great article!

  2. Hi Jim. Another very interesting post. I’m new in online business and always learning something new from your blog. To be fair I haven’t heard before about Neevo program, but looking on your review it seems as interesting starting point for beginners. There are some cons, but looking forward to test it in practice.

    1. Hi ,thank you for your comment .  Also ,yes ,go ahead ,try the site .Please let me know if you have any question ,i will do my best to help you 

  3. Thank you so much for your review on Neevo. I came across this site the other day and I just have to know if it is a legit survey site or not. I just hate it when I spend my time on a survey just to get opt out of the survey with no compensation. I guess this is a great site if you want to just earn a little money on the side. Since it is free, I am going to check it out myself. 

    1. Good idea ,visit the site ,let me know if you have any question .I will do my best to help you .Thank you for your comment

  4. Okay, so I’ve never heard of Neevo but, I do love taking surveys. Especially, ones that pay via PayPal. But, I have never gotten paid from a survey site that pays $10 to $15 per hour. I really wish I could come across sites like that. 

    The only site that I’ve ever come close to knowing that they pay pretty decent is respondent but, there more of like a survey/research/interview company. Something along those lines. Have you heard of them? 

    Either way, I tried to google Neevo(dot)com and could find the website. Is this survey site for mobile users only? I’ll have to look into them thanks for the tips. Have a great day!

  5. It’s good to know that Neevo is legit. I really don’t like that the site notifies its users that they’re not qualified even after they have already begun to work on a certain survey.

    Your post has made me detour from joining Neevo. Even though it’s legit, I think this platform is not for me.

    1. Fear enough .However ,I spoke about ways to avoid being disconnected from a survey .When It happens ,most of the time ,it is because the user is distracted ,not paying attention enough or not following the survey guidelines.

  6. Thanks for this, it is good to know that Neevo is a legitimate website.

    The thing that puts me off these survey websites is that I can’t control when I will work and how much I will earn, as sometimes there will be surveys available and at other times there won’t.  If they don’t have sufficient surveys then they shouldn’t take on so many members.  If they could guarantee their members surveys constantly, then they would have a better base of dedicated members that they could depend on.

    As you say, you couldn’t rely on it for an income, but worth trying for a little extra money in your pocket.

    I might just give it a go!

    1. Yeah ,it is not something someone can do to get rich overnight .However ,I find this to be a good way to spend spare time .The other thing I like about research platform is the informations a person can get from them .They are also educative .Give it a try and let me know whenever you need help.Thank you

  7. hmm, you’ve got the reviews on point. Most of the ways out there are just for those who have extra spare time and also the job availability is also a big issue on almost all survey sites. I always suggest people stop paying attention to these sites and work a lil bit harder to create their own successful career.

    1. Hi Nabeel ,I agree with you on that 100%.Surveys sites are good to be used during spare time or after work .However ,It also depends on which site you are working with.All the survey sites don’t pay the same ,there are good ones out there, we just need to do a little bit of research and find them.

  8. Thank you for this review… I have heard of research websites like this paying their members for completing surveys.  It’s good to know before signing up that Neevo is dedicated to AI research.  It sounds like a good way to make some easy money without doing too much work, just as long as you meet the requirements to do the job.  It’s a bit strange that a website that is so focused on tech has only ONE option for paying its people though – PayPal only?  That’s surprising.  How can they not have the know-how to pay their members through other means?  Anyway, thanks for the informative review.  I’ll let some of my friends know about this for easy money.

  9. Hi! Jim, I tried before some survey sites and I didn’t came across yet about Neevo. I do not like also entering some personal answers to questions about the households but then on the last part I was not qualified. It is not really a get-rich-quick scheme but if it is legit then it is something worth to try on a spare time to get an amount at least. Thank you 

    1. You are right ,Shierly.

      However ,regarding being disqualified from surveys ,it is something which could happen to anyone . There are strategies  that work which members use to avoid being disqualified. I spoke about some of them in my other post

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