Online surveys for money in Canada-Survey Junkie ,Univox Community,ySense&More

One of the easiest way to make money online is completing surveys. People from around the world are making money from the comfort of their home, through online surveys ,YouTube Videos and more

In this post, we will see together where to find online surveys for money, in Canada .

There are many sites on the web for people who want to make money through online surveys .

Before we see each one of the sites in details, here is a list of 5 surveys sites,where you can make money online, in Canada: 

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Univox Community
  3. ySense
  4. Grabpoints
  5. Paid viewpoint

Now, let’s take a look at each one of them in more details,let’s find out what are their requirements for someone to join,their method of payment,how much they pay for completed surveys and more :

1. Survey Junkie

Are you interested in becoming an influencer by helping local and popular brands to improve their services and products?Well,brands need your opinion to make that happen and survey Junkie is where it all takes place .

How does survey Junkie work ?

When people hear about making money through online surveys, they have the tendency of overthinking about this and complicating this.They think it is very difficult.

In fact,the process is very simple,here are the 3 steps of making money in Survey Junkie : 

Online Surveys for money in Canada-An image of Survey Junkie

How to join Survey Junkie ?

To join this platform,the minimum age is 13. All the survey takers sign up by completing their profile before they can do anything.

Completing the profile is very easy and members also have the option to join directly using their Facebook  or G mail account . 

Online surveys for money in Canada-An image of survey Junkie

Survey Junkie considers the profiles of its members before giving them surveys to  complete.

The platform does this to organize things ,so that through the personal profiles, the site gives matching surveys to its members .

The site makes sure the level of difficulty is a match with the survey taker .

How about the pay ?

This platform pays between $1 to $3 per completed survey.It pays its members through PayPal or Gift cards.For PayPal a member can only cashout when they have earned at least $10.

Is the site about surveys only ?

Survey Junkie is not only about surveys .The site has also a program called “Survey Junkie Pulse”. It is basically an add on which can be installed on a mobile phone as an application and members can get paid by survey Junkie just for sharing their online activities with the Survey Junkie site.

Is it free to join ?

It is absolutely free to join  and  members can start making money right away .

Visit the site or sign up to the site,click on the image below

2.Univox Community

Do you have some free time here and there between your schedule?You can make money on the Univox platform from anywhere in the world.It doesn’t matter,this can be done from home or when laying on the beach .

On this site,a member on this platform gets a $2 bonus when they join.

Moreover,Univox has a free application for phones and tablets so that members can make money whenever they can on their mobile phones android or apple devices .

Online surveys for money in canada -An image of Univox Community

How does Univox work?

Like any other survey platform,this site has a sign up process . To start earning,members have to sign up first and the  process is very easy and quick .

Members can join this platform for free,they are just asked their name,date of birth, gender,the password they want to use for the account and their address.That’s it !

Online surveys for money in Canada-An image  of the Univox Community


The next step after signing up,is the make money step by taking surveys.The platform sends email to members to invite them to complete short and easy to answer surveys .

Online surveys for money in Canada-An image of the  Univox Community

What are the rewards at Univox?

In fact,members are rewarded for each survey they complete and the rewards come in different form. It is up to the member,how they want to be rewarded .

Members have many choices :

  • Get paid through PayPal
  • Virtual Mastercard
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Tango Gift card
Online surveys for money in Canada-An image of the Univox platform

It is really easy money .Why not start earning today with Univox?

Visit the site below for more information :


This platform is among my favorites, it offers many ways to members so that they can maximize earnings.They offer paid online surveys ,money for online tasks and many other options .

Members are just required to sign up and join and it is very easy .An email and a password, is all they ask for to join.

Online surveys for money in Canada-An image of ySense

Can I earn by referring friends at ySense ? 

One of the things I like about this platform,it has an option for members to make even more money by referring friends.

As a member of ySense,you can earn by sharing with your friends,by telling them about this site . 

In fact,if you are a member per example and you refer a friend,when the friend joins and starts completing surveys,you earn 30% recurring commissions on what you referral makes .

In more details, the member who refers a friend can make money twice :

  • When a referral signs up to join ($0.10 to $0.30 depending on the country where the referral is )
  • When a referral start completing surveys and is active (The member has the opportunity to increase the commissions to 30%.The minimum which can be earned from a referral  is 20% . Once a member reach 100 referrals they get an additional 5% in commissions ,200 referrals an additional 10%.

Do members make money each time they have a survey to complete?

Although this platform is free to join with no prior experience required,one of the thing it requires from the members who complete surveys is to be focused while answering the surveys.

A member can be restricted from completing a survey or stopped during a survey and be directed to another one .

Why can members be stopped from completing a survey in ySense?

If a member is distracted, not paying  enough attention to the survey questions, or when a survey is not a match for the survey taker,ySense can know based on the survey answers and the task can be stopped .

What is the solution to being stopped from completing a survey at ySense?

The solution to this problem is simply being focused as much as possible when completing survey.

Members can be asked the same question twice per example to see if they are awake .

If a member answers two contradicting answers,it is a sign they are not fully paying attention to the surveys and tasks .It appears like maybe they are there just for money ,they don’t care about the tasks.

To avoid being stopped from completing a survey ,the key is staying focused and answering the questions  honestly, as much as possible.

When are the payments received and how ?

The cashout depends on how much money a member wants to withdraw.Members can choose to be paid via PayPal,Payoneer or skrill

New accounts which are about 30 days old,have to wait for 15 days after they request their first payment. This is done like this for security reasons to avoid fraud.

Other accounts have to wait for 5 to 7 business days after they request a withdrawal.

With that said ,members can also choose to be paid through gift cards from Amazon,Bass Pro Shops ,Bath&Body; Works, American Eagle, Cineplex and more.

It all depends on how much money they have in their ySense account.For each choice,there is a minimum.Here is what it looks like  :

Online surveys for money in Canada-An image of ySense

What are the tasks offered by ySense ?

With this platform,members also have the option to do simple tasks online and get paid for that :

  • Categorizing images
  • Perform Google searches
  • etc

Everyone is welcome on this site,there is something for everybody and it is free to join.

Visit the site,for more information :


Who would ever have imagined people can make money online by watching TV, completing surveys and by doing tasks online ?It is exactly what this site is about.

The only requirement to start earning on this site,is to sign up.

New members have  to provide their email address , choose a password and they are in !

This site even has the option for new members to sign with the Facebook or Google account .

Online surveys for money in Canada -An image of Grabpoints

How does Grabpoints work?

Popular brands pay this site for organizing surveys because they need the opinion of consummers and the community .

In fact,Brands use these inputs to improve their products and services .

What does a member have to do to earn money?

Here are the options members have to earn money on this site : 

  • Watch videos online
  • Complete surveys
  • Do tasks online (ex:Image categorizing,google searches ,etc)
  • Download apps to test them and more .
Online surveys for money in Canada-An image of Grabpoints

What is the method of payment of GrabPoints ?

Members have the options to be paid  cash, get  gift cards  for gaming,for shopping and they can also be paid through crypto currency(Bitcoin).

Online surveys for money-An image of Grabpoints

The minimum which can be cashed out is $5 and it can be cashed through PayPal.

As I said in my previous post,it is very easy to sign up to PayPal and it is safe to use.

Start earning today !

visit the site for more information :

5. Paid Viewpoint

This is another site where people can make money online by completing surveys.One of the things I like about this site is the way it has made everything so easy for survey takers .

The surveys on this site are made of short questions,easy to answer with a short answer.

In  two words,fast surveys and fast money .

Each survey last about 2 to 3 minutes .

Once someone has joined or signed up,they can start earning.The platform sends invitations to members for them to take the surveys .

In fact,the only requirement is to get online and complete a survey before the particular survey has closed .

This site pays cash to every answer to every question .

The minimum which can be cashed out on this site is $15 and it can be cashed out through PayPal and the money can be there in about 72 hours .

Watch this video below about the demo of Paid Viewpoint:

Online surveys for money-A demo of Paid Viewpoint


I really like how this site operates.As a matter of fact,it has done its best to help the survey takers by the way it is designed and the cool part in all this is that it is free to join .

In fact, new members can join using their social media accounts like Facebook, Google,Yahoo,Twitter,LinkedIn and Microsoft.

Online surveys for money in Canada-An image of Paid Viewpoint

To start making money with Paid viewpoint,visit the site yourself here :

In short,there are many ways to make money online.One of the easiest way is completing surveys online.If you are interested in other ways to make money online, check out my number one recommendation for making money online below.

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