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Hey guys, by now, I am sure you know that people are making money online. Some do it to get some extra cash during their spare time, others have become full time online entrepreneurs. People are making millions of dollars online.

In fact, there are many ways to make money online and it is for everybody. Did you know there are online surveys that pay money?

It is true,there are surveys  people take online for free and when they finish, they get paid.

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What are the surveys sites that pay money?

Here are a few sites where someone can complete surveys and get paid :

1. Survey Junkie


3. Branded Surveys

4. Survey Savvy

5. Life Points


7.American Consumer Opinion(ACOP)

There are many other sites online for paid surveys. However, it is better to be careful as some sites are not legit.

Some sites will have someone complete surveys for money but never pay them .

The ones I enumerated above are known to be legit and they pay for real .

How does it work?

1. Survey Junkie

Online Surveys that pay money-An image of Survey Junkie


In Survey Junkie, the survey takers are asked to give their opinion about brands, which want to improve their products and services. Before taking any survey, the survey taker has to register .

There are a few personal question which are asked in the sign up process. Nothing too personal though, just some simple stuff.

Survey Junkie uses the personal profile to match the survey taker with the right survey, according to what is in their personal profile .

Online surveys that pay money-An image of Survey Junkie


The image above is an example of questions which can be asked when setting up the profile .

This site pays between $1 to $3 per survey, their method of payment is PayPal or gift cards and. Members can cash out the money when they have to earn at least $10.

Here is the Survey Junkie site URL :


Online Surveys that Pay money- An image of SwagBucks


SwagBucks is a little bit different from Survey Junkie. For this one, the user starts with a $5 welcome Bonus. The user browses the web, watch cool videos and complete surveys .

The survey taker also has to search on the internet for good deals on products.

While members do their tasks, they earn points which are redeemable for gift cards from popular retailer like Amazon, Walmart , etc .

Members can also choose the option of getting cash through their PayPal. One survey can pay $0.40 to $2 and the minimum to cash out is $3 for gift cards and $25 for PayPal.

Here is the SwgBucks URL for more information

3. Branded Surveys

Online surveys that pay money-An image of branded surveys


People are making money with Branded Surveys, this site has already paid to communities as much as $16 millions. It has over 2 millions members .

The user can start making money, once they have completed their profile at sign up stage. The user starts with a $5 welcome Bonus .

Members complete surveys from popular authority brands like Apple and many other brands to get rewarded. They have the option to be paid through gifts cards or get cash through PayPal.

This site gives badges to users for their loyalty (Bronze ,Silver and Gold). The user who earns a lot of credits on the site, gets an equivalent badge .

The more credits a user gets, the more opportunities are opened to them, higher paying surveys per example .

At Branded Surveys, the user can also earn by referring a friend to join the site

For more about Branded, check out the site, here is their URL

4. Survey Savvy

Online surveys that pay money


Survey Savvy has been around since 1999. Their sign up process is very easy, they just ask for some simple personal information .

The member can start earning right away, after they have completed their profile. The surveys that the member complete are based on their personal profile .

This platform has a free application”SavvyConnect “for phones and tablet, the member can complete survey from anywhere, on their phone .

Online surveys that pay money-An image of SavvyConnect


The member gets rewarded for taking surveys and doing researches on the web. The more surveys a member take, the more money they can earn. Payments are made through gift cards, PayPal or even cheques .

The minimum for cash out is $1. Members can also earn when they refer someone to join the platform.

SurveySavvy is also a BBB accredited platform .

To know more about the site, here is their URL


Online surveys that pay money-An image of LifePoints


This platform has over 5M members and it has one of the easiest sign up process. Members who complete surveys, contribute in the community by giving their opinion regarding brands and products .

Members collect life points in return for completing surveys. The life points which are collected by survey takers are turned into rewards( Gift cards)

There are no special skills required to join this platform and complete surveys. The identity of members is concealed and the personal data that are used when signing up will never be shared .

Members can cash out money through PayPal. The average pay out per survey is between $0.60 to $1 and the minimum that a member can cash out is $20.

To know more about LifePoints, visit the site, here is their


Online surveys that pay money-An image of Toluna


On this site, members complete surveys and give their opinion about big brands like Coca Cola,Amazon,l’Oreal and more.

Like any other survey site,to become a member of Toluna,there is a sign up process.After a member has signed up they can start making money.

 Surveys last about 15 to 20 Minutes on average.Members can even get rewarded by just playing games on the platform.



The rewards are received in form of points which can be redeemed.Members can redeem their points for lottery tickets to win cool gadgets or getaways,gift cards from popular stores and also PayPal in case the member wants some cash.

Online surveys that pay money-An image of Toluna


For more information about Toluna ,please visit their site here

7.American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

Join ACOP!

This site is open to all countries around the world. It has been online since 1996.ACOP has a lot of members,it has more than 7 millions members .

It has paid out to members more than $30 millions and had more than 20 millions surveys taken .

The platform is free to join.To make money,members complete surveys to help companies improve their services and products .

Members can also be asked to evaluate new products ideas and packaging designs .

The rewards are received in form of redeemable points,for gift cards and cash through PayPal. The points range from 100 to 5000 points per survey or research project.

The opinion of members and their personal information are confidential and protected in ACOP data base .

Here is  the URL  for the site

It is time to start making money online

Why not start today ?Opportunities are endless, when it comes to making money online. The choice is yours, the sites for paid surveys that I shared with you above are just examples among many others. Start earning today!

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  1. I have made quite some money and still making some money from surveys, even though they are trickling in,  it si still something, but I see some people look down on surveys because its time consuming, I know it si but for me, it is a knowledge base, some share information and some teach people things, I generally like them. thank you for sharing these other survey portals, will be checking them out. thanks again. 

  2. Wow I did not know that you can get paid for online surveys. I’m an online business myself and I’ve always looked for a little bit of another income stream just a supplant low cash flow periods.  This looks like a great option and I’ll be bookmarking this to frequent whenever I have down time!

    1. Yes , those sites pays members for completing surveys online .Go ahead ,give them a try ,let me know if i can help in anyway ,i will do my best to guide you.Thank you

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