Respondent Surveys Review

Respondent surveys review

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Hello everyone,how are you ?

I hope you are alright wherever you are in the world. Has any of you ever heard about Respondent paid surveys ?Apparently, ,the Respondent site could be among the best survey sites around the world.Why is that ? Well,this Respondent surveys review,is going to clarify everything about Respondent surveys to educate and help anyone decide whether they want to join this site or not .

Most people have been wondering how they can use their free time to earn extra cash for their personal use. Well, this should be a question of the past as respondent survey is giving you the platform to earn as much as you want.

With that in mind,here are the steps I am going to follow for the purpose of this review :

⦁ Respondent survey overview

⦁ How the respondent survey works

⦁ How much can one earn with the respondent survey?

⦁ Pros and cons of respondent survey

  • Final Thought

To understand more about the respondent survey, make sure to follow this review to the end. I know you will not regret it. Without wasting any more time, let’s get down to our today’s business.

Respondent Surveys Review-

An Overview of the site

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-Type : Conducts paying studies and market research projects

-Free Membership

-Has a private and secure data storage

-URL :

– Trusted by most popular brands

Respondent Surveys Review-An image popular brands who trust Respondent

What is Respondent about?

Respondent is a company that pays you for participating research studies. In fact,depending on a research subject,respondent needs people from different fields to participate into research projects and pay them for their participation .

As a matter of fact,respondent needs students ,unemployed persons , marketers, Business owners,Sales and support persons, executives and more.With that being said ,all the participants into the researches and surveys are not all paid the same and we will see an example later .

What are the researches about ?

Research project that people participate in on Respondent include :

-Product Research which are done by companies who need to improve their products and services.

-Some research are done  in order to test the viability of given  ideas or for just finding inspiration for new projects .

-Studies which are made for clients who need to analyze the competition they have and the competitive products so that they bring up something even better .

Business Research

Customer Research


How the respondent survey works

Respondent survey company focus, is to match companies or individuals who want to do a market research or a case study with the right person for the job .

The difference between Researchers and Participants ?

Respondent does not only have participants in surveys for members, but it also has members who request for a given research to be conducted and who are called researchers.In other words,researchers are the ones who hire participants .

Feedback are very important

As a matter of fact ,the feedback from  participant,when given to companies,are substantial because they help the researchers by sharing all kind of necessary information .(Example:Information about competition)

In addition to that,through these transactions on respondent, researchers also get all kind of fresh ideas which help them make good decisions or rectify mistakes.

It is easy like 1,2,3

The way this site works can be described in 3 steps which include the creation of your profile on respondent as step zero:

Respondent Surveys Review-AN image of how it works

Respondent Surveys Review -Verifying your profile

To start earning on Respondent,you have to register,complete your profile according to what you do for living. As a matter of fact,participant may have to verify their  employment by using things like your work email .
Apparently,respondent does this verification step to make sure it is hiring the right person of a job .

Are you a match for a study,Yes or Not ?

Respondent survey company gives you a survey depending on your background information as indicated on your profile. Creating an account with the respondent survey company is very easy and quick, and it will take you a minute or two to have an active account. Now let us get into details on how to create an account in the respondent survey company.

The signing up process

The first step towards getting an account in the respondent survey company is to sign up .

As a participant in surveys, you can sign up with your email and a name or sign up using your LinkedIn account .

Respondent Surveys Review-An image of the participant sign up page

As a researcher  ,you  also have to sign up also to start using respondent.You will need your first and last name,your work email and a password. In case, you don’t want to do this process for you to join,as a researcher ,you can also join in one click through your google account .

Having said that,to sign up using your google account,you may need to sign up to have a personal google account first in case, you don’t have one.

Respondent Surveys Review-An image of the researchers sign up page

Filling this information is quite fast as it takes about a minute. After completing filling in your details, you are automatically taken to the main page of your account, where  surveys  are displayed.

Respondent Surveys Review -Participating into surveys

Respondent survey eligibility

Joining the respondent research platform is eligible to only those above the legal age of 18. The respondent survey targets companies, businesses, participants and customers from all parts of the world.

How about getting paid ?

All the participants need to have a PayPal account where you will be receiving your payments from researchers.

In fact,for now,PayPal is the only method to get paid on Respondent .There are no e giftcards or giving your money to charities options like it is  on other sites like Lifepoints.

Equally important, to join respondent,you need to have a smartphone or a computer and a good internet connection.

How much can you earn with respondent ?

Get paid to participate into research

If you are a participant , respondent survey site could be among the best paying online survey site in the world.

However, payments also depend on the project carried out; some pay higher while others are moderate.The reality is,it also depends on the expertise of the participant and which industry they are from.

Respondent Surveys Review-An example of pay rates

How much will you pay as a researcher member?

Initially,respondent members who need to conduct a research also known as researchers, post a study project with all the criteria, on social networks, through the respondent platform.

Once a study project is posted,participants can see it and if they think it is a match for them,they apply so that they can participate.As a matter of fact,on this step of the process ,anyone can apply,even those who don’t qualify.

After applications have been submitted, the system of respondent takes over,to match the study project you posted,with the right members on respondent who meet the criteria for the study you posted .

Researchers can calculate how much they will pay

The site has a tool for researchers to calculate how much they will pay for the study.The tool is very simple to use,you just fill a form , play with buttons. and boom! The site then gives you an idea of how much you will pay .

Here is another cool  thing about the site ,as a researcher , you  can also bring your own participants who you recruit yourself and conduct a study through the respondent platform ,as long as you pay for the service fee.

Having said that,to fill the pricing calculator ,a researcher has to also choose things like  the method of pay they are going to use,the number of participant they want and how much they want to pay each one of them.

Here is what the pricing calculator looks like :

Respondent surveys review-An image of the pricing calculator

It depends on how much do you want to make 

The more time you spend completing the respondent projects, the more you earn as every project is paid individually. As you take the projects, make sure that you give honest answers and decide on which project to take depending on your knowledge and interest.

All payments to participants are made through the PayPal account, and the money can take 5 to 10 days to get to you.

Pros and cons


⦁ Easy and quick to join. Creating an account with the respondent  is very quick and easy.

⦁ You can earn good money. With respondent one can earn a lot of money within a short period.

⦁ Availability. Respondent is easily available and accessible to many people around the world who want to earn extra cash.

⦁ It is secure and legit. Respondent keeps your data safe and does not share it with other platforms that may use it for malicious acts. It is also a legit site with real testimonies.

  • The site also has a referral system. Participants can refer a person they know to join a study and get paid extra incentives for that.


⦁ Slow in terms of payment. Payment from the respondent account takes a longer time to reach to you

⦁ Participants need a lot of focus and sometimes they may need to meet in person with the researcher. In case this happens very often,transportation could be costly.

  • Unlike other survey sites,there are no invitations to participate into a study.As a participant, you may need to check the site regularly to see if there are new research projects who are hiring so that you can apply first.As a participant  ,you can only be invited to participate in a study once you have applied

Final thought

In brief,if you are looking to work online or work from home either part-time or full-time, respondent could be among your best and easy opportunities to not miss. In other words,respondent surveys are legit .

If you want to know more about respondent,here is there URL again

You can also watch this small video which shows how Respondent works :

Other than that, in case, you are interested into surveys which pay money in general,I talk a lot about them on this site .

In fact, I have reviewed also other Legit sites like iRazoo, Qmee ,Survey Junkie,e-Research Global and more.Feel free to see the reviews I wrote about them and start earning your money online .

Thank you for reading my review,I hope you enjoyed this and found this helpful.Please leave a comment in the designated box below if there is anything.Beside that, don’t forget to share this post with friends who might be interested into this .

Take care until next time ,


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  1. I like several things about Respondent Surveys. This site is way better than many survey sites out there. I like that surveys are sent to us according to our background. And I also like that we can earn good money in a short period of time. I will definetly give this one a try. Thank you very much!

    1. You are welcome Ann.I am glad you like my review and found this helpuf .Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi there

    I learnt something from reading your article.  I have heard of surveys but not Respondent Surveys.

    What a good idea for people who have some free time to earn some extra money for joining in a paid study and market research.

    I wonder if they are in South Africa?

    I guess companies need product research and to test new ideas and to get ideas for new products. So this information is invaluable.

    So I guess it is a good idea to match companies with individuals who will co-operate in doing market research or case studies.

    Best wishes 


    1. Thanks for asking Sheen ,

      Respondent works in most  countries .It should work in South Africa  .Beside that ,I am glad you like my post .

      Thanks a lot,


  3. Thanks for this information on Respondent surveys.

    I have read about a few of these as a way to make money.  But in reality I have found that there were never many surveys available to complete to be able to make any decent money.  I also find that they can take a very long time to complete for a very small return.

    Can you therefore tell me about the availability of surveys to actually complete and how much do they pay out on average for completing a survey.

    1. Hi Geoff ,

      To give you an idea ,depending on what you do for living or your expertise ,sales /support participants earn about $100 an hour while they are participating in a project ,business owners $500 per hour ,marketers $150 ,etc .The reality is ,it really depends on many variable .

  4. I have not come across Respondent surveys before, so this was an interesting post about them. Most survey sites pay so little, that it is not really worth the time and effort to do the online surveys to earn money. I know you mention that each survey pays differently, but do you have an indication as to how much one can expect to be paid? 

    And how long does a survey generally take to complete? Are you looking at minutes or hours?

    1. Hi Line ,

      On respondent,participants make an average of $140 per hour .It depends on what you do for leaving .Additionally , some projects require more attention than other and some take more time to complete than others.The required efforts and the time you are going to spend to complete a project affect how much one is going to be paid .So it is hard to tell how much exactly because it can change from one person to another .Thank you for your comment.

  5. It’s good to know that there is a solid option out there if you would like to get paid to do surveys. There are so many paid survey sites that it can be difficult to know where to start. 

    You mentioned that you have reviewed other survey sites like iRazoo, Qmee, Survey Junkie, and e-Research Global. How does Respondent Surveys compare to these?

    I also find that on survey sites they often have you put in a lot of work for very little pay. How does Respondent do in this area?

    Thanks for your very thorough article!


    1. What I always recommend to people ,is to not take all the surveys they receive .Of course ,some surveys can take a lot your time and pay you little .That is why I always make sure I read the instructions for the survey including how long it is going to take to complete .Surprisingly ,sometimes you can find surveys which pay you more in a short time and I like more those .Other than that ,Respondent surveys is a little bit different from the other platforms I mentioned because ,it has both researchers who need to conduct surveys and participants who complete surveys,as members.

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