Talent Desire Review

Is Talent Desire Legit Or Not ?

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Hello everyone,how are you all doing ?I hope you are alright .

In this post, I am going to do a Talent Desire Review , which I hope is going to help anyone have a general idea of what this site is about .

For the purpose of the review,I am going to follow these points below :

1. An Overview Of Talent Desire

2. Who Can Join Talent Desire  ?

3. How Does it Work?

4. The Pros and Cons

5. My Final Opinion About The Site

Most people who want to know about the Talent Desire site,are usually interested into making money online in general.For that reason,at the end of this post,I am going to share with you a different way to make money online,as a bonus .

Before waiting any longer,let’s get started with today’s review

1. An Overview Of Talent Desire

Name: Talent Desire

Website: www.talentdesire.com

Website Type :An international recruitment agency for online jobs

FREE Membership

Age Requirement: Minimum 16 years old


*What is Talent desire ?

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It is an online platform which connects clients with the right people, to do all kind of online job .

The jobs which members on the site do , include :

-Answering online surveys and get paid between $25 to $175 per day

-Online Typing jobs with an estimated earning of $60 to $120 per day

-Medical Transcription Jobs with a pay of $90 to $180 per day

-Content Writing Jobs where members can earn $70 to $210 per day


In fact,Talent Desire serves clients in more than 121 countries.The site helps people get their dream jobs while it is helping companies to improve their services .

2. Who Can Join Talent Desire ?

The site is for anyone who is interested into working from home or simply earning money online :

-Content writers




-Unemployed persons

-Employed persons


*The basic requirements to join the site

Talent Desire review-An image of a person talking on a microphone

To start doing jobs on thispltaform ,a member must be at least 16 years old.In addition to that,a member needs :

– A reliable computer (The site recommends a computer of at least 1HZ Processor,1GB Ram and an antivirus .

-A fast and reliable internet connection

-A printer and a scanner

-A separate email  address to use just for the jobs

-A webcam

– Headphones and a microphone

3. How Does it Work ?

If you are someone who is interested into remote work or earning online,this site if for you ! Anyone is welcome to join , as long as they meet the requirements  .After joining ,it is time to get to work !

The site works in 6 steps :

-Explore Current opportunities

According to the site,once a new member is on the website,the first thing they need to do,is to explore job openings and find a job which is suitable for them.The button to start exploring the job opportunities is located on the top menu,where it says “CURRENT OPENINGS”

Talent desire review-An image of the top menu

-Choose a job you like and apply for it

After a person has found a job which they like,the second step is to apply for the job.

As a matter of fact ,the site is FREE to use and it has jobs from around the world ,jobs from companies which need workers.Talent desire works  like a mediator between companies  and  workers.

Eeach job has an application form which has all the information ,regarding the job and also the requirements.Moreover, members must fill an application form as per guideline otherwise they won’t get the job .

-Getting hired

This is one of the most important steps,getting hired.Once a person is hired they are then ready to start doing jobs for clients. Talking about being hired,  active members on Talent Desire have  increased  chances of getting hired by clients.

Talent Desire Review-AN image of two person shaking their hands

-Start Online Work

It is very important to read all the instructions for a given job.Talent Desire protects its valued clients as well as its workers who apply for jobs through the site .

In fact,no worker gets paid unless they have completed a job, according to the instructions.In the same way,once a job is completed ,the worker has their pay secured,once they have submitted a completed job to a client.

-Getting Paid

Talent Desire review-An image of a person counting money

For worker to be paid,they need  to create a good-looking invoice and send it to Talent Desire, an invoice with all the jobs completed in a  period of 2 weeks.Once the invoice a pay has been requested and an invoice sent,the worker just have to wait a little bit for the site to verify everything.Once everything is approved ,it is pay time !

4. The Pros and Cons

. Pros

-The site a variety of remote jobs

-Talent Desire operates in many countries around the world

-The site has a support team ready to answer questions and also a rich Q&A Section

-Workers can work whenever they want or when they have time


-The site has many workers,it can take a long time to be hired .

-Talent Desire is not as trusted as other online platform in its category (Ex: Upwork)

-The platform has many Ads,it is almost hard to see the real content of the platform.

-Jobs are not always available and the majority of workers on the site work part-time


5. Talent Desire Review :

My Final Opinion About The Site

In summary, it is really hard to tell whether Talent Desire is LEGIT or not .

On one hand,this site seems to be one the best ideas ever,it seems to be a nice and FREE platform where anybody,from anywhere in the world, can go to earn some money online. On the other hand,the site is somehow different and less transparent than other popular platforms in its category .

With all that being said,more information can be found on the site itself.Feel free to visit the site anytime .

Here is the URL of Talent Desire : www.talentdesire.com

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With all that being said ,that is it for now.I hope you enjoyed reading my post and found what you were looking for.If there is anything,feel free to leave me a comment in the designated box below ,I will get back to you.In the meantime,don’t forget to like this post and share it with friends .

Take care, until next time !

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  1. I have decided to become a freelancer. Well, to officially become a freelancer because I have already been doing freelancer stuff for people here in my town and have begun to receive request via my Insta account. But I was told Talent Desire would be a good platform to join, with UpWork and Fiverr. And after reading your review, I feel it’s… Ok!

    1. Hi Ann ,thanks for you comment .Honestly ,I find Talent Desire to be a nice place to get started into freelance .Their pay looks not bad as well.It looks like something to start ,at least as a part-time worker.

  2. Hello, pleased to meet you. I’ve just gone through your post on talent desire review. I found it very educative and informative too. Truly speaking, I’ve never heard of Talent desire before but I think it’s worth a try. Since I was dismissed from my job, I’ve been struggling to make money and I think I got the right platform. Thanks for sharing this article with us, I will be sharing it further too.

  3.  These are interesting thoughts that I had never looked into before in my life! I must admit that I never decided to make us ultimatum on myself but you have open my eyes to a whole different perspective of what talent desire actually is. Thank you so much for this and for this review that I was wondering about on this program. I know idea whether it was legit or not

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