What is e-Research-Global?

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An overview of e-Research Global

Hey guys,how are you since the last time ?I hope you are alright.

Did you check my last post where I talked about online surveys that pay money?I hope you enjoyed the post .

In this article here ,I am going to answer the question ” what is e-Research-Global?”

e-Research-Global is a platform which provides surveys research services.It serves all consumer markets and different sectors.One of the things i like about e-RG(e-research-global) is its unique and innovative technics it uses to provide its services .

This platform has a lot of members.,some participate in the surveys ,research others are partners and clients .

In fact,it has members from over 90 countries ,people who speak different languages .

>>>As an affiliate marketer ,I earn a commission when someone buys a product or signs up to a program through links that are on my website .The process of me earning a commission , does not affect the price of any product or program ,whatsoever <<<

What services are offered by e-Reseach?

Here are the services that are offered by e-Research :

  • Programs and hosts online surveys for clients
  • Offers online surveys for members to make money
  • Has an affiliate Program

Well ,what does all this mean and how does it work ?

Let’s see each one of them in more details :

what is the programming and hosting of online surveys?

e-Research uses technology to program and host online surveys for clients in any languages. It can be used by schools,hospitals ,government,market researchers,non-profit organizations and more .

It does all the work,it collects all the data and organizes everything.

It is up to the client,depending on what they want to do.

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E-research is flexible

Customers can use the e-Research survey hosting service offered by e-RG or they can be assisted and backed by research e-global while they use their own system for hosting a survey .It doesn’t matter ,the customer can even use another company’s system and be assisted by e-research, whenever they need help .

The platform makes sure the survey is a perfect  match to meet the client’s demands and own research .

Organisation and data security first

When a client needs to start a survey by themselves ,e-Research provides to them a unique and secured online survey link .The client can  hosting the whole thing whenever they want .

Clients can use that URL along with their personal email to invite their targeted participant to participate in the survey.

Moreover ,research global can also provide a list of” who participated” in a survey to their clients, according to who the client invited to participate .

The platform can also  collects all the data from the participants and provide them to the client . There are  so many options at e-RG .

In addition , e-Research  prevents duplicates by using its proprietary digital fingerprints process for completed surveys.It sorts out completed surveys from incomplete ones to give to their client most accurate results.

Online paid surveys,really ?

What is e-research-global?An image of money on a laptop

This platform provides online paid surveys for all countries.Here is the best part of all this ,it is free to join    e-RG ,no prior experience needed.The only requirement is to be at least 16 years old .

Participants complete their profile when they sign up to join.Surveys that they receive to complete to make money , are based on their personal profile ,surveys are a match with the participants’s profile ,ability and personality.

How do members make money ?

The making money process involves participating in online focus groups,testing of products,providing opinion about popular brands,companies and more.Everything is just done online,on a computer or a phone.

Seniors, elite team members ,who make money from surveys at e-research have access to an application for phones .This is really cool ,they can work from everywhere using their phone  ,the application makes everything so easy .

As a matter of fact ,surveys can be completed from any country around the world and the participants are rewarded  real money.

The pay a participant receives ,can vary as it depends on the time spent while completing the survey and  also the difficulty level of the online survey.

How about the pay day ?

The minimum pay out is $2 and their method of payment is PayPal for those who have an account with PayPal.For those who don’t have an account,it is very easy to register and safe .Here is a link to sign up/register to PayPal :


To cash out the participant also has to earn 100 points at least .

e-RG survey participants and the elites also have the option to be paid through Amazon Gift cards or G codes .

Is it mandatory to complete surveys ?

None of this is mandatory to members,they can cancel or unsubscribe anytime .

It doesn’t end there ,E-Research also has a referral program.Members (survey takers ) can refer someone else to join ,start taking surveys and they get paid each time a referral complete surveys.

In case someone is worried about their personal data  , all the data are confidential,whether its the clients or the members .

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Can I make money by promoting e-Research Global?

Online surveys are not the only way of making money with e-RG. The platform has an affiliate program for online publishers ,where they are paid for referring their website visitors per example, to join e-Research .

How does e-RG affiliate program work ?

Affiliates are paid $0.25 for each online survey completed by their referral of payment is PayPal and the minimum which can be withdrawn is $25.

Depending on the rhythm of work someone has,survey takers can complete more than 900 paid surveys in a single month .

The whole affiliate- referral process is legit,no fraud or unfairness,it is operated in according to the US government and EU regulations and rules which are well known.Both the referrals and the e-RG affiliates are protected by this same regulations.

How to join the e-research Global affiliate program?

All this platform needs from publishers( Affiliates) is their contact information and it also wants to know where the publisher is going to promote their site from.

what is e-research-global-An image of the affiliate's form

Is the publisher going to use a website ?YouTube channel ?

That is all e-Research needs to know

E-research wants  affiliates to succeed

what is e-research-global-An image of a man working using a laptop

Research-Global makes sure  affiliates are ready to start making money online ,it gives them the tools they need .

Here are some of the things affiliates are provided with :

  • An affiliate identification
  • Texts and banners links which include the affiliate id
  • etc

What are the e-RG links for ?

The e-Research links include an identification id for each affiliate .They are used for tracking who has a  new referral and who to reward .

Where is an e-Research link placed?

The affiliate links can be published in several places, and here are a few examples :

  • A website
  • An online affiliate network
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • etc

More and more support

Honestly,it would be really uncool for e-Research to give up on the affiliate, when their don’t even know yet, how to use the tools they are provided with .

Fortunately ,the Research Global platform helps the affiliates,all along.The site has a committed affiliate manager who answers all the questions and assist the affiliates when in need .The affiliate manager can be reached by an email they give to members .

Where can I access the e-Research site ?

If you are interested in making money with e-research global by completing surveys , referring your friends and family and make even more money ,or if you just want to promote and advertise the e-RG platform on your website or on social media ,the choice is yours .

Get started today, join ,it is free !

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Thank you for taking your time to read my article ,I hope you found this interesting .

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  1. Thank you do sharing this amazing article, it is very thoughtful and very helpful of you to share it here, this is actually the first time I’m reading about e research global and how it works and I think it is a good idea and it’ll help a lot if people to earn and make money online, thanks for sharing

    1. You are very welcome and i completely agree with you ,this is going to help a lot of people  earn online as this is one of the easiest way to earn online  .Thanks

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece. it certainly opened my eyes regarding e-research. I think i am going to join and see more about this .Until now ,i am honestly interested by this site .Thank you for sharuing this with me ,i will also share this with friends.Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you for sharing your review on E Research Global with us. I came across this service the other and I just have to find out what is it all about. I love the fact that e research is free to join and it is available in many countries. The flexibility is also a plus, I can enjoy earning my side income here and there. The threshold of $2 is not that bad at all and I have paypal already. I am totally going to check it out. 

    1. You are welcome .Yes ,go ahead and check it out ,let me know if you need an help or if you have any question .Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for this review on E research global. I have seriously been struggling to find a perfect article that actually is thorough and concise with the information they provided about this program. But it has been literally impossible, I am so happy to have run into this article because you provide  information that other articles  don’t provide.

  5. At e-Research Global they have an attractive affiliate program. But I would not use the site to answer surveys. I know they will pay me but the income potential is low. I am surprised how affiliates get a big slice of the pie at e-Research Global. Thank you for your review. It has helped me understand exactly what’s on the platform.

  6. Thanks for sharing this information on e Research Global.

    This is a good way to earn some extra money every month.

    If you can do up to 900 surveys, then you will be able to earn up to $225.  That’s is a good bit for a survey site.

    I wonder are there always surveys available though.

    I suppose there is only one way to find out!

    1. Hi ,thanks for your comment .Surveys are not always available .The more a member participate into surveys ,the more they get invited to more surveys.The key is to be active on the site and participate into many surveys with consistency

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