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Many people are in a state of confusion and have been asking themselves this same question repeatedly without an answer. The big question that has exhausted the search engines is, “what is ipoll about?”

Well, this thought about ipoll will disturb you no more. I am going to give you an overview of what ipoll is all about in this review.

When it comes to earning money online, many people are reluctant to join sites like ipoll ,due to fear of being scammed . In addition to that,the lack of information about how things work .

This review will give you a general idea that will help you to decide, whether to grab the ipoll earning opportunity or not. . Below are the significant steps I am going to follow while I review ipoll:

⦁ ipoll site overview

⦁ How do ipoll work

⦁ Who can join ipoll?

⦁ ipoll support team

⦁ Where to use and access ipoll

⦁ What is the good thing with ipoll?

  • What I don’t like about the site


⦁ My opinion about ipoll.

Following this review to the end, you will get much information about ipoll and how it works; hence, making a decision will be easy. Without wasting more time, let’s get started with our today’s review.

An ipoll site overview

⦁ Website name: ipoll

⦁ Website URL: www.ipoll.com

⦁ Website type: Market Research platform

⦁ It is available as an app on both mobile phones and desktops.

⦁ ipoll membership is free

⦁ The website is operated by Survey Sampling International, LLC

⦁ Founded in 2008 and is owned and operated by survey sampling international.

How does ipoll work?

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ipoll is an online platform where members can earn money by completing online surveys, sharing feedback ,testing prototype products and more. The tasks on this site, are mainly for market research.Members do the online tasks and earn credit which they later redeem for rewards.

In addition , tasks and surveys on ipoll are mostly very easy,they are usually about places members are familiar with or services they use regularly in their everyday life.

With that being said,like any other online survey site for money, ipoll has to know their members identity.Each new member has to sign up first,before they can start do tasks and earning money .

Here are all the steps of how it works :

⦁ SIGN UP to become a member

Their sign up process is very easy and straightforward.In fact,a member is just asked about their name,their email address and other basic personal information.

What is ipoll about ?-An image of the sign up page

The site has privacy policy rules as well as the terms and conditions for use. These conditions and policies should be read and understood before clicking the sign up button.

Anyone who wishes to join the site ought to go through the rules and regulations,beforehands. After clicking the sign up button, you are immediately taken to a place you can start earning through available surveys.

⦁ Complete Paid Surveys

Earning through ipoll is very easy. First, you have to complete your profile and choose the survey topic that best suits you.

What is ipoll about ?-An image of ipoll profile survey

After submitting this information, you will be receiving  emails which notify you whenever surveys are available. With that being said,all members on ipoll are not all on the same level.When a member just signs up,they earn A bronze badge as their status.

The more a member is involved and the more they complete their profile,the more they get other badges ( Example :Silver ,Gold,Platinum and Diamond badge ) and have more tasks available on their profile .

⦁ How much can one earn from ipoll?

You might be wondering how much you will earn if you decide to join ipoll. Honestly,the pay per survey depends on many things.Surveys don’t have the same length or the same level of difficulty.Most of the time, long and difficult surveys pay more .

The reward on ipoll is equal to on your effort and the time spent completing surveys or doing tasks . The more time and efforts you put in, the more you earn. Different people will earn different amounts, all depending on their effort.

However,don’t think you are about to become a millionaire through completing surveys online,the pay is usually around $0.50 to $1 per survey, on most survey sites .

If you want to earn for real big money, try something else.One of the most rewarding and popular method for earning big online is affiliate marketing.

If you are interested,you can start learning from industry experts and become a successful affiliate marketer .

Here is a place where you can start learning for FREE !

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With that being said,earning through survey sites like ipoll, is a very common way people used to get some extra cash, new members join every day .

Who can join ipoll?

Anyone is welcome to join this platform ,as long as they have the willingness and free time to carry out the surveys.

The only conditions to becoming a member of ipoll is that you should be thirteen years and above. Second, all ipoll members should be living in United States of America, in Canada or United Kingdom.

Each member of ipoll should have only one account  and two accounts  max per household. If these rules are violated, all your accounts may be terminated.

ipoll support team

What is ipoll about ?An image of ipoll support page

The ipoll site has a support team which easily accessible through email. In case, you encounter a problem while using ipoll, the support team will help you solve the problem after you have contacted them.

In addition to that,ipoll also has a FAQs section where it provides members with answers to frequently asked questions. Before contacting the support team,make sure you go through the FAQs section,most answers can be found there .

What is ipoll about ?-An image of the FAQs Section

Where to use and access ipoll?

ipoll is accessible on smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and on most devices which can connect to the internet. You can either choose to use ipoll on your mobile devices as an app or access ipoll as a desktop website. There is no difference in using either one, they serve a similar purpose. For me, I recommend that you use ipoll as an app as it is easily accessible.

What is ipoll about ?-An image of the ipoll App

What are the good things with ipoll?

⦁ With ipoll, you can work at any time, wherever you are, for free and at your own pace.

⦁ ipoll works well for mobile devices and also as desktop.

⦁ ipoll site has a variety of tasks for members to earn money .

⦁ ipoll has an outstanding and reliable support team.

What I don’t like about this site

  • The site does not operate worldwide.
  • The pay rate is low.
  • Surveys are not always available.
What is ipoll about ?-An image of a person using a laptop

Final thought.

In short,ipoll is among the most popular survey platform in USA,Canada and United Kingdom.Regarding whether the site is LEGIT or Not ,

Yes ,ipoll is LEGIT .

However ,there are many other survey websites which pay more per task and operate in many countries or worldwide .

(Example :   e-Research Global,Talent Desire and more .)

With that being said,the fact that ipoll has an application for mobile devices ,is definitely a plus for the platform.Members get to use the site in a practical  and easy way , from anywhere ,using their phones or tablets .

Who doesn’t want to earn some extra cash during spare time?The only thing you have to know before you get excited about this opportunity,is the fact that you won’t get rich by completing tasks on ipoll.It is just to be used during spare time to earn a little bit .

However ,ipoll is definitely a good place to get started with earning online.To find out more about ipoll visit the site today!

ipoll URL :www.ipoll.com

Watch this quick demo video of ipoll 👇

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Thank you for reading my post.I hope this helped you and I hope you found what you were looking for.If you have any question about this post or a thought contribution,leave a comment below in the designated box ,I will get back to you.Also don’t forget to like and share this post with friends .

Take care

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  1. Hi Jim, thanks for that overview of IPoll and also for that push for wealthy Affiliate.     I have tried doing surveys before and they just drive me crazy. They ask the same question 10 different ways . and for what? 50 cents. I don’t doubt that some make a little money but I personally can’t spend all that time. That is why I find it interesting that it is out there and obviously doing OK. And it is one more way for people to make a little while they are learning something that will make them a really good living. Interesting review.

    1. Thanks Barbara ,I am glad you like my review.Like you just said ,surveys are a good way to get started with earning a little bit of money online .However ,there are also other  good options for making money online .Other than surveys ,I personally like affiliate marketing .In addition to that , finding a place where you can start learning how to become an affiliate marketer   for free (Ex: Wealthy Affiliate ),I think it is hitting the jackpot ! 

  2. Thanks for bringing us this information on iPoll.

    The only issue I have with these types of websites is that they never have enough surveys available to make enough money to make it worthwhile doing.

    I also find that they really do underpay and expect a lot of information for very little return.

    I think that these appeal more to people who like to give their opinion on things, rather than those wanting to make money.

    1. You are right Geoff ,the pay is sometimes very low .However ,like you said ,people who like to give their opinion on things get to earn for free while their are doing what they love .It is a win win

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