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LifePoints Review

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Have you ever wondered what is LifePoints panel? how it works or how it operates? Worry no more because I am going to  educate you about LifePoints and all that it entails.

LifePoints is an online survey site that allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash, by completing simple tasks and surveys online. It is available globally and provides surveys in about twenty-six languages used worldwide, allowing almost everyone to participate , give their opinions and  earn points.

LifePoints also has about 5 million members worldwide who enjoy their surveys and other services that help the members to earn extra cash. LifePoints allows you to earn  real money in the form of  redeemable points.

One of the  cool thing is that ,lifepoints  can be used on desktop as well as on mobile devices,which makes it even much easier to earn from anywhere.

Despite earning with LifePoints, you also enjoy and have fun filling the survey and doing other simple tasks.

I am doing this review in the hope that ,after reading this ,you will have a general idea about lifepoints and know  whether this is something for you or not .

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For the lifepoints review,the information will be outlined as follows:

⦁ LifePoints panel overview

⦁ How the Lifepoints panel works

⦁ Who can join the LifePoints panel

⦁ LifePoints pros and cons

These will be the few steps to give you all the information you need concerning the LifePoint panel. Following this review to the end will educate you about the LifePoint panel a lot.

LifePoints panel overview

⦁ Website name: LifePoints

⦁ Website URL: ⦁ www.lifepointspanel.com

⦁ Website type: market research company

⦁ LifePoints is available on phones and computers, either as an app or through a website.

⦁ Joining the LifePoint panel is FREE.

⦁ It is operated by lightspeed, which is the world most extensive research and analysis provider.

⦁ It was first launched in 1946 as national family opinions, and later it was taken by lightspeed, which was known as the global test Market back in 2019 and renamed to stand out from other sites.

How the Lifepoints panel works

What is lifepoints panel?-An image of how lifepoints works

As a beginner into online paid surveys, LifePoints is very straightforward and fun to work with ,compared to some other sites out there, which are hard to use, with surveys that are hard to understand and complete .

Unlike some complicated survey sites, lifepoints has an easy sign up process. All the site needs is a full name,an email address, a mailing address and a password .

In fact, this site conducts market research on various companies and businesses.Lifepoints members complete paid surveys as a study . The results from the study are used by companies or businesses to improve their products or services .

Before a person starts to complete a given survey, the site shows them the estimated time for the survey to complete and the number of points they would earn, once they have completed the survey. As a result, one can plan and budget on their time and earnings.

Lifepoints members earn points, also known as “Lifepoints”, for completing tasks on the site,points which they can redeem for real money.It is up to a member to choose how they want to be paid,cash through PayPal or through e gift cards.

Waht is lifepoints panel?-An image of LP Rewards

How do you earn with LifePoints panel?

After a new member has signed up,they start earn right away,10 lifepoints for free ,as a welcome !

What is lifepoints panel ?-An image of lifepoints

To give you an idea of how much you can earn,550 lifepoints are equivalent to a $5 e giftcard. So, the more points a member earns, the bigger is their reward .

Complete as many surveys as possible

Online surveys are the primary means of earning with the LifePoints panel. Members are not only limited to giving their opinion about products and services, but they also test products and help within diverse sectors .

In fact , survey topics include health, politics, food, entertainment, travel, and much more.

Lifepoints has over 5 million members and new surveys fill up quickly. Therefore,to maximize your earnings as a member,you need check the availability of the surveys very often, to increase you earnings.If you forget to check however,don’t worry, lifepoints also notifies members, each time a new study is available .

What is lifepoints panel?-An image of lifepoints

What can you do when lifepoints surveys are not available ?

One of the frustrating things about survey sites,is the fact that surveys are not always available.Nevertheless, when you find yourself in such a situation,where you want to complete surveys and there are none,it could be due to the fact that you are not receiving the survey invitations from lifepoints .

What is lifepoints panel?-An image of a person using a touch screen

As a matter of fact,some survey invitations which lifepoints sends to members,never reach them. This is sometimes due to a wrong or invalid user email address . However ,this could  also happen because your email provider has flagged emails from lifepoints as spams.

Therefore,make sure you check in your spam folder regularly and sometimes if they are still not there,you may need to contact your email provider and tell them to allow all emails from lifepoints.

Do this to get more surveys

One of the most important things a new member need to do,is to complete their profile.When I say complete, I really mean complete because some members leave their profile completed at 70 percent and forget it .

To make sure you get more surveys,complete your profile with as many details as possible.The benefit of doing this,is the fact that the number of surveys a person receives,depends on the demographics which lifepoints clients request.

With that being said,I believe any person who is interested into earning through online surveys,need to do this to get more surveys,no matter which site they are using.

Who can join the lifepoints panel ?

Anybody can join lifepoints (Students ,unemployed person,employed person,etc ) , there are no fees to join lifepoints.The only requirement is that you must be fourteen years and above. Having said that,lifepoints operates in at least 70 countries around the world and in more than 20 languages .

In case, you need to change the language on lifepoints,here is how to do it :

  • Scroll down at the bottom of the home page,click on the “Help Center Button
What is lifepoints panel?-An image of the help button
  • Select your preferred languageWhat is lifepoints panel ?-AN image of selecting languages

Even though the site welcomes anybody,if you sign up and don’t participate in any survey for a period of 3 months, your account can be canceled by lifepoints.It is the same thing if you sign up and don’t complete any survey in your first 30 days as a member .

What is lifepoints panel?-An image of the terms and conditions tab

As a matter of fact, lifepoints has more rules for members to maximize earnings and also for maintaining the site in good order,they can all be found under the terms and conditions tab on the lifepoints site,located at the bottom of their home page.

What is Lifepoints Panel?-The pros and cons

Like any other online survey platform, LifePoints also has its pros and cons.

What I like about lifepoints(Pros):

⦁ The Lifepoints website is very easy to use on both desktop or as an app for mobile devices

What is lifepoints panel?-An image of LP App

⦁ Lifepoints has been around since 1946,this shows that it is a trusted site.

⦁It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5(Excellent) ,on trustpilot.com

⦁ Lifepoints operates in at least 70 countries around the world.

  • Lifepoints members inspired the creation of air bags for cars,Car seats,anti locks brakes,cash rewards credit cards and more.

  • The lifepoints site operates in more than 20 languages.

What I don’t like about this site (Cons):

⦁ The points expire.

Points in the LifePoints panel site have a life span of up to three years, after which they expire, making it impossible to save up for a large withdraw. Collected points also expire when a member’s account has no activity for 12 months.

⦁ Do not have an affiliate program.

Some survey panels also have an affiliate program beside surveys (Example:SurveyJunkie).The affiliate program helps members earn even more by promoting their site .

  • Collecting lifepoints will not make you rich,it is just something to do during spare time

Final thought

In short,if you are looking for a genuine survey site to earn extra money, LifePoint is probably one of the best sites to earn from in any part of the world. 

Regarding whether Lifepoints is Legit or Not ,the answer  is LEGIT.

There are no delays with payment during withdrawal at lifepoints site and this definitely makes it stand out even more.

To know more  about Lifepoints ,kindly follow the below link to visit the site and see for yourself .


Thank you for reading my review of lifepoints,I hope this helped you and I also hope you found what you were looking for.If you have any question or any thought about this review,feel free to leave me a comment below.Beside that, don’t forget to like this on Facebook and share it with friends.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    First of all, thank you for sharing this incredible review about Lifepoints.I particularly love how precise, thorough and concise your review is on the subject. While there are many opportunities on the internet where users can always launch an online business and start making a buck or two, Online Surveys have been in the game for quite a while now. Although am not that much of a survey guy, I am thinking of giving Lifepoints a shot and see where they lead.

    Thank you for this article.


  2. Hmm… I like LifePoints. I know it will not make anybody rich. But some side cash would not be bad. It’s also cool that we can collect out point through PayPal. I have some survey sites that I know are legit and I already make some side money with them. I’ll add LifePoints to my list.

    1. Good idea Ann and thanks for your comment .If you don’t mind me asking ,what survey sites are you signed up with ?Thank you for everything .

  3. Hi Jim, thanks for this article. I really appreciate it when anyone can bring light to which surveys and online programs are legitimate, because it is so easy to get lost in the scams out there. It can be really frustrating to get lost in those. 

    I like that this program gives you the option to pay out in Paypal, as many survey sites only cash out in gift cards. 

    You mentioned that they offer other ways to earn points other than surveys? What other tasks do they let you do for points? 

    This survey site seems like a really good one for beginners. As you said, it looks like it is straightforward and easy to use,  SInce I’m a beginner with surveys, I think that I will try this one first. 



    1. Good idea ,beth .Regarding what other ways the site offers for earning ,members can also earn for testing prototype products before they are released on the market .Give it a try and let me know how you like it .Thank you very much

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