What Is Opinion Inn

What is opinion Inn ?

What is Opinion Inn?-An image of the Opinion Inn Logo

Many people are very curious to know what is opinion Inn and  how it works. Well, simply put,if you are interested into earning money online,opinion Inn could be the right platform you need to join, as it is an online platform where you can earn extra cash.

In fact,Opinion Inn pays you with rewards for answering online surveys and for giving out your feedback on products or services .These products and services are usually from popular retailers or local companies.

Having said that,for the purpose of reviewing Opinion Inn and for explaining what it is all about in this post  ,I am going to follow these steps :

  • An Overview Of Opinion Inn
  • How People Earn on this site
  • How are Members paid ?
  • How Much Can You Earn With Opinion Inn?
  • How To Become A Member
  • Who Can Join ?
  • Why should you join this platform ?
  • What I don’t like about Opinion Inn

An overview of opinion Inn

⦁ Website name: opinion Inn.

⦁ Website URL: www.opinioninn.com

⦁ Website type: Market Research Website/Platform

⦁ It is available both as an app or a website on phones and minicomputers.

What is Opinion Inn ?-An image of the Opinion Inn App

⦁ Opinion Inn membership is free for everyone.

How people earn on this site

Earning through opinion Inn is very easy and fun as it provides you with several ways to earn some extra cash. Here are some ways of earning with Opnion Inn :

-Earn just by signing up

What is Opinion Inn ?-An image of the $10 Bonus at sign up

Opinion Inn pays a minimum of $10 to all the new members for just signing up to become members .

-Earn through paid surveys

Opinion Inn gives out surveys to its members and pays them for completing them.

As a member, You receive invitations to participate into surveys , depending on the description and information you give out on your profile, at sign up .

Let me tell you this upfront ,as a member  you may or may not be eligible to participate in some surveys depending on your demographics, such as the country you live,your age,your gender,hobbies ,etc.In other words,research websites always want to know the opinion from the right candidates .

For example,a member who is 18 years old should not answer a survey which is specifically for members who are at least 30 years old.That is why, the 18 years old candidate would not qualify to participate into that survey for example because they do not match the requirements for that survey.

How to get more surveys

One of the most important neglected secret to getting more surveys, is to make sure you fill out your profile with as many details as possible ; Your profile will serve as the foundation for future surveys. You could fill it with information about yourself, your family, education, hobbies, and all other things which you fill comfortable to include on your profile.

On the contrary,if your profile is incomplete,it is hard for Opinion Inn to know about you so that you can be matched with the right surveys for you .

– You could earn /win with Opinion draws

What is Opinion Inn ?An image of a person celebrating a win

Most survey websites like active members.Therefore ,in order to motivate members ,opinion Inn has a draw of $500 each month .You could win this prize if you are an active member who has completed at least 5 surveys that month.

-Earn through testing new products

As a member of Opinion Inn, you can have the privilege of being paid for testing new products before they appear on the market .

How are members paid ?

What is opinion Inn?An image of a person holding cash

For those who like to be paid cash,I have good news for you.Opinion Inn only pays members cash through PayPal. Therefore , before joining opinion Inn ,you should have a PayPal account and it is so easy to sign up with.

Beside that, the minimum you can withdraw through PayPal,on this site is $25.For now,Opinion Inn does not offer other payment method like e gift cards for example which is a payment method of surveys sites like Survey Junkie,irazoo,Qmee , Yougov and more

How much can you earn with opinion Inn?

There is no fixed amount of money that you can earn through opinion Inn. Whatever you earn,entirely depends on you and the time you spend completing the surveys. Put another way, the more surveys you complete, the more money you will earn.

Having said that,the pay per survey range from $0.50 to$100 depending on the demographics,the level of difficulty,the duration of a survey and more.

What is Opinion Inn /How to become a member

What is Opinion Inn ?-An image of the sign up button

Becoming a member of Opinion Inn is very easy, you simply have to click on the “Sign Up” tab on the site’s main page.

To fill the sign up form is straightforward, you are asked for details about yourself, your name, email address, date of birth, gender and other simple things .

What is Opinion Inn ?-An image of the sign up form

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email containing a verification link. You must click on the link in the email to confirm your registration and  complete your registration.

After your registration is confirmed, you can now start taking the surveys and earning money.By the way,Opinion Inn sends invitations to members to participate into surveys via emails which they have provided at sign up

What isOpinion Inn /Who can join ?

One of the things I like about Opinion Inn, is the fact that it can be accessed in most countries around the world .

What is Opinion Inn ?An image of country flags

However ,before you start completing surveys,it is advisable to make sure you are allowed to use  Opinion Inn in your country.I am saying this because some countries may have restrictions against website like Opinion Inn.Beside that,It would not be fun to spend your time completing surveys and discover at the end that you can’t be paid for your work.

The minimum age to join Opinion Inn  is 13 years old  .However , the best age to join could be eighteen years for you depending on what you want .The minimum age to have a PayPal account is to be 18 .

Having said that,if you are under 18 years old, you can still start,complete your surveys,save your money on the Opinion Inn account and withdraw it when you are 18 years old.It is a win win!

Additionally,membership is Free and the only thing that is required to join opinion Inn, is your smartphone or tablet, laptop and a good internet connection.

Why should you join this platform?

⦁ Availability. Opinion Inn is available in many countries around the globe hence anybody can join for Free

⦁ Competitive sign up Bonus.Opinion Inn pays $10 sign-up bonus which may not be an option on other sites or be less.

⦁ The monthly lucky draws are worth the effort.$500 is not bad if you happen to be the winner .

⦁ Opinion Inn has a support team which works 24/7

What is Opinion Inn ?-AN image of people using computers

What I don’t like about opinion Inn

⦁ The threshold of $25 is somehow high .

⦁ The is no information about the owners

  • The site has one method to pay members ,PayPal
  • Surveys are not always available
  • You can not get rich by completing surveys on Opinion Inn

Final Thought

To sum up, Opinion Inn may not be perfect one hundred percent but it is Legit and many people around the world are earning an extra income through it .

If you decide to join,just keep in mind that Opinion Inn is not a site for getting rich quick or something you can do full-time and live by.

Beside that,consider all the Pros and Cons about the site which were cited on this post, before you make your decision .

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  1. Thanks for your review. I have been trying to build a group of trusted sites that can deliver me a good side income. I was super excited the first time I earned my first bucks online. Now it has become quite common for me but I still want to continue growing the amount of sites where I work and get paid from. Thanks for helping me include Opinion Inn in the sites I’ll test.

  2. Wow, I am hearing about Opinion Inn for the first time! I have been a fan of online survey sites like Inbox Dollars, Opinion Post, Toluna, and many others, but Opinion Inn is completely new to me. Anyways, I would have to try it out and see if I can earn extra cash answering questions on it. I am excited about the $10 signup bonus, and that’s specifically what impressed me most to join. Thanks for the helpful post!

  3. Thank you Jim for bringing in another survey site that can help me during my leisure period. 8 already have 2 that I work with, but need a third one so dt I can get surveys regularly. Like you said surveys may not come all the time, but I think registering with 2 or more legit sites like opinion inn will help out 

    1. You are right ,Parameter .Besides,I recommend you to add this one to your list of survey platforms , try it  and let me know how you like it .

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