What is paidviewpoint?

What is paidviewpoint?-An image of paidviewpoint

What is paidviewpoint?

Have you ever heard of paidviewpoint? Are you curious to know what it is paidviewpoint ,how it works or how much money you can make with it? Worry no more because, this review will inform you all that you need to know about paidviewpoint.

Simply put ,on one hand, many people have wondered how they can use  their free time and make money without stress while still having fun. On the other hand, many online platforms have been created to help people earn some extra money online ,whenever they want. Among the platforms which were created as a solution to such problems, is  paidviewpoint .

For the purpose of reviewing paidviewpoint in this post,I am going to follow these points :

  • An Overview Of Paidviewpoint
  • How Paidviewpoint works (video)
  • How To Become a member
  • How Do You Earn Your Money With PaidViewPoint?
  • How Much Can One Earn ?
  • The Pros And Cons
  • Final Thought

Before waiting any longer ,let’s get straight to it !

An overview of paidviewpoint

⦁ Website name: Paidviewpoint

⦁ Website URL: www.paidviewpoint.com

⦁ Website type: Market Research website.

⦁ Paidviewpoint membership is free.

⦁ Owned by Umongous, LCC and is operated by aytm.com (Ask Your Target Market)

What is PaidviewPoint?/


Paidviewpoint is a survey site which was launched in 2011 that allows people from worldwide,to give their opinions or feedback and get paid for that. Besides,this site is known for providing one of the most affordable market research service for small and large companies from around the world .

In fact,it helps entrepreneurs from all over the world improve their businesses while they are also helping people who need jobs  by creating more jobs.

In other words,companies or businesses who use the market research services,end up prospering or growing and also members of paidviewpoint get paid for giving their opinion to help those companies .

How Paidviewpoint works (Video)

How to become a member

Becoming a member of paidviewpoint is both quick and straightforward it takes a minute To create an account. However ,there are a couple of requirements before a member can join .

What Is PaidViewPoint?/

Who can join ?

Joining paidviewpoint survey site is free for everyone and it was first designed for resident of the United States Of America.However , the membership is open for people from all over the globe as long as they are allowed to use this site in their country of residence .

Having said that,Europe residents have to be at least 16 years old and for the United States of America and the rest of the world the minimum age requirement is 13. You only need a working phone number, a valid email address, and an active PayPal address for payment processing.Additionally, once you join paidviewpoint, you are given a welcome bonus of $1.

How to sign up

The sign up process is very simple and it includes the steps below :

What is paidviewpoint?-An image of the register button

⦁ First, you have to get to the paidviewpoint website and click on the register tab on the page. You will be required to give out your email address and a password.

What is paidviewpoint?-An image of confirmation email

⦁ Then a confirmation link will be sent to your email address. When you click the confirmation link, you will be directly taken to your account’s profile. You will be requested to give your personal information like your name, gender, educational background, area of residence, date of birth, and occupation.

What is paidviewpoint?-An image of the registration screen
What is paidviewpoint?-An image of the registration screen

In fact, giving out your personal information is what will determine whether you are fit to carry out a particular survey or not. Therefore , make sure to give the correct information about yourself. You can also link one of your social media accounts when creating your paidviewpoint account for security purposes or for a much quicker sign up process .

  • The last step of the registration is the confirmation of your phone number.As a new member,you will need to call Paidviewpoint and give  your activation code or text your activation code to paidviewpoint .
What is paidviewpoint?-An image of the registration screen

How Do You Earn Your Money With PaidViewPoint?

PaidViewPoint provides two ways of earning and it is up to you to decide which one is good for you. The ways of earning with Paidviewpoint include :

⦁ Completing surveys.

what is paidviewpoint?-An image of  available surveys

It takes 5 to 6 minutes to complete one survey. Taking surveys is one of the common and most popular means of earning on paidviewpoint . For members who want to maximize their earnings through surveys and other activities on paidviewpoint,know that it depends on your trustscore.The higher the trustscore ,the more earning opportunities you are given by paidviewpoint .

Having said all this,paidviewpoint has another way members use to earn money which is not completing surveys .

⦁ Earning through referrals

what is paidviewpoint-An image of the referral reward

Another way of earning with paidviewpoint is through inviting other people to join the site. After creating an account with the paidviewpoint survey, you are given a personal referral link which you can use to invite your friends to join paidviewpoint .

As a matter of fact,you can share your invite link on social media if you want,send it in text messages or emails.It is up to you depending on how many people you want to reach .

With that being said, you can earn up to $25 when a referral joins and up to 20% of what you referral earn by completing surveys .

How much can one earn ?

Money earned in paidviewpoint differs from one person to another. Like them majority of market research websites,Paidviewpoint hates when a member lies to try to maximize their earnings .

The reality is,instead of lying to try to maximize your earnings ,work on increasing your trustscore.

How Can You Increase your TrustScore?

Having a high trust score is the key to success with paidviewpoint.In fact,your trustscore on paidviewpoint is directly related to how much money you can make,how much you are paid per survey, how many tasks you get in a day and all that.Therefore, it is a necessity to know how you can increase your trustscore with paidviewpoint .

Here are some ways you can increase your trustscore :

-Be honest about who you are and your demographics

-Give candid opinions while completing surveys

-Avoid cutting corners

-Take your time to read and understand survey questions

-Try to be the best survey taker you can be

Paidviewpoint has a built in algorithm which can determine when members are distracted while completing surveys or when they are lying or rushing through tasks.The same algorithm is used to know the best survey takers on paidviewpoint so that they can be rewarded for doing a good job .

What Is PaidViewPoint?/

The payment method

What is paidviewpoint?-An image of PayPal

The most appealing thing about Paidviewpoint is that you don’t have to deal with the  complicated point-based reward systems. After all your hard work, you won’t get a gift card; instead, you’ll be paid in cash via PayPal. The minimum you can withdraw is $15 and when you request a withdrawal your money should be in your bank account in about 72 hours .

Besides,any survey invitation will state the amount of money you will receive by completing the mission, rather than the number of points that can be accumulated and redeemed later.


The Pros And Cons

What Is PaidViewPoint ?/What I like

⦁ The majority of the surveys in paidviewpoint are short – Most of them are ranging from 1 to 5 minutes on average.

⦁ PaidViewPoint is very straightforward because you will know before you start a survey how many questions you will be asked, how long it will take, and how much you will be paid for each survey you get.

⦁ There is no being screened out of a survey with paidviewpoint .

What I Don’t Like about this site

⦁ Although more survey companies are eliminating or lowering the minimum withdrawal limit, PaidViewPoint and their low rates maintain a $15 minimum payout and that could take a long time to accumulate.

⦁ When you change your phone number or PayPal address, you lose any accumulated earnings in your account.

  • Surveys are not always available -They depend on market research projects .
  • The sign up bonus is very low ,compared to other survey website(Ex: Opinion Inn which i recently reviewed)

Final thought

What is paidviewpoint?-An image of paidviewpoint is Legit

Are you looking for something to do online during your spare time ? One of the best sites for that is paidviewpoint.

To sum up,yes I agree that Paidviewpoint has some imperfections but it is a LEGIT site through which you can earn money online during your free time .

It is good to note that participating on this site, should be done mainly to have fun as the earnings are sometimes very low. In other words,completing surveys on paidviewpoint is not going to make you rich overnight .

For more about Paidviewpoint ,here is their URL again :


Thank you for reading my review,I hope you enjoyed it and found what you were looking for.If there is anything,leave me a comment in the designated box below.Don’t forget to like this post on social media and share it with your friends using the social media buttons on this post .

Take Care,until next time ,


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  1. I have not come across paidviewpoint before, so thank you for the introduction to this survey site where you can get paid for completing surveys. It is interesting that one can also earn through referring others to the site. You do mention that one must not expect to earn much, but how much would the average 5 minute survey pay? Most survey sites pay so little that it is not worth the time and effort, so it would be good to know before joining them.

    1. Hi ,thank you for asking .In general,with one survey ,you should earn a  couple cents.However ,with paidviewpoint, ,the higher your trustscore, the higher your earning opportunities .With a high paidviewpoint trustscore, you also get surveys which pay more .

  2. Survey sites are becoming famous and a way for many to earn extra cash online. I did join I think 6 of them when I was looking for ways to earn extra cash. 

    I didn’t really do that well because I wasn’t patience, but they are good. The paidviewpoint survey site looks promising. I haven’t heard of it before. 

    Have you answered any surveys there or? My cousin is looking for ways to earn money online. I might recommend this site to her. It’s only for extra cash, but at least that’s a start.

    1. Yes,I have an account with Paidviewpoint .Depending on your demographics ,Paidviewpoint surveys are very easy to complete and straightforward.The long surveys usually pay more money .I hope this helps you .Thank you very much.

  3. Hi, 

    I have heard and tried a number of survey pages but not about paidviewpoint. It sounds like it is easy and genuine from your review. I don’t think there is any harm in trying so I guess it is worth a try. 

    Thank you for writing an awesome review and I wish you all the best!


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