What is Survey Junkie about?

Hello everyone,how are you all doing ?I hope you are doing alright.Are you interested into making some  money online?

In this post,I am going to review one of the most popular site for online paid surveys,called Survey Junkie.I am going to answer the question,”What is Survey Junkie about ?”

For that purpose,I am going to follow these steps, listed below, to answer that question :

-What is Survey Junkie ?

-How does the Survey Junkie site work?

-What I like about the site

-What I don’t like about the site

-Who can join the site ?

After going through each one of the points above,I will give my final thought about the site .

As a matter of fact ,I am confident anyone who reads this, is going to know about the site and I also hope it will help people decide, if they want to join the site  or not.

So,let’s get started ,

What is Survey Junkie ?

Survey Junkie, is a website where members can earn by completing surveys online.The site connects the voice of its members to brands which are interested into knowing what consumers think about their products or services .

In fact,what the site does,is connecting its members with known brands and companies ,  brands and companies  they love and know.

Brands usually have products or services that they offer ,and they need opinions from consumers so that they can make improvements , modifications ,redesign ,and more.

What is survey Junkie about-An image of Survey Junkie

An overview of the site

What is survey Junkie about ?-An image of survey junkie

Website URL : www.surveyjunkie.com

Price: Free membership

Owner: DISCO,Inc.

Minimum age requirement: 13 years old for USA, Canada,Australia except California in USA where it is 16 years the minimum

How does the survey Junkie site work?

It is one of the most trusted sites for paid surveys online.Survey Junkie has over 10 million members who share there opinion and behavior.

All members have to do to earn ,is answer and  complete surveys or share with the Survey junkie site what they usually do ,when they are browsing online.

Here are few steps which explain how it works :

-Sign up and complete the profile

This is the first step on this site,for those who want to earn some extra cash,on this site .

New members have to sign up and complete there profile . They are asked a few simple questions which the sites uses to give to members matching surveys .

All the site needs for initial sign up,is an email. New members can even join using there Facebook or Google account .

What is survey Junkie about ?-An image of survey junkie

Complete surveys or share your behavior

* Answering surveys

The surveys are generally easy to complete.Members help brands improve their product or services by giving their honest opinion on the product and services and it is done  by answering simple questions from the surveys .

The site sorts surveys and matches each one of them with the right members and they appear on the Survey Junkie dashboard .

There are a variety of surveys,short ones which take just a few minutes and sometimes there are also surveys which can take about half an hour to complete.

With that said,it is a good thing for members to be careful when they choose which survey they want to participate in.

What is survey Junkie about ?-An image of survey junkie

A cool side note :The good strategy is to earn a lot by using less time.

Therefore ,in my opinion,it is better to choose surveys which take less time to complete and at the same time, have  bigger rewards .

*Share the behavior for studies

It is not everybody who is interested into completing surveys,on  survey junkie , each time they login ,into the site. In fact ,it is human to  variety ,no one likes to eat the same dish everyday .

As a matter of fact,beside completing surveys,members on this site can also share there regular online activities with survey junkie and get paid for that.

It is called Survey Junkie Pulse.

What is survey junkie about ?-An aimge of survey junkie

How to get started with survey junkie Pulse

The site has made this so easy for members.

In fact,to participate into SJ pulse,members can even do this on there mobile phones,once there have downloaded the SJ application .

In addition to that,members who use computers to login, can  also get started with this ,by adding the SJ pulse extension in their computer browser.

In fact ,more and more survey sites, have added this option into their menu .

Another  example of a survey site which also has an extension Addon ,is SwagBucks ,which i recently reviewed .Make sure you check out my swagbucks review .

Make money

Members on this site,earn redeemable points for their participation.

In fact,10 points on this site equal $0.10.

From the points members earn,they can choose to redeem them into gift cards, receive cash through their PayPal account or receive cash through  a bank transfer .

What is survey junkie about ?-An image of survey junkie

What I like about the site

This site is among the best,when it comes to online paid survey ,it has a lot of good qualities and many good testimony from current and former members .

  • The site offers easy and enjoyable surveys
  • Good customer service
  • Variety of surveys
  • The site kept getting better and better through the years until now
  • The site offers a competitive pay per survey
  • The site has a rating of 4.45 stars out of 5 on the BBB site

What I don’t like about the site

Although the site is among the best,it is not perfect.

In fact ,the site also has some flaws ,like it is for  any other site on the web.

Here are a few things I don’t like about the site :

  • The site pays small per survey , it is not  a site for getting rich,earning online
  • Sometimes members get disconnected from a survey,right in the of completing it
  • The site is not available in all countries

Who can join the site ?

As long as a new member lives in a country where this site is available and has the age requirement met ,they can join .

In fact ,the site is open to anyone who meet the requirements to join .

Students can use the site during there spare time and any other part-time job seeker and anybody who is interested into earning some extra cash can join this site .

It really takes patience to earn on this site and another thing to know is the fact that the site likes members who are active .

In fact,members who are more active on the site,get access to more rewarding surveys and tasks .


Bottom line

Based on my experinece on the site and the multitude of good testimonies, from current and former members  ,this site is legit .

In fact ,this site is perfect for earning some extra cash,for anybody ,the only thing is ,it takes patience and time.

In addition to that ,if you are interested into joining the site,make sure you go to the right site.there has been fake sites pretending to be Survey Junkie.Make sure to check the URL,it should be www.surveyjunkie.com not something else .

Visit the site today for more information ,here is their URL again :


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  1. I am a member of a few survey sites, but not SurveyJunkie. I find them interesting as a source of reflection as some of the surveys make you think about topics you may not usually think about. In general, it is a timeconsuming way of earning a minor amount of money. But even a small amount of it can become bigger after a while. 

    SurveyJunkie seems like the rest of the survey sites. Not all surveys are interesting, and some surveys quit in the middle of the process. I have Swagbucks, but I find it not to my taste. With reference to SurveyJunie, it is a nice feature that it is possible to earn some cash from other activities as well as surfing the net or small games.


    1. Hi Roy ,You are right about this ,the sites with more options like “earn by watching videos or playing games are  good too .However Survey Junkie offers to members  a competitive pay, in general

  2. I am glad to see that SurveyJunkie is a legit platform. Most survey platforms don’t pay much, and this is not different in SurveyJunkie, but at least they pay. I like they have PayPal among their payment systems.

    I’ll be careful to check this platform through the link you’re providing us to avoid landing on any other site that pretends to be SurveyJunkie. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi ,the link I put on the site is safe .It takes you straight to Survey Junkie Welcome page .However ,feel free to do what is confortable for you .Thank you very much for reading my post

  3. There’s a lot of survey apps out there that claim to give you the most benefits for the least amount of time. Survey junkie is alright, and the surveys aren’t bad. But it’s a lot of work for almost nothing. I did one survey that took me 45 minutes to complete and gained a whopping .06 cents. Make sure it offers other opportunities to get points other than surveys.

    1. When you use survey websites to make some extra cash ,you need to be careful .It is always better to choose the surveys which pay more for a short time .Otherwise ,you may end up wasting your time .

  4. Thank you for introducing us to Survey Junkie.

    The main problem I have with these type of websites is that they never have enough surveys available when I want them.  This means that you are not able to make enough to make it worth while.

    I need a site that has a never-ending number of surveys, so that I can work 24 hours a day if I so choose.  I also think that these companies ask for too much for too little.

    How much is the average earnings that I could expect from this site?

    1. Sometimes ,not receiving new surveys could be the fault of a member .Some members don’t complete their profile the proper way and they don’t log into their account as very often as they should .

  5. I tried a few pages for online surveys. I definitely have to try this one too. Thanks for such good reviews so that we know what to expect and know that it is not scam. Like you said filling out an online survey is ok job. But it doesn’t make big money. But every dollar always comes in handy. especially as extra work.

  6. I’ve read a bunch of your reviews now on survey websites, and this one appeals to me the most. I like the way that they hook you up with brands that you already know and like. This goes a long way towards keeping your interest in the surveys and keeping your perseverance up. 

    Some survey sites do not do this and I’ve found myself quitting because I just wasn’t interested in their survey- it was boring me like crazy. 

    It is also great that they have a feature where you can get points for just doing your regular activity online. This would be a great break from the surveys and seems like a good deal. You are getting paid to do something that you would be doing anyway. I would like to give this aspect of Survey Junkie a try. Soes this pay out as well as the survey feature?

    Thanks for your detailed review and for demystifying this program!


    1. You are welcome ,Beth .Regarding the pay ,it varies from activity to activity .Usually the longer the activity ,the better the pay .However ,it is not always the case ,that is why it is a god idea to choose the activities to complete wisely .Thank you very much

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