What Is SurveyPlanet ?

A few months ago, I was having a conversation with my friend about paid surveys, when he said that SurveyPlanet has made everything so easy. Then I was like, what is SurveyPlanet?

From there, my friend went on explaining, how it is one cool site, where you can create your own surveys, for free .

After hearing that, I thought it would be a good idea to do a review of SurveyPlanet on my website, since I have a website which talks about online surveys .

So, this is my review of SurveyPlanet, and here are the points I am going to share with you in this Review :

  • An overview of SurveyPlanet
  • The choice is yours
  • How does it work ?
  • who Can Use Survey Planet ?
  • The Pros and Cons
  • My Final Thoughts

I am confident that, after going through all the points above, you are going to know more about SurveyPlanet and decide whether this for you or not. Therefore ,make sure you follow the review until the end .

So let’s get started ,

What is SurveyPlanet ?/

An overview of SurveyPlanet

Website Logo:

What Is SurveyPlanet?-An Image of the the surveyplanet logo

Name : SurveyPlanet

Website Type : On demand Software For creating surveys

Website URL :https://SurveyPlanet.com/

Founded in 2011 by JR Wurster

Overall Ratings : 3.7 stars out of 5

Available in more than 20 languages

The choice is yours 

On one hand, SurveyPlanet has a free membership with powerful free features, that anyone can use to get started with their surveys. The Free membership is unlimited when it comes to how many surveys you can create,it has unlimited questions and responses, anonymous surveys, SSL Security, Over 90 Pre-Written surveys and many other important features.

On the other hand, there is a professional membership plan which costs $20 USD/Month ,or $180 USD if you want to pay for a full year. This membership plan has more features than the free one. In fact, it has all the features included in the Free membership, plus features like export survey results, custom themes, Notification for completion of a survey by SMS, and many other features .

What is Surveyplanet?-An image of the pricing

How Does it Work ?

What is SurveyPlanet ?/Signing up

Like any other survey platform, the first step is always to sign up. The sign up process on this platform is very easy, you are just asked about your full name, an email and a password .

Once you have entered your information, you click on sign up. From there, SurveyPlanet sends you an email on the email you provided, so that you can confirm it. After you have confirmed your email, you are taken back to the log in page where you can then sign in by using your email and the password you chose .

What is Surveyplanet?-An image of the sign up page

What is SurveyPlanet ?/How to create surveys

Once you have signed up and chose your membership plan, just login and you are set to start creating surveys. As a matter of fact, creating surveys with SurveyPlanet is straightforward :

-Click on the green button which says new survey, located in the header, at the top of any page .

What is survey planet ?-An image of the button to create a survey

-Create a new survey dialogue

At this step, it is where you enter more information about your survey, the title, choose whether you need the participants to provide an email , before they start a survey or not and a quick message to welcome the participants, to your survey .

What Is Surveyplanet?-An image of the survey dialogue

In the welcome message, is where you can also include things like the duration of the survey and all other information participants should know, before they get started .

You don’t need to create the surveys yourself

One of the interesting features you can use in SurveyPlanet include, Pre-written survey templates. In fact, as a member of SurveyPlanet, you can either choose to create and write your survey questions or if you don’t feel like creating your own surveys, you can use pre-written ones, which the platform makes available to members .

Additionally, there is also an option to mix you own survey questions with the pre-written ones which are found on the platform.

What is Surveyplanet?-An image which shows how to add template survey questions

SurveyPlanet has many other cool features you can use as a member, to create surveys which are easy to answer, unique , easy to share, it has customizable themes,all that so the members/clients can have the best user experience .

Who Can Use SurveyPlanet ?

SurveyPlanet is available in more than 25 languages and can be used by anyone around the globe, as long as they have a study they want to conduct .

What is SurveyPlanet ?-An image of the available languages

For example,companies use this platform to conduct market research, universities use it, governments and also people like you and me .

What Is SurveyPlanet ?/

The Pros & Cons


-Great customer support team .

-The platform design is user-friendly

-It is available in many languages

-It has an affordable professional membership plan ,or a free membership option.

-You can create as many surveys as you want, for free


-Question types are limited

-SurveyPlanet does not integrate with some software

-It doesn’t have an App for mobile devices .

SurveyPlanet is not the first and the last

There are  alternative platforms from Surveyplanet,which offer the same kind of services ,or almost .

For example,there is platform which I reviewed not long ago, here on my website, called Respondent Surveys,which you can use to  create surveys from a variety of fields, or simply  join as a participant to answer survey questions and be paid .

My Final Thoughts

In brief, SurveyPlanet is really  a Legit platform, where you can create basic surveys online for free ,or create  professional surveys when you pay for your membership.

Again ,the reason you might want to go with the professional membership ,where you pay, is because  it offers more features than the free membership .

In other words, if you want to create a quick survey yourself, which you can send to your friends, or conduct a quick and simple study, you may want to choose the free membership plan. The professional version is more for business owners, for important market research and more complex studies .

With all that being said ,that is it for this review, I hope you enjoyed it and found what you where looking for.

If there anything,please leave me a comment below in the designated box and I will get back to you .

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Thank you very much for your time,take a care,until next time ,


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  1. Hi! I was wondering what your scoring rubric looked like to give your scores. 

    I’ve used SurveyMonkey, and I’ve enjoyed that. I’m wondering if there were a way to give a head-to-head between SurveyPlanet and SurveyMonkey? If SurveyPlanet has a better user interface or user experience in comparison, I’d love to know. 

    This has given me a reason to reconsider. I hope SP pans out!

    1. Hello ,you are totally right ,the two platforms have a lot in common and  also differencies  at the same time .Soon ,I will compare both in a post or a review with all the important details,to help anyone make then right decision

  2. HI Jim-Kelly

    I had never heard of SurveyPlanet till I came across your article/review.

    Your article was well written and easy to read and follow. It is always nice to learn about something I had no idea about.

    It sounds interesting to me to be able to create surveys. Can it be integrated into a website to ask visitors questions?

    You covered all the Pros and Cons well and fairly. I look forward to reading more of your articles.



    1. Hi Kevin ,for now the platform doesn’t have the feature to integrate on a website .However ,you can create a survey directly from survey planet and send it to  visitors on your website or the visitors on an email list .Thank You very much for your comment

  3. Hi there Jim.

     I was just having a read at your review on Survey planet and found this very interesting as i have never previously heard of Survey Planet.

    This seems to work well for those looking to gain information from their own surveys. Does the site offer a side for those who want to make money completing surveys?



    1. Hi Kev ,Survey Planet is more for people who want to conduct a study .They can choose to send a survey to their friends or to their customers . However ,if they want they can hire people and pay them for answering the survey.Honestly ,it is up to them what they want to do.With that being said ,survey Planet is more for people who want to create surveys more than making money for asnwering surveys .

  4. This is some seriously interesting stuff so thanks for sharing with us all. 

    I have done surveys here and there, but had never heard of creating your own surveys, until now. I imagine there are a tonne of people out there who will likely be looking to utilise systems like this  to help  with obtaining information and feedback on a particular areas they are looking to create content on. 

    Thanks again for sharing this info, I’ll be taking a look into it for sure. 

  5. I’ve not used this one, but I have used this type of thing. I sent out a survey when I was getting married to help me organize our music list. Surveys can be useful for many a thing. If I was to use one these days it would be to get information what my clients would like to see happen in the future of the business, or what type of competitions people would like to see running. Something that can help me improve my work. 

    Bottom line, surveys can be very useful and when they are free with decent features, like the one you are describing, they are worth signing up for if there is something you want to find out. 

    1. You are right ,Kelly . Surveys can be used for all kind of situations and they are very useful .Thank you for your comment

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