What Is TGM Panel?

TGM Panel Review

A lot of people around the globe are very curious to know about the TGM panel.Some questions which are circulating all over the web right now include :What is TGM Panel ?How does TGM work? Can one even earn money with it and so on. Well, I must agree that there is a lot in store to learn about TGM.

In fact,it is because of all these questions above about TGM, that I have decided to write you an educative TGM review

As a matter of fact,with this review, you will be able to learn all that you have to know about TGM. Kindly make sure to read this article to the end before taking any action concerning TGM.

Having said that,here are the steps I am going to follow for the purpose of this review :

  • An overview Of TGM
  • What is TGM Panel?
  • How Does The TGM Panel work ?
  • How Do You Earn Money With TGM ?
  • How Much Money Can You Earn With TGM ?
  • The Pros And Cons
  • My Final Thoughts

Without waiting any longer,let’s get started :

What Is TGM Panel /

An overview of TGM

Website name: TGM panel

⦁ Website URL: www.tgmpanel.com

⦁ Website type: Market Research Website

⦁ Owners: It is owned by global market research suppliers, the TGM research FZE.

⦁ TGM is operated by the same company that owns it, that is the TGM research

⦁ TGM membership is free and available worldwide.

⦁ It was created back in 2017, and since then, it has built a solid reputation.

What is TGM panel?

What is TGM Panel?-An image of a family using a laptop

TGM is a research panel based on online platforms. In fact ,panelists earn extra cash by giving out their opinions on either products or services, offered by a leading companies or businesses .

In fact,this platform conduct researches in a variety of topics which include,products ,brands,advertisements ,topics of general interest,education ,agencies,media and more.As a matter of fact ,TGM has a huge audience from more than 130 countries in the world and it has billions of users worldwide .

How does the TGM panel work?

Simply put ,TGM panel provides research surveys for complete to its members and pays them for every completed survey.Besides ,members also earn a commission when they convince they friends or family to join the TGM panel.

With that being said ,earning through TGM requires you to be a member and have an active account that bears your details. Creating an account with the TGM panel is easy and quick .

Signing up with TGM panel

To sign up with the TGM panel is pretty much tricky ,compared to other survey platforms.In fact ,the process of joining is different from one country to another.

For those you would like to join from The TGM Frequently Asked Questions page ,but don’t see the join button , here are the steps to follow in order to join properly :

-Go to google search and type in “Join TGM Panel “and click

What is TGM panel?-An image of the TGM panel join search in Google

-Scroll at the bottom of the page and click where it says “Login”

– Scroll down at the bottom and click where it says “sign up”

-From there you are ready to get started after you have entered your email and a password

Once again, signing up in TGM is country-based and registering to a TGM panel that is not in your country may result in you earning nothing. Additionally ,the minimum age for joining is different from one country to another and you can only know at sign up, if you are can join or not.

How Do You Earn Money With TGM ?

There are various ways through which you can earn money with the TGM platform and  they include  :

⦁ Referral earnings

Again ,with the TGM panel, you get to earn extra cash for bringing your friends to TGM.In fact ,anyone who joins TGM using your referral link which the site gives you,you are guaranteed to earn 20% of whatever amount they earn.

WIth that being said ,the personal link which TGM gives you, can be shared on social media platforms(Whasapp,Facebook , Snapchat ,Messenger ,etc) so that you can get as many referrals as possible .

⦁ Answering surveys

With TGM, you also get to earn money for completing online surveys. As a matter of fact,before you start a survey,the site shows you how much you are going to earn for that particular survey.

What is TGM Panel? -An image of surveys and the pay in you are going to get

Furthermore , TGM surveys are fun, quick to complete and also available in different languages.

How much Money Can You Earn With TGM ?

The amount of money you will earn on the TGM panel,is determined by how often you take the surveys and how long they last. In general, the longer the survey, the higher the pay.

Having said that,from survey to survey, the reward varies and the exact specifics of the reward for each survey will be included in the invitation email for that study. To optimize your earnings, make sure to fill out your demographic profile completely.

What is TGM Panel?-An image of 
 aperson using a phone

What is TGM Panel ?/How to withdraw your money

What is TGM panel ?An image  of the  Paypal logo

Option 1,  PayPal- As soon as  your earnings in your TGM account have reached $4, you are allowed to ask for a cash withdrawal through PayPal. However,make sure the email address you use in PayPal is similar to the one used to register your TGM account.

Option 2,Online coupons from popular retailers (Example: Amazon.)

What is TGM Panel ?An image of amazon gift  card

Option 3,Gcodes rewards -Gcodes can be used to do a lot of things which include phone top -ups ,travel voucher and more

What is TGM Panel ?/The Pros And Cons

Advantages of joining TGM panel (pros)

Availability– TGM is available in many parts of the world and different languages.

What is TGM Panel?-An image which shows eligible countries

Earnings depend on your effort and time.

Surveys availability-Unlike other platforms in its category,TGM surveys are most of the time available

  • Getting paid ,even when you didn’t participate into a survey-Sometimes, surveys get filled quickly and other members can no longer particpate because the number of participants which were needed for a study was reached .

In such situations,most survey sites won’t pay members who are unable to participate in surveys or tasks.Surprisingly ,TGM pays you even when you are unable to participate in a survey,as long as you click on the filled survey .

Disadvantages of TGM panel (cons)

Getting screened out -With TGM,sometimes ,you can be disqualified from a survey in the middle of completing it ,just because your demographics don’t match with the requirements of a particular survey.This issue, is very common with many market research website.Having said that, this never happens on other survey sites like Paidviewpoint .

  • Surveys don’t work on all devices -Some surveys can only be completed on a smartphone and other can only be completed using a laptop .
  • Surveys can come up in a language other than the one you registered with-As a matter of fact ,this is so annoying and the only solution to this,according to the TGM team, is to discard the particular survey and find another one to complete.
  • The minimum age to join ,differs from one country to another

My Final Thoughts

What Is TGM Panel?/Is the TGM legit?

Whether the TGM panel is legit or not is another question that has disturbed many people who have a burning desire to make money online.

In short,TGM is really a legit online survey site where you can earn real money .

Beside that,since its creation in 2017, TGM has not had any issues with its clients or survey takers and has been working to become one of the best platforms for paid surveys.

Well ,that is it for this review, I hope you enjoyed reading this and found what you were looking for.If there is anything,leave me a comment in the designated box below.Lastly, remember to share this post with your friends and family who might be interested,using the social media buttons on this post .

Thank you very much,Take care,until next time ,


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  1. Hi and thanks for sharing this review of TGM panel. I had not heard of it before. It does seem from your review that it is a legitimate way to earn some income online. Though I have heard that the rate of pay on these kinds of platforms is low. So it is good to hear that problems on TGM panel are less likely to occur than on other survey platforms. After all, if the pay is quite low, you don’t want to get most of the way through a survey and then be disqualified because your demographics don’t match the requirements. I do have a question though, how do the rate of pay on TGM panel compare with its competitors? Thanks, Andy

    1. Hi Andy ,thanks for you comment.One of the best kept secret to earn money with survey sites is to be an active member and the other one is to have your profile filled completed with al your demographics .For that reason ,it is always hard to tell how much one is going to earn per hour and so on .One thing is sure ,when you are new on the site ,you start with a low pay rate  ,but as you stay active on the site ,you start getting more rewarding tasks and so on .I hope this answers your question .Thanks a lot 

  2. I think I must live under a rock or something. I haven’t heard of the TGM panel before. Maybe because I am not looking for survey programmes. 

    The programme sounds interesting though, and I might recommend it to a cousin of mine. I have registered with many survey sites in the past. In your opinion is this the best one?

    1. Hi Fatoumana ,It is really hard to tell whether this is the best .One thing is sure ,TGM is Legit and has a lot of members .There are many nice surveys platforms out there and I believe TGM is among the best ones I have came across and used myself .

  3. The TGM Panel is a fantastic way to bring out our finances pumped for the day. I value your website to benefit my viewers to use your page. A research panel is a major asset for mental and physical challenges. The advantages to present the meaning of resourceful sources could be introduced to improve our influence for anyone to visit your website. The ability to earn extra cash by giving out our opinions on either products or service can say so much; even your examples could bring so much potential.Thank you for this post.

  4. Hey there! Thank you for such a thorough review; I am one of those people that gets totally suckered into all of those different programs where its a “make money fast” online thing and, for the most part, i have found that the internet is just chock full of scams!  So thank you for bringing this site to my attention, i will absolutely check it out. 

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