What’s The Wealthy affiliate?Full review+Bonus

What's the wealthy Affiliate?-An image of WA

Hello everyone, I am so excited to talk to you about Wealthy Affiliate  and answer a popular question: “what’s the Wealthy Affiliate?”.

In fact ,I have been a member of Wealthy affiliate for over a year and I thought I should share with you my review of the platform .

Well ,why am I telling you this ?

Personally speaking ,I just want you to know  this review is not from someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about .

Having said that ,I found wealthy affiliate after a really bumpy journey ,after many trials and errors ,when I was looking for way to make money online .

Therefore ,this is a honest review to  educate anyone about Wealthy Affiliate and for helping anybody decide whether they want to join this platform or not .

Having said that ,without waiting any longer ,let’s get started with the review .

Here are the points I am going to go through for this review :

  • An Overview Of Wealthy Affiliate 
  • Definition
    -Who Are the owners Of Wealthy Affiliate?                                                                                                                     -What Is The BBB rating of Wealthy Affiliate ?
  • How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work                                                                                                                                   -How Much Does it Cost To Become  a Member ?                                                                                                         What kind of tools are in wealthy affiliate ?
  • Is wealthy affiliate Legit  ?                                                                                                                                                   -Bonus 

After  going through all the points above ,I am confident you are going to  have a clear understanding regarding what  wealthy affiliate is about or at least have a general idea .

What’s The Wealthy Affiliate ?/Overview

Website Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website Type :Learning Platform for Affiliate Marketing& More

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL : www.wealthyaffiliate.com

16 Years In Business 

Operates in 193 Countries 

Free Starter Membership


Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Support : 5.0 out of 5.0 (24/7 Support)

Website Builder : 4.9 out of 5.0

General tools : 4.8 out of 5.0

What’s The Wealthy Affiliate ?/Definition 

Wealthy affiliate is an online platform where people from around the world, study about affiliate marketing,primarily.

In fact ,It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with affiliate marketing or not, everything is taught from scratch .In case you have an experience with affiliate marketing ,you can also start fro, your level .

As a matter of fact ,whether someone has advanced computer skills, intermediate or beginner, they all can study at wealthy affiliate .

Beside all that ,Wealthy Affiliate teaches also many other cool things and strategies about how to make money online .

There are people who have made millions in revenue through affiliate marketing who are on the same platform,as members . Some of the experienced guys gets connected   just to help newbies or sometimes they just login to sharpen their  skills and learn about updated strategies.

Additionally ,the platform has been around for over 15 years, operates in 193 countries and has about 2 millions members around the world.

Think about this,per month ,Wealthy affiliate currently helps at least 10 thousands persons to start their business online .

What's the wealthy affiliate university about ?-An image of a two persons shaking their hands

Wealthy Affiliate uses up to date tools ,the best ones in the affiliate marketing industry .Besides that, the platforms has  more than 1800 expert coaches ,which means , when you need help ,you are guaranteed to get it from the experts in the industry .

Who Are The Owner Of Wealthy affiliate ?

The owners of wealthy affiliate are Kyle and Carson .

Kyle studied marketing and computer science in school.It was there where he became a fan of affiliate marketing. Carson also studied computer science and that is how they both met  .

As a matter of fact ,Carson got his first computer in 1994 and has been passionate about technology ever since.

Kyle and Carson started wealthy affiliate in September 2005 , to bridge the gap between education,social networking and technology.They have more than 26 years of experience in affiliate marketing and have a lot of experience with online businesses  .

 Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent BBB Rating

Wealthy Affiliate is among the most trusted platform in the industry and  it has a BBB rating of A+ .In other words 4.3 stars and up only .Most of the time ,ratings can also be  a good indicator of what kind of website we are talking about  .

With that being said ,it is also a good idea to know more about a platform, before deciding anything ,especially knowing how a given platform works .

How Does Wealthy Affiliate work ?

There are two different ways someone can take,when learning in wealthy affiliate :

-The online entrepreneur certification course.

If you already have a business idea ready,this training  may be the one for you.It includes ,  series of courses  which walk someone through the process of starting and growing an online business ,towards any direction of their choice, step by step.

For example ,with this training ,you can start an online business about your hobby or any other idea which you find interesting .

Furthermore ,this Wealthy Affiliate training also includes  the process of finding companies or businesses which have affiliate programs .

In other words ,Wealthy Affiliates helps its members find companies which are willing to pay a  commission ,to people (Affiliate Marketers ) who help them bring in more clients.

-Affiliate boot camp.

The reality is ,it is up to a member to choose which way they want to take.As a matter of fact ,members can choose to learn through the online certification course  or choose this other option,Affiliate Boot Camp.

In a  few words ,the boot camp training also  helps members  to create and settle an online business .

With that being said ,the only difference  from the certification course is,with boot camp you focus on promoting wealthy affiliate  as a platform and it also pays you a  commission ,when someone  you invited ,joins the platform and signs up as Premium or Premium Plus member.

What's the wealthy affiliate university about?An image of a person holding some money

What’s The Wealthy Affiliate ?/

How Much Does It Cost To Become A member?

When it comes to the cost, this platform has really tried ,to make it affordable.

The site has 3 membership plans  :

1)The starter membership, which is free and where the member has access to the following :

-Website Builder

-Access to the Live chat/live help from others experienced  members or  experts at Wealthy Affiliate,just for the first 7 days

-Integrated training help

-Security package to keep viruses and hackers away .

-10 lessons from the core certificate course and 10 lessons from wealthy affiliate boot camp.

This training with free membership includes  a lot more. However,it somehow limited compared to the Premium membership.

2) Premium Membership,it costs $19 (only for the first month),$49 per month after the first month.

In my opinion ,paying for this plan each month cost more than paying for a 6 months  or 1 year package .As ,a matter of fact  ,there is an option to pay for 6 months or a year in one shot. Additionally ,people who pay for 6 months or a year in one shot ,usually get a discount and save hundreds of dollar.

Having said that ,this plan include all that the starter membership has ,plus :

-Unlimited live help 24/7

-Accelerated help

-Website support 24/7

-Extreme hosting speed

-50 lessons from core certification course and 70 lessons from wealthy affiliate boot camp.

-Unlimited keyword research tool .


As a matter of fact, this plan is definitely better,when compared to the free one,we just saw. However ,the free starter membership is not to be underestimated,it has all that  is needed to build a successful business online .

Now ,you may be asking yourself ,Is the premium membership plan the best of the best ,at Wealthy Affiliate ?

Honestly speaking  ,it gets the job done and it has been the top quality subscription plan for many years at wealthy affiliate, before the premium plus membership  ,which was introduced  in 2020 .

3)Premium Plus cost $99 per month, it is the advanced package and it provides to the user the best training ever,it has all the training in the starter membership and the premium ,plus :

-Unlimited priority support

-Instant competition analysis

-Advanced website and hosting package

-Advanced hosting security suite

-Priority expert private help .

-Experts roundups

-Series method of publishing

social media research

-How to do market research on YouTube

-How to land sponsorship

-How to go full time on YouTube

-How to choose a profitable niche

-Case studies of successful niche


The reality is that,these 3 memberships at Wealthy Affiliate ,each offers a  lot more than what I just shared with you,here.

Furthermore ,I really like the fact that ,the free membership  can be used as a free trial .

As a matter of fact,when I started,I signed up for the free membership.One week later , after I found that the whole thing was very interesting , I decided to upgrade to the Premium membership ,paid $19 for the first month to see what’s up.Honestly ,I liked the platform and I have been a member ever since .

What Kind Of Tools Are In Wealthy affiliate ?

There are a lot of tools to use in the wealthy affiliate platform.In fact ,this platform gives you access to the newest tools in the industry for free ,which other platforms in the same category ,charge people to use.

Having said that,here are some examples tools used at Wealthy Affiliate :

  • Jaaxy.This tool is very important in Affiliate marketing and is among the most important for affiliate marketers .Here is what it is for :

Keyword research

-Website ranking

-Search analysis

-Affiliate programs search

-Keyword Quality indicator


-Analysis of the competition for a keyword


One of the most important thing for affiliate marketers is to have their website rank well in the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

However  ,good ranking can’t happen unless right keywords are used in content creation.

  • Access to thousands of free images . This is another important thing which affiliate marketers need when creating content on their website.It is crucial to have nice images to make the posts alive and easy to read .Although there are millions of images on google and everywhere on the web,it is not allowed to use the images  on google or the images on the web when creating content for your website,unless when it is permitted.As a matter of fact ,using images without permission is illegal and can result in lawsuit and other troubles.What's the wealthy affiliate?-An image of a person sitting on a benchFortunately ,members of wealthy affiliate have access to thousands of free images they can use, when they are creating content on their website .
  • Spell checker tool. Honestly speaking ,it is not fun to read a post with a bunch of grammar mistakes and that is where the spell checker intervenes.  In fact ,it is among  the best in the industry and helps members to check for all the grammar errors and punctuation before  they post a blog.

Having said all that ,there more tools in the wealthy affiliate platform,these I cited are just examples.

What’s the wealthy Affiliate?/

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit ?

There are a bunch of scams online these days . For that reason ,people have become too suspicious of any platform which ask them to join.

Do you want to hear something funny ?Myself ,as I speak,I am that kind of person.I can’t join something just like that ,before i am really convinced  200% at least.

Once again ,I am currently a member of wealthy affiliate and in my opinion ,this platform is Legit.

Yes there are plenty naysayers out there ,however,the reality is , Wealthy Affiliate  can help someone build an online business as it says,for real .

Are you willing to put in the effort,follow the lessons and put them into practice?

Then , I recommend you wealthy affiliate.As a matter of fact ,I recommend this platform  to anyone who wants to start an online business from scratch,anyone from any background.

Look ,in case of more hesitations,Wealthy Affiliate is free to join anyway,you have nothing to loose .Remember ,the  starter membership is absolutely Free  and there is no credit card required, to sign up as a new member at Wealthy Affiliate .


>>>>>>>>>>Click the image below ,to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

What's the wealthy affiliate?An image related from wealthy affiliate

Claim your Bonus !

My bonus is for the action takers ,those who decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through my referral link.This Bonus is for those who will become Premium or Premium Plus members within the first 7days of joining as a starter member .

For those sticking just with the starter membership ,enjoy it and take advantage of it as much as possible.

However,  remember that there is another awesome deal ,beside the free starter membership .The 61% discount on the first month as a Premium member

(Instead of $49/Month ,Pay $19/Month ,for the first month as a Premium Member)

For Premium plus,join and pay $49 for the first month and then $99/Month after the first month.

Additionally,here is my bonus for you :

On the top  of all the help which  is already available on the platform ,I will offer to anyone who will upgrade to Premium Membership within the first 7 Days, my personal support ,help them whenever they need some help with their online business ,guide them through the right path as much as possible ,using my experience as a member of  the platform,since 2019.

With all that being said about Wealthy Affiliate ,that is it for this review .

Thank you for reading it ,I hope you enjoyed it and found what you were looking for .If there is anything ,please leave me a comment in the designated box below .Could you share this with your friends who might be interested ?You can use the social media buttons on this page to do so .

Anyway,I wish you all the best and until next time,take care!


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  1. Reading through this review is a very interesting thing to do, it has been really helpful and I’m very sure that it’ll help a lot if people know what wealthy affiliate is all about. It is always good to look out for good and new products and businesses that can help you earn online like this

    1. I completely agree with you . Feel free to share this with friends ,i knwo it is going to help someone ,somewhere

  2. Thank tiu for the overview and the detailed review of wealthy affiliate.personally I like the way it has been presented and what we stand to benefit from it. In truth,I personally view this as just the right way to gain the financial independence and the way to securing a better future.thanks for this here

  3. Hi Jim, Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece. It is well constructed and detailed. To be honest, I am a partcipant of wealthy affiliate platform. Wealthy affiliate for me is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms out there. The benefits are numerous mostly when it gives you great opportunity to learn as much before starting to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

    1. Hi ,i am glad to hear that you are a member in the wealthy affiliate platform .You made a good choice .I totally agree with you ,this platform is the best .How long have you been a member?Thanks a lot 

  4. Hello there!

    That is actually a great one. I am also very excited to learn from you on “what is the Wealthy Affiliate. This awesome article just made it very easy and simple for anyone to understand what the platform is all about. The review actually gave clarity to many questions I have been nursing in my mind over Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Hi ,

      Thank you very  much for reading my review .I am glad you found answers to the questions you had about wealthy affiliate .Feel free to visit the site again ,anytime .There are going to be more nice articles and reviews

  5. It’s nice to see a platform where you can trust that you’ll get help and the right training for the money you paid for it. So many online site have written some very nice things about wealthy affiliate  and with your won article I believe there is so much to be desired from such wonderful platform. I look forward to getting involved in it soon 

    1. Hi ,

      Thanks a lot .I am glad you like my review .This platform is really the best i have found so far and members and coaches are always willing and available to help

  6. I recently did my research about the potential side income for affiliate marketing and I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I have to say that there are just so many mixed messages out there that they got me confused. So, here I am reading your reviews whether should I join or not. I love the fact that it is free to join and the learning platform is for every niche. I have my niche in mind already but I want to get better with my SEO skills and WA seems to be a one stop shopping. I will check out the free trial and take it from there. 

    1. Good idea !

      Go ahead and try the free membership ,i am sure you are going to be impressed .It is really the best platform for learning how to earn online with all the tools and tutorials

  7. Hi there! Great review! Thanks for taking time to share this detailed and informative review about wealthy affiliate platform. Your  explanations where detailed and very easy to comprehend. Any newbie who comes across this article after carefully going through this piece, would not encounter much difficulties. Thanks again .this was helpful. 

  8. This information on this website is very important for people like yourself and myself who have been scamed.  Prior to WA I to was looking for opportunity on the internet and I was scammed.  I found WA while I was on the internet and I joined and this is the best thing that could happen for me.  I am learning how to become better at affiliate marketer.  Not only am I learning to become a better affiliate market I am learning how to create website and how to manage one.  I can’t afford to keep paying people to do the work for me.  I understand some things will be sourced out, but at least I have some knowledge of managing my own website.  Affiliate marketing is growing .What is the best platform right now? Do  you believe people will recognize this is the best platform to be on? And Why WA  is the best platform?

    1. Hi ,I think this platform is among the best ones in the market because it gives value to its members from the get go .There are many scam sites online ,which are only after peoples money and don’t deliver what they promise or advertise .This site delivers first value and knowledge to its members and then they can pay if they want more or still use the free membership

  9. I so relate to your post. You’re speaking from the standpoint of someone who’s been there and done that when it comes to making money online.  I too found wealthy affiliate after getting cheated many times out of hundreds of dollars and many trials and error as I was looking for how to make money online. I love your honest review. Being a member of WA, I know you speak the truth when you. 

    I love this fun fact (which I didn’t know, even though I’ve been a member since 2008): WA operates in 193 countries and  has almost 2 million members around the world.  I do know that when I ask for help any time of day or night, someone always answers my question right away. 

    1. Hi ,thank you for backing  up my review .I agree with you ,Wealthy Affiliate is different ,there are a bunch of platforms online these days ,being advertised everywhere and which are not what they seem .This site is very different.

  10. I have been all day researching this platform. From what I’ve read so far, Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform for anyone wanting to study how to create a successful online business the right way! The teaching is unrivaled and so is the support! The Wealthy Affiliate platform seems super cool to use. The reviews always talk about the support received from the members of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

    1. You are right .The reviews about Wealthy Affiliate don’t lie .Anybody who says the platform is a lie or doesn’t work has probably never been on the site or maybe they were member and gave up  on their business.Thank you for backing my review,I appreciate

  11. Thank you Jim for this insightful review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It looks like a comprehensive system for learning about affiliate marketing and seems to be great value for money especially when I consider that the package includes hosting, a keyword research tool and technical support. As a matter of interest, are their any upsells?

    1. Personally ,I find the site to be among the best on the market .All the tools which can be accessed on the site are very important  for  a healthy growth of an online business .Unlike other platform ,Wealthy Affiliate  offers the tools to members ,on an affordable price .

  12. Hey Jim,

    Like you, I had a really rough time for several years searching for an online business opportunity that would actually work. There were many choices–but which was the right one? I needed honest, transparent, ethical, and help–training, tech support, resources, and advice. I perused so many websites claiming they could teach me how to many big money quick; to do this, you had to put up hundreds of dollars up front and trust you weren’t being scammed. 

    The day I found Wealthy Affiliate was my game changer. I was being offered a free membership and training to build my own online business. Reviews looked great, and I totally loved the no money to try it out. I remember telling myself this was the last time–the very last-to invest my time and energy in an online venture. Too many times burned. So this would be my last chance. 

    The rest is ancient history. I’ve never regretted my choice to join WA. The program DOES work if you put in the time and work to follow the training, listen to others with experience, and have determination and patience to build your own brand. Kyle and Carson know the business and share all the necessary resources for success. 

    Thanks for a great review. 


  13. This is a great Wealthy Affiliate review. I couldn’t agree with you more. The platform is amazing, the training very helpful and the community is very supportive. I feel very lucky that I found Wealthy Affiliate when I wanted to start my own blogging website. I could not imagine my life without WA and the amazing resources and support it offers. Your review reflects my experience with WA as well, thank you for sharing. I wish more people knew about this amazing platform.

    1. Well said ,Anna .You are right about Wealthy Affiliate 100%.It is among the best  platforms  online ever

  14. Thanks for the thorough and detailed review!

    I am with Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. It’s the same experience and journey here! Before joining Wealthy Affiliate I tried many make money online programs that include Paid To Click, Get Paid To, Online Surveys, Email Reading, Link Sharing, MLMs, Ad Posting, and the list goes on and on.

    When I joined Wealthy Affiliate my search to find the legit way to make money online came to an end. The only regret I have is… Not finding Wealthy Affiliate before trying all the above programs and before losing my money to scams and to the products that under-delivered.

    I am now a full-time blogger working from home. I really like the tremendous amount of support I get from the Wealthy Affiliate community and all the credits go to their training. All I did is just followed their training and anyone can achieve great results by just doing the same (by following Wealthy Affiliate training).

    1. Well said ,Paul .Thank you for your comment .Again ,wealthy affiliate is   the best  platform i have come accross .Additionnally ,you can get started for free and this  is really amazing.

  15. Hi there! Thanks for sharing this motivating review about wealthy affiliates. I am new to wealthy affiliate and I’ve been wondering if I chose the right platform for my online business. I’m still in the training process and I think I am doing well. This article has encouraged me so much and I will be putting a lot of dedication into it. I hope I get the best from it too.
    Thanks once again for sharing.

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